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  1. Loving seeing Silva that passionate in the stands- what an addition to our club
  2. Get in Hakim!! Also great by Kai and Timo. Felt a bit like Gudjohnsen vs Barca, that one.
  3. Huge half coming up for Frank and the boys here. Regardless of the shower that we just saw, there's still 45 minutes to get something from this.
  4. I think there's both a huge amount of hyperbole and over-simplication as a football fan. In Timo's case, hyperbole in that when a player hits bad run of form, they are finished/lost their ability. Over-simplifcation also in his case, in that he fits the "Chelsea have a striker curse" narrative. Timo isn't Morata, Shevchenko or Torres. All tier 1 strikers who - for reasons applying to their own style of play, our team and confidence in their surroundings at the time- didn't make it as our front man. Personally I feel we've seen far more in Timo's overall contribution (ie. stepping up as pe
  5. An absolute gem of a player, even at 36. Privilege to see him play for the Chels. Makes the right challenges, creates calm at the back, incisive passes forward- still world class.
  6. Thiago Silva is up to now the signing of the EPL season, insane composure
  7. Remember reading some thoughts last season that we always had very decent CBs, they were just bereft of confidence with Kepa between the sticks. Now Rudi and Christensen cruised to one against a decent Sevilla side, Rudi and Zouma away against Newcastle (s*it team, traditionally awkward fixture though) can't help but think it was purely down to Kepa (not underestimating Edouard's contribution, which has been immense).
  8. Criminally underrated player, consumate professional throughout his time at Chelsea. 100% should be first choice up top right now. Loved how he pointed out Kante's contribution after his header as well. Top man, hang on to him Frank!
  9. Lamps tends to play three CBs and wing backs in the bigger matches, also did both fixtures against these last season. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Azpi/Rudi start as third CB. Mourinho normally also often plays for a point or a scratchy 1-0 away against rivals, so it could be a cagey one. Personally I hope it isn’t and we batter them. Let’s go boys!!!
  10. Barkley, Kante, Werner, Reece hit the ground running. RLC, Kepa and Havertz didn't- although with no pre season or proper integration think that's to be expected for him. Thought Mason was subdued as well. Our strength in depth this year is frightening, really. 5 first teamers (if we buy Mendy) out today. Big season ahead 👌
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