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  1. Nah, its still the new manager boost- first test is retaining the UCL.
  2. I love this club!!! as a half English half German fella tonight was really sweet- big up Kai....and also Kante...drink it in maaaaan
  3. Kova has been immense since the sub, no rustiness at all
  4. Deserves immense credit for taking us to where our season is now, but still tinkers with things a little too much if we want to fight for the title. There really are no easy 3pts in the EPL. Personally, I'd have played the first team tonight to a man, get the 3pts and try to secure top 4 (bar a miracle for the other teams). I know Kepa wasn't culpable for the mistake, but switching the goalkeeper - arguably motm in the past two games- at this stage of the season seems rash. From a negative viewpoint, lost the double against the worst Arsenal side in living memory. Positive, win five games and we secure a third place finish and a cup double, arguably the best ever short-term impact a manager has had. Over to you Tommy T. (Not too bothered about Arsenal's recent run against us, we battered them in Baku when it really mattered)
  5. Come on guys, it's the honeymoon period- first real test is City away on Saturday. 😂 The most tactically astute manager we've had since Jose mark 1 IMO. Formidable against anyone, bar big Sam.
  6. Tommy T has a fairly decent record against Zidane's Real up until now. Played 4, won 1 and drawn 3. Pumped about tonight either way- been a long while since we reached this stage of the comp. UTC!
  7. Tammy just trying to make Timo feel better with that miss at the end 😅 Big 3 points though. Can afford to drop pts away against City now, which is massive.
  8. Currently actually 2pts behind Leicester with both of these teams still left to play this season. So if this result stayed the same, 3rd place would be in our hands. (Have to beat City away and both these teams though)
  9. Loving seeing Silva that passionate in the stands- what an addition to our club
  10. Get in Hakim!! Also great by Kai and Timo. Felt a bit like Gudjohnsen vs Barca, that one.
  11. Huge half coming up for Frank and the boys here. Regardless of the shower that we just saw, there's still 45 minutes to get something from this.
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