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  1. Tell you what- if Christian keeps this form up and Ziyech and Werner hit the ground running next season, we could be up there in terms of having the best front three in Europe. Regardless of top 4 finish, exciting times ahead, at least from an attacking perspective.
  2. Bayern fans often got on Warner's back when he was playing against them, also they wouldn't pay up for him last season- not complaining though!
  3. As a Chelsea fan from Munich, delighted this one has gone through and he didn't end up at Bayern. Lethal striker and a big statement from Roman, Marina and Frank that we're not fading away from the top table yet. Hope Timo keeps his scoring up in the EPL 👌
  4. Still amazed Luiz had the consistency in him to win the league in 16/17. Guess with 3 CBs there's someone covering him when he cocks up like that- but he's so error prone. Funny though 😂
  5. Fairplay to Jose, we don't have anything to fear against the small teams- Spuds falling well within that category.
  6. Marcos was one of the first names on everyone's to sell list a few months back. Considering how Emerson blew his chance the past few games, do we hold on to him for his versatility at LWB?
  7. Like the lineup! Reckon it’s the youngest first 11 for a long time, apart from Willian 👌
  8. We need to take more shots, De Gea's confidence will have been hit even more by that. Enough passing around their area, no need to score the perfect goal. Well played Rudi for taking that on and Marcos for his composure. Big second half ahead!
  9. Would love to see his reception if he ever comes back to the Bridge, especially if he moves to Utd with Smalling and Jones in front of him. Anyway, hope his struggles continue for a long time yet ?

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