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  1. Fairplay to Jose, we don't have anything to fear against the small teams- Spuds falling well within that category.
  2. Marcos was one of the first names on everyone's to sell list a few months back. Considering how Emerson blew his chance the past few games, do we hold on to him for his versatility at LWB?
  3. Like the lineup! Reckon it’s the youngest first 11 for a long time, apart from Willian 👌
  4. We need to take more shots, De Gea's confidence will have been hit even more by that. Enough passing around their area, no need to score the perfect goal. Well played Rudi for taking that on and Marcos for his composure. Big second half ahead!
  5. Would love to see his reception if he ever comes back to the Bridge, especially if he moves to Utd with Smalling and Jones in front of him. Anyway, hope his struggles continue for a long time yet ?
  6. The state of the squad indeed...not the way we want things to look with impending ban. Although not really sure of the distinction between "deadwood" and "sell". Think they could be categorized as 14 players we don't need on the books. Either way, we're fcked ?
  7. It's Europa or bust in terms of Champions League next season now I think. I don't think Sarri did much wrong with the line up today, agreed with it personally. But the issue is (aside from those two Hazard chances) that we looked lifeless after their goals. Generally like for like subs and the players don't seem to have that fire under them which a top manager would inspire . Admittedly this is one of the mentally weaker groups we've seen at Chelsea recently- but Sarri should go at the end of the season, Europa or not. Although after him, not really sure who. Bad times at the minute.
  8. haha, pretty poor post above on my part...named antonio "allesandro konte" instead. maybe best not to post after a 10 pint session! probably also why the song wasn't catching on still, think he's doing a quality job right now. stamping his identity on the team, long may it continue
  9. Not sure a song has really picked up for mr konte since the start of the season....been living abroad for a few years and havent been to the bridge for a while. Me and my chelsea mates here have gone for "alle-ssandro konte.....alessandro ohhhh" (to the tune of "don't you want me baby"). Any other shouts? Feel the godfather deserves a song!
  10. Fairplay to that Arse fan for telling the story, hope it's true. Either way, Costa is world class. Love Jose, but have to feel that something must have been wrong between the two of them. 5 in 6 vs 3 in 16

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