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  1. Good player technically, but plays ‘soft’ and switches off too much and ball watches. Next....
  2. Chelsea fans, or if you listen to/believe social media we are.
  3. I guess in the same way we are all racists 🤷‍♂️
  4. Jamie Carragher was with the dipper fans in the city celebrating. How many more times will He be allowed to drag his employers name through the dirt before he gets his P45.
  5. Another two goals today for RB. Really looking forward to seeing him next season.
  6. My brother in law is a Liverpool fan, and he can go f**k himself if he thinks I am even going to mention this....ever.
  7. I don’t actually know why they are doing this, it’s not like it’s the last game of the season and they need help. I’d prefer to win it whilst my team was playing tbh, not on a day off. Praying that we do at least enough for the title to be decided tonight. That will put the icing on the cake of the biggest football anti climax ever. Open top bus parade - Nope Trophy presentation in front of a packed Anfield - Nope Win it whilst actually playing - Nope. This season will be remembered first and foremost because of the Covid impacts, not what the dippers have done.
  8. Have to disagree on Arsenal. They are one of the main twats to dig out the ‘history’ comment when they are butthurt about something.
  9. For every world class save he makes 3 Sunday league clangers, that cost points and games. Not even close to the standard that we should be seeing considering what’s been invested.
  10. Not good enough to play in a title challenging team. If that’s who we are or want to be then he needs to go. I don’t see him wanting to be permanently benched so he has to go.
  11. Already is isn’t it? Can’t tell you how sick I am of hearing ‘Well there was contact’
  12. Going to happen at some point when it’s a very even two horse race in successive years. Can only hope Klopp goes and manages Bayern once he’s conquered the premier league.
  13. Part of me thinks that’s a good thing if it happens, as surely that would indicate success under this regime.

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