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  1. Getting schooled at home by a mid table team. Embarrassing.
  2. I’m happy. The performance was more important than the result and we needed to turn up, so box ticked. Can still get better but heading in the right direction. Just hope the ET at this stage of the season doesn’t bite us on Sunday.
  3. Need to finish top 4. Get back into the transfer market with the club in a position to offer top tier football to the best players. Everything else is irrelevant to me this year.
  4. Europe’s version of the community shield...meh Just hope we don’t get hammered again just for squad morale.
  5. Great first 15 minutes but been poor since then, Zouma diving in, Barkley terrible. @EdinburghBlue yes the site is running like a pig at the mo.
  6. Young enough for the 24m who follow him on there though 👍
  7. He did tbf. Put a long ‘thank you’ message on his official Facebook page. “Today is the day when I must thank all the people who were part of my story with @chelseafc !!! These were brilliant years where I always tried to do my best all the time!!! I thank the fans and all the coaches I had during the seven years I represented the club. I thank the medical and technical staff, the kitchen staff, friends who take care of the pitch, my friends from security... LITERALLY everybody! With each one I had a story and built a true friendship!!! I wish a very good luck to this great club!!! I carry all of you in my heart!!! God bless you so much! 🙏🏼 #Thankyou. Hoje chegou o dia em que devo agradecer a todas as pessoas que fizeram parte dessa minha história com o @chelseafc !!! Foram anos brilhantes onde sempre tentei dar o meu melhor em todos os momentos!!! Agradeço aos fãs, agradeço a todos os treinadores que tive durante os sete anos que passei no clube, agradeço ao staff médico, técnico, pessoal da cozinha, amigos que cuidam do gramado, meus amigos seguranças... LITERALMENTE todos os funcionários, porquê com cada um tive uma história e construí uma amizade verdadeira!!! Desejo boa sorte a este grande clube!!! Levo no coração todos vocês!!! Deus abençoe muito! 🙏🏼 #”
  8. Exactly. Frank actually said there were ‘honest conversations’, he almost certainly wasn’t lying as that can be interpreted in quite a few ways.
  9. Not sure what you’ll be expecting to be revealed but it won’t be the nitty gritty, expect some diplomatic PC explanation, especially from Frank.
  10. So you know how things have gone back at Chelsea? Enlighten us please. And you do? It’s called joining dots. He was fine signing a new contract just a couple of months ago, was also on Twitter proclaiming Mason Mount to be ‘his boy’, just last week, now all of sudden he wants a transfer, and is happy to join one of our biggest rivals. So what went wrong? Can only be a difference of opinion to how things are going to be run this year I’d say. so enlighten us on your inside knowledge then?
  11. Not sure how anybody can sympathise with him, seeing the entitled reaction he has coughed up? I do scratch my head sometimes when we call for a together, harmonious and young team, then Luiz pulls this stunt - and it is him pulling it, and he then has people on his side.
  12. Sky are reporting it now. Cash in, rinse the Gooners for as much as you can.
  13. ‘Force a move through to Arsenal’ its so ridiculous and as it’s Luiz it’s probably true.
  14. I remember squabbling over shirt numbers with my school team mates....I was about 9 years old at the time.
  15. It’s a lot of money for somebody who has shown some quality in a relatively small sample size. But maybe it was required to keep him away from ze Germans.

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