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  1. So it’s probably over 90% certain it’s going to happen then....just hope it doesn’t turn sour.
  2. If you are counting leadership qualities then I’d probably edge it to JT, otherwise it’s Frank.
  3. Enjoy your pipe and slippers. Sadly will probably never be surpassed as my biggest ever disappointment in a signing, chipped in with a few big moments, but never lived up to his form with the dippers.
  4. He was doing so well until the last bit. We beat poor teams in 2018 and completely folded against Croatia..who lets face it, weren’t that special.
  5. Keep digging in Chelsea, get exactly what you want and don’t budge.
  6. Love this picture. All the talk of money and mercenaries in the game these days, and here is Kante face timing his family showing them his medal. 💙
  7. If a player signs a new deal it’s is because he is committed to staying - from his perspective. Clubs may well put players on new deals knowing full well it is partly to protect their market value, but Hazard isn’t and wouldn’t sign if he intends to leave, he loses any leverage or control he has. I think this move has been his ambition and intention for a while, years in fact.
  8. Remember those days well! You were truly f**ked kicking up hill into the wind! 😂
  9. Both teams were that sh*t, they couldn’t even foul properly.
  10. It really pales into insignificance when you compare it to what Spurs would be like.
  11. The sh*te called Tottenham Hotspur went to Rome to see the Pope, and this is what he said.... f**k OFF!

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