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  1. Blue Exile

    Eden Hazard

    I think it's more the prestige thing. The most decorated and 'famous' club in the world. The same reason a lot of F1 drivers have driving for Ferrari on their bucket list.
  2. Blue Exile

    Eden Hazard

    The fact he is 'pouring his heart out' over this means he is off - or his intention is to leave imo. Our club cannot benefit in the slightest from this sort of chat, and it's a thinly veiled 'up the ante' hint to Real. Like Chelsbear said, just hope he signs a deal before leaving otherwise I fear we won't even get 100m.
  3. Blue Exile

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Yesterday was a reminder to us all who Luz is. We have the depth to sell him in January.
  4. In case you all forgot, Luiz can't defend. Was a foul but it shouldn't have mattered.
  5. Twitchy last 10 then
  6. Alonso can’t defend for sh*t. Square peg in a round hole in a back four.
  7. f**k me sideways. We’ve got no right to be in this game still.
  8. We look like we are going to concede every time they are near our box. Awful defending all game.
  9. Awful from Willian. We look terrIble at the back.
  10. Welcome back Alvaro!!
  11. So disappointed Eden isn’t starting
  12. Blue Exile

    Eden Hazard

    After all the rumours/reports about Madrid, he came on, was superb and looked like he genuinely enjoyed himself. A true pro.