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  1. He better turn up now he’s stamped his f**king feet.
  2. Not to the point of refusing to leave the field, like some spoilt f**king kid refusing to come off the slide up the playground when his Dad is calling him.
  3. Embarrassing. Surely the ref ha to ask him to leave the pitch? Players don’t decide subs.
  4. Our lowest point in Romans years I think. When AVB and Scolari had their circus in full flow at least we had the talent and leaders to bounce back with a new coach. Not this lot.
  5. Needs to f**k off before he gets us dumped out of the Thursday night cup.
  6. Sarri is like that girl in the film 50 first dates, he gets up every morning with no memeory of the previous day.
  7. So fouls don’t count if you can’t get to the ball... f**k off Keown you Arsenal c**t.
  8. It’s ok guys, Sarri will swap Barkley for Kov on 70 minutes. Sorted.
  9. Plays our best players out of position, no plan B (unless you are counting the Barkley/Kov sub exchange which seems constant) Can’t see where we turn at this point.
  10. Nice movement and touches. Could have done with some service from CHO, never mind though.

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