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  1. Going to happen at some point when it’s a very even two horse race in successive years. Can only hope Klopp goes and manages Bayern once he’s conquered the premier league.
  2. Part of me thinks that’s a good thing if it happens, as surely that would indicate success under this regime.
  3. Yet another game where he doesn’t look anywhere near good enough. He shouldn’t be first choice.
  4. Two really sh*t goals to give away. Azpi has been way below his best this season and Zouma just isn’t good enough.
  5. Getting schooled at home by a mid table team. Embarrassing.
  6. I’m happy. The performance was more important than the result and we needed to turn up, so box ticked. Can still get better but heading in the right direction. Just hope the ET at this stage of the season doesn’t bite us on Sunday.
  7. Need to finish top 4. Get back into the transfer market with the club in a position to offer top tier football to the best players. Everything else is irrelevant to me this year.
  8. Europe’s version of the community shield...meh Just hope we don’t get hammered again just for squad morale.
  9. Great first 15 minutes but been poor since then, Zouma diving in, Barkley terrible. @EdinburghBlue yes the site is running like a pig at the mo.
  10. Young enough for the 24m who follow him on there though 👍

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