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  1. Wonder how it makes Tammy and CHO feel when stuff like that is leaked. There they are at training but nothing more than bait really.
  2. How could anybody boo the Italian National anthem, it’s an absolute belter.
  3. Just when you thought England just might have a coach who knows what he’s doing, he sh*ts the bed T the final hurdle. got no issues with losing tonight, Italy were the much better team and the best team of the competition - Chiesa was a complete menace, but England looked lost tactically tonight, some poor sub decisions too - Henderson who offered f**k all and Saka was terrible. congratulations to Italy.
  4. That wasn’t a corner. So where is VAR?
  5. The back 3 which consist of a current spud a former spud and a former gooner. Lukaku - comes across as really arrogant, great example last night that he has no right to be. KDB - don’t dislike him per se, but he has the face of a 12 year old who’s just been told off by his parents. so that makes 6 including big nose in goal.
  6. Pleased Italy went through, not a fan of Belgium in the slightest, littered with players I have a strong dislike for. Martinez is a fraud too.
  7. What a salty last few pages..love it! 😃
  8. Yep, should go the same way as De boer and have the good grace to resign.
  9. Hazard is improving but isn’t the difference maker he was with us. Belgium have problems if KDB is out.
  10. Wales getting found out here. They are a below average team who rely completely on Bale. They beat the worst team in the competition and were outplayed in the other 2 group games. When Wales go out does that mean we won’t have to listen to Savage anymore?
  11. If we win the group - although a draw against the Czechs is looking more likely than a win, we will play one of France, Portugal or Germany. I think we should be seriously hoping we don’t win the group.
  12. Southgate need to drop Kane and play DCL against the Czechs to see what else he has up front. England are as good as through already so the risk is minimal. That said Kane wasn’t the only issue, you could quite easily drop 5 or 6 of those that played last night. I wouldn’t drop Mount, but Jesus wept his corners were abysmal.
  13. I just don’t get the drooling over Grealish, plays like his end goal is to just win free kicks.
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