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  1. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. I’m so tired of football these days.
  2. You need a licence to watch BBC iPlayer too, in fact I think it’s all BBC content, so their websites too, sport, news etc.
  3. I didn’t see it, but that sounds like the prostate cancer awareness badge.
  4. Closing threads because we don’t agree with the POV of the poster, is that where we are at now?
  5. Can’t even be bothered to discuss his form/ability anymore. Why is he still being picked to start??
  6. Can’t keep blaming the players. Clock is ticking Frank.
  7. If he did sign you know he’d turn into a shrunken Argentinian version of Emile Heskey almost overnight! Would complete the treble to go with Sheva and Torres. Lets do it.
  8. No sympathy for City at all. Cheated FFP but STILL can’t get it done. LOL. as for Sterling, wow. One of those when it was harder to miss, but he pulled it off. Kudos.
  9. Feel very sad for him, losing a cup final in your last game and getting badly injured too isn’t what he deserved. Scored some great goals for us and was the perfect pro with it. Hope he gets back to the Bridge at some point so the fans can thank him in person. 👏
  10. Exactly. The games loses it identity and soul more and more as each season passes by.
  11. Went for Ollie. He’s been virtually world class since he got back in as the starter. Yes other players have probably done it over a longer period of the season, Mount, Kov, but the it wasn’t Girouds fault he wasn’t being picked. He’s had a massive impact.
  12. No we go straight in. Think it’s been the case for a few years now that the Spanish English and Italian 4th place team is now auto and no quali required.
  13. Jesus Christ, really? I would be embarrassed beyond belief if that was my team celebrating an ‘achievement‘ like that. They are small time. It’s embedded in their DNA.
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