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  1. On 24/11/2020 at 12:28, Hessleboink said:

    They have to prove you're using it to watch live TV, which is almost impossible to do. You're allowed to have a TV without paying it. 

    You need a licence to watch BBC iPlayer too, in fact I think it’s all BBC content, so their websites too, sport, news etc.

  2. Went for Ollie. He’s been virtually world class since he got back in as the starter. Yes other players have probably done it over a longer period of the season, Mount, Kov, but the it wasn’t Girouds fault he wasn’t being picked. He’s had a massive impact.

  3. 2 hours ago, doctorblue said:

    Now Roman has the big decision  to make...with the transfer ban lifted and significant monies being spent on new players, does he stick with FL and allow him the time to develop his own managerial career or does he look elsewhere for an experienced manager like Pochettino...what's people's thoughts?

    Christ on a bike. Really?

  4. 8 hours ago, Scott Harris said:

    "We did it lads, we qualified for the Europa League" 😆

    You just can't take these jokers seriously. After being in the Champions League for so many years in a row AND getting to the final last season, I really don't see how qualifying for the Europa League is a success. Tottenham fans say "look where we were when Mourinho took over".........they were 14th, but they were only 3 points off 5th with less than a third of the season played.

    Jesus Christ, really? I would be embarrassed beyond belief if that was my team celebrating an ‘achievement‘ like that.

    They are small time. It’s embedded in their DNA. 

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