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  1. I genuinely think his style would be too much baggage for United to accept. They have a Wall Street share price to think about.
  2. Like Rodgers was ever in the frame. Chelsea employ winners, not choking losers.
  3. He is very sh*t at the mo. Not sure what else to say.
  4. He didn't touch his face. He had that scuffle with Kosceilny.Gabriel deserved to walk. He got involved in something that wasn't anything to do with him, then carried it on and wanted the last say in it like some pathetic little child.
  5. Send out a St.Bernard Dog with a cask of Brandy to find him. AWOL
  6. Loan? I could tear my hair out sometimes at our transfer policy. He's been decent, he's underrated. I'd rather keep him than loan him.
  7. Agreed Hollywood could make a film about it and it would be panned as 'far fetched bollocks'..it was that incredible.
  8. Even if this story was true, Atletico couldn't afford him...his fee would £40m +
  9. Dodged a bullet slightly there...lesson learnt I hope.
  10. That was Clive Tyldesley. Went on to say 'Chelsea have burgled the silverware' or words to that effect.
  11. I thought he was first class last night. His touch and passing was spot on. Why does he take the mask off later in games though? He did it Sunday and again last night. Surely it's a precaution thing and he either keeps it on for the whole game or doesn't bother with it at all?
  12. Oh, Fabregas is magic, he wears a magic hat, he could have signed for Arsenal, he said no f**k that. He passes with his left foot, he passes with his right! And when we win the Premier League, we’ll sing his song all night!"
  13. I read a report that Jose was quoted saying 'Drogba was benched today to save him for Wednesday, as Costa and Remy are both out'
  14. Both were superb, although I'm not really a fan of any of his other films. Felt like gauging my eyes out during Jackie Brown. Total crap.
  15. Guardians of the Galaxy Heard lots of people raving about this. 'Twas alright. 6/10
  16. Transformers - Age of extinction. Time to call it a day on this little move series. I really liked the first one with Franck Leboeuf's son in, but they have got progressively worse as they went along. Mark Wahlberg can do a lot better than this. 5/10
  17. I'd say that's the one thing he isn't. Yes he scores goals like that but dont all strikers. He is the master of the composed 'take a touch then finish' goals imo
  18. I agree about Remy. The big issue now is the lack of depth we now have up front.
  19. Pure guesswork, can't tell without scans and tests. Going by the way he looked in so much discomfort compared to last time, and the fact the club will be ultra cautious with him now, I'll be surprised to see him again in April - best case scenario.
  20. Transcendence. Johnny Depps brilliant mind is put into a super computer which then tries to take over the world. 6/10
  21. Was always going to happen, he gets better with age like a fine wine! See Ya next season Mr Chelsea...
  22. Guff in your opinion. I'm willing to stick my neck out and the say the original trilogy is regarded in the complete opposite by the majority of people.
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