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  1. I remember mocking arsenal for having this guy, just didn’t rate him. How wrong can you be. I think he’s found a little place in everyone’s heart after this season. Now let’s rub THEIR noses in it and put a cherry on top of this year.
  2. Fingers crossed we never see Kepa start another game.
  3. You’re probably right, be very dull to have things clear cut all the time. Just got a feeling I’ll be pacing the room more than I’ll be sitting down enjoying it!
  4. I think it’s going to be a roller coaster of an afternoon on Sunday with ours and the United game flip flopping between the teams. Buckle up.
  5. Jesus wept. anybody who thinks we will get anywhere near this lot and city next season needs to put the crack pipe down. And you can mention the new signings all you want too.
  6. Sky are also reporting him possibly wanting out too, probably just recycling the original report - no direct quotes though from him or his agent etc. Dont want to see Frank giving him a start until we have top 4 locked up, so if we manage to get it done tonight then let him have the Wolves game.
  7. Giroud has been superb today. What a nod down for Alonso then.
  8. We are defensively inept. The dippers could embarrass us and Wolves are no mugs. At best I can only see us picking up another point. Thursday night cup here we come.
  9. Nah, I’ve seen worse than this, doesn’t get close to sh*te I watched in the early 80’s 😃
  10. City cleared then, just another reason to add to the rapidly growing list of reasons why I have fallen out of love with this game. Bent clubs being allowed to bend the rules. VAR TV Money bloating the economics of the sport. The fact it will be a none contact sport the way the rules are currently changing over the years. Load of sh*te.
  11. Good player technically, but plays ‘soft’ and switches off too much and ball watches. Next....
  12. Chelsea fans, or if you listen to/believe social media we are.
  13. Jamie Carragher was with the dipper fans in the city celebrating. How many more times will He be allowed to drag his employers name through the dirt before he gets his P45.
  14. Another two goals today for RB. Really looking forward to seeing him next season.
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