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  1. Keep digging in Chelsea, get exactly what you want and don’t budge.
  2. Love this picture. All the talk of money and mercenaries in the game these days, and here is Kante face timing his family showing them his medal. ?
  3. If a player signs a new deal it’s is because he is committed to staying - from his perspective. Clubs may well put players on new deals knowing full well it is partly to protect their market value, but Hazard isn’t and wouldn’t sign if he intends to leave, he loses any leverage or control he has. I think this move has been his ambition and intention for a while, years in fact.
  4. Better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all....?
  5. Of the last 4 European trophies won by English teams, we have won 3 of them.
  6. A great end to our season, Eden signing off in style. We’ll miss him, but legends have left before and we have carried on. Carefree....
  7. Even half for me, either team doing anything worthy of a lead though.
  8. Hardly a yardstick for the whole game the warm up! Sounds like he isn’t anywhere near fit then. Can see him being taken off after 15 minutes even if he does start.
  9. Imagine the complete and utter pant wetting if Cech lets in a soft goal... ??
  10. Just hope Kante is fit enough to do the job and not just a ‘f**k it’ roll of the dice from Sarri. Come on Blues.
  11. I’m always underwhelmed when I watch him play. Maybe I’m expecting too much.
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