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  1. He was quoted only a few weeks ago as saying he had told the club his intentions and what he wants, and was now leaving it with them to sort it out. For me that is more or less a transfer request. Granted he hasn’t pulled a Courtois but he is hardly begging for a new deal either.
  2. Or we use Hazard to bridge that gap, consolidate CL football for next year and bolster the squad from that guaranteed revenue later. Not much point in having 80 mill if you can only offer the Thursday night cup.
  3. We won’t miss it with this transfer ban ?
  4. Exactly. If it came down to accepting a fee of around 80m or keeping him for 12 more months, I’d want the club to keep him.
  5. I think they were splitting starts at about a rate of 50/50
  6. At which point the club went in his direction....
  7. Cech was past his best. Cech was out of his prime years age wise. The club had made a conscious decision to no longer make him a 1st team regular. Those are the reasons why Cech got his move.
  8. If he goes on a free, so be it. Rather that than us bending over for Real or some misplaced ‘Goodwill’. He is a world class player in his prime, and a key member of our best starting 11...and HE wants out. We should get the amount we are due. Nobody is bigger than the badge.
  9. So we should just let him go regardless if our price is met or not? We aren’t asking for 500m here you know. He is under contract and he should honour it, just like club has up to now by paying him his vast wages.
  10. Declining support? Absolute bollocks. Go and look at our average attendance compared to the stadium capacity instead of knee jerking over a single game where the attendance was slightly lower than usual. Our percentage of attendance to capacity remains one of the highest in the premier league.
  11. Didn’t mind this ending...Starks win huh? The last two seasons were rushed with lots of plot holes, but it was still a great show and I’ll miss it. Hopefully we get a prequel series that stands up to the the earlier seasons of GoT.
  12. Yeah I think I have memorised it all now lol Mata collapses flat on his face in tears as Drogba slots the pen home, a couple of the other players break off towards the goal where the pen was scored, and others break off towards the other end where our fans were. Ashley Cole doing the longest knee slide ever! Luiz dropping to his knees and crossing himself! I think Frank got accidentally clobbered in the mouth by a fan on the pitch as he had a bloody lip during the celebrations. ?
  13. 7 years to the day. Hard to imagine us getting near this again anytime soon.
  14. I completely agree mate, in fact I think I recall Roman was quoted way back when, that he didn’t buy Chelsea to make money as he had other things for that, but it was to pass on as a legacy to his son. Not sure how much the political situation has soured his mindset, I am just fearful of us being stuck in limbo with an owner who isn’t as keyed in, but his asking price is too high to attract any buyers.
  15. Indeed and he will want it back upon sale, which was the point of the other poster. The money he has put in is there in the accounts as a creditor. Which probably accounts for his ‘asking price’ if you put the profit he feels he is entitled to on top.
  16. Fordstam the clubs parent company owe him just over 1.1bn in the form of an interest free loan, which he can technically call in with 18 months notice. It is stated as much on the balance sheet of the last accounts filed with companies house.
  17. What cracking news to wake up to. This season really can f**k off.
  18. At one point I was beginning to wish the Night King had won the battle at Winterfell...
  19. As much as I love him, and will thank him from the heart for his efforts over the years, we don’t owe him any ‘favours’. He has been paid handsomely during his time here. He is a top 3 player in the world, still in his prime, and he wants to leave us. With all that in mind we should be getting the going rate for him at least, and probably a bit more. Its not like the Cech situation, who was quite a way past his best and we had a ready made replacement for him - or so we thought.
  20. That pace was present last season too, remember when It took just a few hours for Gendry to get back to the wall, a Raven sent to Dany and she was back way up North from down south rescuing people on the frozen lake? The producers/directors can’t be doing with the slow detailed plot building with offers to make Star Wars films on the table ?
  21. Hmmm. First time he’s actually been quoted directly about what he wants I think. I think it’s obvious why the club haven’t reacted yet, our season isn’t over for a start, plus there is CAS to get through. Not sure what the rush is either, not like it’s next season any time soon. No Summer tournament to get in the way either.
  22. Maybe he won’t be able to get one of our 6000 tickets ?
  23. Will our attack turn up to get at that suspect Arse defence? That’s the key for me. As for Cech, I hope he loses and there will be no ‘mixed feelings’. I’m a Chelsea fan first and foremost. If anything, Cech’s failure is this one will only give more emphasis to his legendary time with us.
  24. I think he is being vague because he doesn’t know yet, and is leaving it to the club to decide. If the asking price is met he will leave, if not he will play out his deal and leave as a free agent next summer. He comes across as very laid back and relaxed, and his attitude to the next year is probably the same. He is too classy to force anything too I think.
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