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  1. Agree with the opinion that it’s valid to criticise what the show is now, after all we fell in love with a different format didn’t we? I still enjoy it, but it doesn’t completely absorb me like the earlier seasons. I think either Jaime or Tyrion kill Cersei, wasn’t that the prophecy of Maggie the Frog?
  2. Needs to f**k off before he gets us dumped out of the Thursday night cup.
  3. His goal apart. He was f**king awful against second rate opposition yesterday. If he thinks he has an entitlement to first team football here I am very comfortable in seeing him sold. Hes proven nothing. Needs to work and earn it it.
  4. I think it's more the prestige thing. The most decorated and 'famous' club in the world. The same reason a lot of F1 drivers have driving for Ferrari on their bucket list.
  5. The fact he is 'pouring his heart out' over this means he is off - or his intention is to leave imo. Our club cannot benefit in the slightest from this sort of chat, and it's a thinly veiled 'up the ante' hint to Real. Like Chelsbear said, just hope he signs a deal before leaving otherwise I fear we won't even get 100m.
  6. Yesterday was a reminder to us all who Luz is. We have the depth to sell him in January.
  7. After all the rumours/reports about Madrid, he came on, was superb and looked like he genuinely enjoyed himself. A true pro.
  8. Depends what's on the table I guess. If Madrid offer us silly money along with a top player...we'll bite now rather than wait a year for maybe a lesser offer.
  9. I thought he specifically wanted Baka and Morata, that’s 100m spent his way, and two key positions filled. Both signings have not lived up to expectations - being very kind to Baka there. For me Conte has acted like the spoilt kid who hasn’t got EVERYTHING he asked for at Christmas.
  10. Clearly wasn't 100% and the bang on the head didn't help him, but I liked what I saw. Really good movement and link up play. Shame he didn't put that one away though.
  11. Arsenal had something similar... to the the tune of Stealers Wheel ‘stuck in the middle with you’ Hazard to the left of me... Pedro to the right... Here I am....stuck in the middle Giroud.
  12. Somebody had to say it to try and get Conte to notice!
  13. He picks the team. He has other options than the likes of Cahill and Baka who once again were abysmal last night. He also has no plan B. If things arent working or sh*t hits the fan full on, he doesn't change the shape or ask players to do things different, it's just a Straight swap for 'fresh legs'. He also continues to isolate our best attacking player up front on his own as a false 9 whilst he has forwards twiddling their thumbs on the bench. The board arn't blameless but he has hit a wall. As for the players, how would you feel playing week in week out with the likes
  14. Yeah you’re right, but would we have won had he played? The way we defended I’d say not a chance. False 9 or not we defended like kids.
  15. The worst team in the league were on a 5 game unbeaten run? Whilst they’re not the biggest team in the league, not remotely close to being the worst in the Prem at the mo.
  16. Well seems I’m in the minority but I’m looking forward to seeing him play, might surprise a few people with the right service.
  17. Doesn't seem at all petulant that.
  18. Not a chance he gets near to coming on tonight. Was probably already in Wales by the time things were agreed. Bet Wenger has him running up and down the touchline warming up at some point to take the piss!
  19. I'd say 35m is about right. International who has scored plenty of goals at that level, his goal per game ratio for Le Arse isn't terrible either. We paid 35m for Drinkwater remember. Yes him being English bumped the price, but 35m for a club like us only gets you a fringe first teamer/squad player these days.
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