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  1. Scores on his debut to beat Leeds. 👍 should’ve kept him and not signed that donkey lukaku.
  2. Really hope he gets his head down and proves himself, comes back a decent striker and gets first team football at Chelsea.
  3. Listening to people wanting luka Listening to the talk of Lukaku coming here is like the talk of keeping William last year. Utter joke, ask any gooner how that turned out. Unbelievable anyone would want him back. We’re champions of Europe ffs let’s behave like them.
  4. The only thing more frustrating here than Timo are these f**king annoying adverts.
  5. I think Gilmore looks the most comfortable on the ball than anyone else in the squad.
  6. Really, really do not want him back. Ffs No, f**k off NO.
  7. Too long a story mate, but i'm in an isolation hotel in Sydney.
  8. Kev56


    Apparently Kante can't swim, so it is probably correct.
  9. Kev56


    I found this on another site ‘ 70% of the Earth is covered with water, the other 30% is covered by Kante ‘
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