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  1. 15 hours ago, Ballack & Blu said:

    I agree, we need to make a bigger statement than lukaku, he is good but there area few better, also rumours liverpool linked to Patson Data, from Salzburg, could be a bit o a Klopp master stroke, his numbers are good..

    Listening to people wanting luka


    16 hours ago, DidierDrogbalala said:

    The hate for Lukaku is unreal here ! We have been complaining about not scoring goals and not taking our chances all season and as soon as we are linked with Lukaku people dont want him ? He's a proven goals scorer EVERYWHERE he went, he's a leader, he's a bully wich is a profile we are missing up front and HES A CHELSEA FAN!!! He wants to be a blue, he admires Drogba! Cmon people, he might not be the next shiny new thing like Haaland or run fast like Mpabbé but he gets the job done! For me its a no brainer. A trio of Werner Havertz and Lukaku is perfect! all different profiles who brings something different to the table.

    Listening to the talk of Lukaku coming here is like the talk of keeping  William last year. Utter joke, ask any gooner how that turned out. Unbelievable anyone would want him back. We’re champions of Europe ffs let’s behave like them.


  2. 14 hours ago, Sexyfootball said:

    That's got to be  wrong ...  surely it is "30% of the Earth is covered by land mass, the other 70% is covered by Kante ... " 🙂


    Apparently Kante can't swim, so it is probably correct.

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