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  1. 100% If Frank wastes 60-80 million on Zaha then I don't trust his judgement. We need goalscorers not moany divers who can't do it at the top level.
  2. He looks like he's playing on autopilot, Lacking confidence and needs a run in the team.
  3. We need a decent leader on the pitch.
  4. Got to be honest I thought that was a totally gutless performance, We can't be gifting the likes of West Ham and Everton free points like that. Any crappy midtable team that look to be struggling always seem to get an immediate lift when they play us. Piss poor.
  5. Hugely overrated, He's at his level at Villa. Just like Zaha at Palace.
  6. Seventeen years since West Ham last beat us at the Bridge. Hope Frank gives them a rocket. Looked like a team with little will to win when it mattered today.
  7. Truly awful Utd side, We really did ourselves no favours tonight losing to that shower of sh+te. The only positive is they may stick with Ole for a little while longer.
  8. The future is bright. I can't help thinking when we get our injuries back we're comfortably one of the better sides in the league. Not many teams are going to outplay Liverpool like we did in that second half. We just lacked a little bit of luck. Try and enjoy the football we're playing and if you're feeling down just imagine how bad you'd feel if you had to watch Man U each week.
  9. Hopefully someone asks Graeme Sourness if he still wonders where the goals are going to come from.
  10. As long as we learn some lessons this was always going to happen. Feels pretty awful to be two nil up and draw at home against a bang average team though.
  11. Boggles my mind how we can so quickly go from a possesion based team to a second half performance like that where we can't keep control of a football. Forty five minutes where we did the grand sum of exactly nothing. I'm 100% fine not winning anything this season if players like Mount, RLC, Tammy, Pulisic and CHO improve as players but the way we surrendered in that second half was pretty awful.
  12. Feels really bad knowing we played Kovacic and Jorg in a defensive mid position and they couldn't deal with Utd's imho hugely weak midfield. Naive play all over the shop. Mount and Emerson were good. No way that was a 4-0 game, They we're hopeless until we gave them that pen.
  13. I'm guessing we're not looking to play out from the back this season then? Neither Zouma or Christianson have much composure on the ball. I think this may end up in tears.
  14. Their midfield is pretty terrible, If we can't win against a team where the big players want to leave then it's going to be a very long season. I'd love to see Mason Mount start and show what he's about.
  15. Maybe Frank has made it clear Zouma will feature in more games this year? Something seems very off for someone who claims to love the club.

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