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  1. The only way we look like scoring is through a penalty, How have we regressed this much?
  2. Don't want to say I told you but.... Deary me our team is utter drivel at the moment. ZERO Character.
  3. We never look like we want more than one goal. What's up with this lot? Draw written all over it.
  4. Another game where the opposition had eight first team players out and we just do nothing, Bournemouth and now this? We should be winning these 0-4 not losing 1-0. Too many non performances. We need some new faces in asap.
  5. Is it a panic buy when we've had well over a season to scout and choose the right player(s)? Timo Werner is an obvious one who'd fit right in.
  6. I did worry this might happen, I think Frank has so much faith in our young players he might not sign someone established who would go straight into the team and unsettle them. Hope I'm wrong as we need a few more options.
  7. Wow, Is CHO really on 180k a week?
  8. Just what we need... Another player that downs tools when they want.
  9. That injury looks like it's totally killed CHO's game. I'm not sure what Frank's done but our winning mentality has well and truly left the building. I'd be amazed if we finished in the top four losing to midtable mediocrity as consistently as we are.
  10. If we can't win vs well organised teams is one thing, But our last three games... West Ham - No wins in nine games until they played us Everton - No wins in seven games until they played us Bournemouth - Five straight losses and eight first team players out What are we doing?
  11. We need him pretty desperately since our current crop of players can't be arsed to perform against the likes of West Ham, Everton and Bournemouth.
  12. 100% If Frank wastes 60-80 million on Zaha then I don't trust his judgement. We need goalscorers not moany divers who can't do it at the top level.
  13. He looks like he's playing on autopilot, Lacking confidence and needs a run in the team.
  14. Got to be honest I thought that was a totally gutless performance, We can't be gifting the likes of West Ham and Everton free points like that. Any crappy midtable team that look to be struggling always seem to get an immediate lift when they play us. Piss poor.

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