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  1. We'd be fighting off relegation with our midfield duo of Drinkwater and Bakayoko if Conte was still here.
  2. These players are taking the piss now. Huge clearout needed.
  3. As of today Everton were yet to record a win vs any of the other top six sides. Absolutely sodding gutting.
  4. If he does leave the rest of the squad will really have to stand up and be counted. We could potentially be a better team without our reliance on him Would hate to see him go but it looks inevitable now.
  5. If we've still got a two year transfer ban I don't think we can.
  6. Utter drivel. You honestly think he's telling them to go out there and play with little fluidity and do it at a walking pace? The Napoli players could get their heads around how he wants to play and the rewards were obvious. So far our lot haven't even grasped the basics by the look of it.
  7. What's Sarri supposed to do? Bring himself on and score? If those players are doing their best then they clearly aren't good enough. Anytime we face a team that puts nine men behind the ball no one takes anyone on or shows any initiative.
  8. What a terrible performance in the second half, The players need a kick up the arse. So lapse.
  9. He needs to do it at a Premier League level not the Championship.
  10. Because he's scored some goals in the Championship? Absolutely not.
  11. Very proud of the team and the manager today. Big improvement. I'm sure Kepa will find himself a place on the bench for quite a while but I don't blame the intent in what he did.
  12. No he doesn't. He's said numerous times he can't motivate them. ie they can't/won't/don't understand what's being asked of them.
  13. How long before they stop caring about the manager after Sarri? Rinse - Repeat
  14. It took 18 months before Napoli started playing as a cohesive unit. It's going to take time if we want to transition to a possession team that's lost our previous reliance on players and a defensive style. I just worry we'll always be a stop start club because although we throw the idea that the board is quick to kill a manager the fans seem to have even shorter tollerance when it goes wrong of late. What do we want? Short term success again and the weird yo-yo of good season/bad season? or to build something with someone who prioritises attacking football? or are you all convinced he's not the right person already?

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