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  1. His first RM game ended in a 3-1 defeat to Bayern Munich and was taken off at half time.
  2. I really hope we draw Juve in the Champions League and do a number on them. I've done a total 180 on Sarri, What a scumbag. Not even a hint of a message thanking the club for anything.
  3. What a huge mistake it was signing him, Yet another player with a terrible attitude.
  4. I'm pretty angry he's gone to be honest, Our playstyle had tranistioned and we did better than expected in terms of league position and the Europa win. The reality is we're now going to employ a club legend who has precious little experience with no ability to purchase players. I hope Derby don't let him go because when he gets sacked and he will in this early tenure it's going to feel wretched for everyone. Wrong appointment at the wrong time.
  5. Absolutely devastated he's gone. Can only wish him well and hope his dream doesn't become a nightmare with that awful set of fans. The best player I've ever seen in a Chelsea shirt and a top bloke to boot, Thanks for everything Eden.
  6. Conte is so overrated on here it's nuts. He won't win anything with that Inter side.
  7. Makes you wonder just how much they initially low balled us if we finally agree an offer of £88m. Kovacic can't be part of the deal while we have a transfer ban surely?
  8. Why would we let him go for nothing? Surely it's a logical conclusion that Juve would have to buy him out of his contract. He can't stay now he's effectively given two fingers to the supporters, Jumping ship at the first opportunity (was he homesick when he did his banking job in London prior?) He's going to insult the Napoli fans and he's already shown precious little consideration for the fans here that wanted him to stay. What a total farce.
  9. The thing is it's not a majority that told him to stuff his playstyle, It's a very vocal minority backed up by our utterly slimy media. I still think the vast majority appreciated what he was trying to do. To see him simply throw it all away after the first season when Juve come calling is pretty devastating. This genuinely feels to me for the first time in over a decade that we're now going backwards.
  10. The guy is pure emotion. What did he say when we won the Europa Cup?.... This victory is for the Napoli fans who deserve this, Now surely someone who's just won their first trophy with a new set of fans would acknowledge them to some degree? It's had a bigger impact than most think.
  11. No he isn't. Juve have been atrocious to watch over the last couple of seasons. A dithering Cuadrado on the wing playing it in for the Croatian Andy Carroll. Dreadful football.
  12. Allegri, Lampard or Blanc would all be equally awful because there's no scope for progression and no defined game plan. Like bisright said, We're getting rid of a manger who can build something and replacing him with someone that'll finish sixth or worse and then get sacked again. Total hiding to nothing. When are people going to stop the weird blind love in on Conte? The second season was utter garbage and he proved that he couldn't be trusted.

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