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  1. Hope we create lots of chances today, Come on Chels!
  2. You can see the progress, It's just a shame everyone looked scared to play a forward pass against a very ordinary Utd side. 2nd gear with the hand brake on. Well done Mendy!
  3. I thought Timo was absolutely brilliant, He's going to be top top drawer for us. Excellent from Tomori too, Should be a starter.
  4. We could do with hiring their defensive coaches as well.
  5. I really don't understand why we ball watch so much on corners, They're just so static and don't react to anything.
  6. You've got to save that. He's done.
  7. His movement last night was abysmal, He looks like someone on autopilot and offers nothing currently.
  8. Our 'style' of play is rubbish. Waffle the ball around in midfield for three minutes, Get the ball out to the right hand side so Azpi can put 200 crosses in and hope for the best. sh*te.
  9. Well done lads, You've made David Moyes look like a tactical genius.
  10. Sky Sports with yet another 'why didn't Super Awesome Liverpool' sign Timo Werner article. Think that's the fourth one now. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11669/12013047/timo-werner-why-didnt-liverpool-pursue-chelsea-bound-striker
  11. It would be golden if we get Sancho and Utd end up with Grealish.
  12. I think ignoring him would be a huge mistake, All of Dortmunds play goes through him and at only twenty he looks incredibly composed in everything he does. If we genuinely have one seasons funds plus the Morata and Hazard money then we should be looking to get him signed asap. There's talks of £85M for Chilwell which is bonkers.
  13. If we can't compete with Utd we should stop playing football and close the club.
  14. Well deserved, Have been fantastic all season. Wish the Mens team had the same winning mentality.
  15. I'd love to have your optimism, With Frank changing the back line every game and our lack of goal threat I think we're in trouble.
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