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  1. If we can't compete with Utd we should stop playing football and close the club.
  2. Well deserved, Have been fantastic all season. Wish the Mens team had the same winning mentality.
  3. I'd love to have your optimism, With Frank changing the back line every game and our lack of goal threat I think we're in trouble.
  4. How on earth are we going to get 22 points from those fixtures? We were five minutes away from Bournemouth doing the double over us. I think we'll be lucky to get eight points max the way we're playing. There's too many players who know they'll be surplus to requirements next season so no effort.
  5. Welcome to today's live game, It's Chelsea vs Tottenham from Stamford Bridge. Your referee for today is Michael Oliver and at Stockley Park we have the VAR team.....
  6. We really need to lodge an official complaint about VAR, It's just farsical now.
  7. We scored goals in the 80's. This is just depressing. We're going into every game looking at our forward line and thinking what kind of miracle is a goal going to come from this week?
  8. When you get beaten twice in the league by a Norwegian mascot with a worse set of players then something needs addressing.
  9. They can barely scramble a pass to each other and yet we have no goal threat up front. It's embarrasing.
  10. The worst Man U side I've seen and of course we're one nil down. Our front three are abysmal.
  11. Come on Chels! Please don't lose to this lot again. Show some pride and effort.
  12. Pickford? He's utterly terrible and has a chip on his shoulder.
  13. It would send such a strong message if we we're to sign him. It would be a huge boost to the fans, the manager, the playing staff and the club in general and we could improve immensely next season. I really hope it happens.
  14. Aren't we a bit quick to throw him out with the bath water? In his debut season he kept sixteen clean sheets, Only Ederson and Alisson had more. It feels like Frank hasn't played the same back four in two consequtive games which doesn't help. https://www.premierleague.com/stats/top/clubs/clean_sheet?se=210 I can't find any decent info about save percentage in 2018/19 does anyone have it?

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