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  1. What a huge mistake it was signing him, Yet another player with a terrible attitude.
  2. Absolutely devastated he's gone. Can only wish him well and hope his dream doesn't become a nightmare with that awful set of fans. The best player I've ever seen in a Chelsea shirt and a top bloke to boot, Thanks for everything Eden.
  3. Makes you wonder just how much they initially low balled us if we finally agree an offer of £88m. Kovacic can't be part of the deal while we have a transfer ban surely?
  4. Some potentially good news. Bayern Munich have started negotiation with the reps of Manchester City's Leroy Sane for an immediate transfer. Sane has rejected a new contract at City. If he goes then maybe that closes a spot for them.
  5. I wonder if Zidane will be there next year with this seasons results being so poor? Absolutely can't deny him a move, He's been our standout player for most of those seven seasons and will be forever fondly remembered. A HUGE thank you for everything you've done for us Eden!
  6. Same here, If we can get him and Pepe from Lille then I think we'd have a fun 2019/20 season.
  7. Somewhere new and exciting for Victor Moses to play next year.
  8. Glad he 'officially' won it. On Match of the Day it went to Salah because the Liverpool supporters must be seen to win a vote everytime.
  9. I don't think he gets the credit for his passing, confidence and ability on the ball, For a forward thinking team he's a very underrated starting point. Think he's third in the list of clean sheets too. He's got a good future with us.
  10. I think we need to watch the last couple of League and Europa games and just be thankful and grateful he stuck with us for seven years. These 6-7 games will be his last with us.
  11. Bless these modern day slaves... https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11674926/andreas-christensen-trapped-with-chelsea-keen-to-keep-players
  12. If he does leave the rest of the squad will really have to stand up and be counted. We could potentially be a better team without our reliance on him Would hate to see him go but it looks inevitable now.
  13. If we've still got a two year transfer ban I don't think we can.
  14. It took 18 months before Napoli started playing as a cohesive unit. It's going to take time if we want to transition to a possession team that's lost our previous reliance on players and a defensive style. I just worry we'll always be a stop start club because although we throw the idea that the board is quick to kill a manager the fans seem to have even shorter tollerance when it goes wrong of late. What do we want? Short term success again and the weird yo-yo of good season/bad season? or to build something with someone who prioritises attacking football? or are you all convinced he's not the right person already?
  15. Maybe the manager doesn't feel he's dedicated to the cause because all the Bayern talk has turned his head and he's not as focused as he'd like? Like some others have said, Maybe he's poor in training too? who knows...
  16. If the players don't believe in the way of the manager or the club then they shouldn't be picking up their wages and can find somewhere else to be precious.
  17. And yet Jorginho has replaced Veratti (who dominated Man U last night) in the Italy national team.
  18. If those 'characters' are the type who down tools and can't be arsed to play for the shirt then good riddance. Get rid.
  19. Shall we reanimate the corpse of Bill Shankly? How about pumping ol Sir Alex full of drugs and giving him a go? Seriously who is this golden shot manager that's going to re-ignite a group of players with no leader and a tendency to go missing and not bother doing whatever the manager asks?
  20. You can't win anything unless you're given time. And you didn't answer the question...
  21. So who's Football is good enough? Klopp and Pochettino are praised endlessly and have won nothing over four years.
  22. I thought this would be his last season with us. Apart from his public courting of RM he's been an incredible player and I wouldn't deny him a move. Thank you Eden! If anyone want's a laugh check the topic on Redcafe, I'm not sure what they're serving but it's certainly bitter.
  23. Makes you wonder what the turning point was at Napoili where the football just worked? Our players currently go forward with no intensity and just pass the ball endlessly around the eighteen yard box with little responsibility. I can see Hazard leaving in the summer and that might be the turning point for a mass clearout that we probably need, I hope he's backed in the second season. Go for broke.
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