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  1. Wish him the very best there, as he has no future here.
  2. I´d love to see us moving to Battersea, but for some reasons it seemed to be too difficult for us.
  3. It seems to me, that he has gained muscles, to compete better in the EPL against physically strong defenders. Well done that in the weeks, he was injured. With our 2 other signings we have an extreme attacking power. Now 2 first class central defenders and the future is ours.
  4. He is a wonderful player - despite his 5 minutes, when he played like a one legged man uphill the K2. I suppose Frank had a short talk with him about his performance afterwards and we´ll see him again with all his power and speed.
  5. TBH, I think more AI in football would be an issue. We´ll see, what the future will bring us. Behind the curtain Mark C. will have had a lot of wind of resistance and I was happy to see, that Leicester made it and the Spuds ended 3rd in a 2 horse race.
  6. I wonder how the world would have seen Mark C., when the Spuds would have won the match with goals from a player, that should have been sent off after half an hour. A ref should not think about his role in a football match - but it`s his first task not to let a match become viciuos. Mark C. is the worst ref by far on earth and he acted like a dedicated Spuds fan, not as a ref of the EPL. Is he a Spuds fan? I don´t know but I don´t care.
  7. I agree - but who knows, it that´s going to happen, as nobody knows how much the investors can or will invest? Bale won´t play there for a tenner a week so they have to invest heavily.
  8. He won´t win anything with the magpies, but he´ll only go to Newcastle, when he can´t find a top club.
  9. Add 9 more of this N17 scum plus their manager, that its complete.
  10. Well done board - I like him and in a certain way he is unique.
  11. Nice vid - this guy could become more dangerous for our opponents than Covid-19.
  12. I´m talking about the 70s and 80s, so the good old times. May be things have changed in the 90s.
  13. I was following the Rangers over land and sea - and there were Chels among them always and we had lots of fun and a very good time. But I suppose, I´m a bit older than you, right?

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