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  1. So first Prague and in the final wie host somebody else ...
  2. Our only chance against Citee is that they underestimate us in the final.
  3. Zola would be better than Ross Barkley. Sell him as fast as possible.
  4. We should sell 7 oder 8 players und start to build up a team that loves the club and fights till the end. When I look at Ross Barkley I get sick. "The new Frank Lampard" some said, when he came from the Toffees. Sell him for any price, he is crap. Alonso, Drinkwater, Luiz and others are not worth to wear the blue shirt - they should follow him immediately. I´m not sure what to think of Sarri - may be we should give him another year. If we the play in the Championship, we all know, that it was Sarri and not the players.
  5. Big Frank Lampard - by far the best offensive midfielder on the planet. Oh, I miss him so much, when we play around the box and nobody wants to score ...
  6. Good luck at Craven Cottage - honest player, physical strong defender, limited here and there, but always 100% Chelsea. I liked him very much.
  7. Too short for a good goalkeeper!
  8. Shame that we didn´t give him a contract years ago, so he left a top club to join Arsenil. But he was, is and will ever be one of us - a true legend and a superb goalkeeper, may be the best of all keepers we had (and we had a couple of very good keepers).
  9. I can´t see him anymore in our shirt. Sell him at any price, now.
  10. 9 out of 10 matches he is very good. In the 10th match he is phantastic.

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