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    nominator reacted to mwblue10 in Tammy Abraham   
    Imagine when this lad has a few years of PL experience under his belt and continues to get stronger physically.  He’s going to absolutely destroy defenses, even more so than he is already.
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    nominator reacted to Gol15 in Tammy Abraham   
    To have this epic young player is a big testimony of our great academy, that ironically so many laughed at while saying that the academy doesn't mean anything since we don't even promote the players to the first team. None of that was true, in fact the most difficult thing is to raise or locate is a talented striker, just look how difficult it is to find a good striker these days.
    A player like Tammy is one of a kind and without him we wouldn't know who to put there for the future.
    Some time ago when he missed a penalty I said that will be his battle scar, and that he will keep that as a motivation to continue to work hard day after day.
    And now he has scored 7 goals in the league he's right there at the top with Aguero, but Aguero has more shots taken than Tammy which means our striker is more efficient, more deadly.
    Abraham,Loftus-Cheek,Hudson-Odoi,Mount,Pulisic,James,Tomori,Christensen,Zouma,Kepa = our new dynasty of young players, together with the key players like Kante,Rudiger,Jorghino we can witness Frankie making the best team in Europe in the couple of years. Believe the process, KTBFFH

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    nominator reacted to Argo in Tammy Abraham   
    Tammy has already matched or bettered Rashford's PL goal tally from 3 of his 4 season's at United and is 3 goals away from matching his best tally. He's also only 6 goals away from matching his best tally in all comps.
    Not bad considering any comparison between the two was universally laughed about as recently as 4 weeks ago.
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    nominator reacted to Sexyfootball in Tammy Abraham   
    As well as the obvious talent on the pitch, what a great interview this young Tammy gives. I'm becoming a huge fan of this lad ... absolutely superb attitude, work rate, and his blood runs Blue for sure ...
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    nominator reacted to enigma in Tammy Abraham   
    I forgot he was only 21. I could have sworn he was older. For a lad who is still so young, he has massive scope for improvement. I honestly expected at most about 8-10 goals from him this whole season, but he continues like this he'll make my prediction look silly, and I hope he does. 
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    nominator reacted to mojo in Tammy Abraham   
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    nominator reacted to axman2526 in Tammy Abraham   
    Pure Drogba, all 3 goals. Superb.
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    nominator reacted to TheChelseaBlues in Tammy Abraham   
    Fills my heart with joy seeing 3 genuine Chelsea lads celebrating 
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    nominator reacted to PhilH930 in Tammy Abraham   
    It was like watching Drogba today, even down to the slight miss-control on the third goal.  Great player on our hands here.
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    nominator reacted to coco in Tammy Abraham   
    He has everything, you will struggle to say were he can improve his game technique wise. The only surprise is that we didn't have him in the team last season. He already had the talented all round game to play a year ago, those quick turns and close ball control for such a lanky player got everyone's attention from Bristol to Sheffield, the only reason Wolves fans booed him today was because they were still sore he turned them down for Villa. We had fans come on here from other clubs just to say wow you got a player in Tammy. I've been on here long enough to say that was a first. 
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    nominator reacted to ForeverCarefree in Callum Hudson-Odoi   
    £8k, £18k, £80k, £180k?
    What difference does it make? We want to keep our best youth players, we don’t want to see them leaving for rival clubs. 
    We’ve lost Hazard and Willian and Pedro are in decline. Throw a transfer ban on top  and interest from one of Europe’s biggest clubs and CHO has got about as strong a negotiating position as anyone in recent years. That’s how Luiz wrangled a two year contract and that’s how CHO has got himself a contract making him a top earner. 
    Challenge to him now is to prove he warrants that level of status and prestige. 
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    nominator reacted to The Swan in Sitting and standing at the Bridge   
    I started going in the early 80s went in the East Stand adjacent to the away fans. Occasionally I went in the Shed but at the time (I know some may disagree) the main faces went in the East Stand and of course there were those on the opposite side of the ground who were also looking smart and making a noise. When I stated going to the Bridge the trend was to go into the seats and not stand. This was a phenomenon taking hold in many other parts of the country. It was about buying expensive clothes and siting in more expensive areas of the ground as well as confusing law enforcement by adopting middle class traits and then kicking off.
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    nominator reacted to chi blue in Sitting and standing at the Bridge   
    Started going 82/83 season, first game was East Upper, then next season, yes, THAT season went in Shed middle most of the time, remember going Tea Bar side for the infamous Sunderland Milk cup semi final, only because entered via the brittania gate and couldn't move across as Shed rammed (what a night), late 80's went in the East middle quite a few times with my old man and his mates, what a fantastic view, no wonder thats now corporate, early 90's started going benches and also West stand. Late 90' Mathew Harding upper and lower, early 2000's shed upper and then from about 2005 on wards East Lower family enclosure with boys, did once sit in West upper for Zola tribute match where my younger son threw up all game, never again been up there, totally dire up there. Last three years Matthew Harding Lower where me and boys (men now) have season tickets, gone full circle just prefer standing its the only way to watch football, nearest thing to what it use to be like with all the nullified atmosphere of these days.
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    nominator reacted to Strider6003 in Sitting and standing at the Bridge   
    When I started going in the late 80's it was the West side of the Shed for a couple of matches and then the Middle of the Shed for most of the time. I did try the West Stand and Benches and found both a bit quiet. One match mid week against Millwall and could only get in the Upper East Stand which had a fantastic view.
    When the Shed End was being redeveloped and they had the temporary seating the noise generated from the Shed End got the Mathew Harding stand singing and when the West Stand joined in as well it was impressive.
    After the Shed End was redeveloped I was normally found in the MHL for the atmosphere yet was not as good as the Shed for me.
    One match in the benches I do remember was against Bruges in 94/95 in the European Cup Winners comp when it was wet and we were trying to overcome a 1-0 deficit and we seemed to stand the whole second half singing and getting wet. I recall as Furlong got the luckiest ricochet to get us the net lead in the match.
    Another time in the benches I started up a chant and got the eye of Bobby Campbell and others joined in and a few minutes alter that player came on. We didn't win yet didn't lose either.
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    nominator reacted to Ewell CFC in Sitting and standing at the Bridge   
    Benches ave 3 times a year 75-78.
    Whitewall 78-81, anywhere there was a bit more elbow room in the Shed 81-82 but not down the front.
    First time Gate 13 Wolves September 82. West Stand 84-97.
    East Upper 98-2001. Went in the middle flanks once can’t remember against who, the temporary Shed “ Sway” a few times.
    Since new stands MHL Upper and Lower. Never been in Shed Upper. West Stand Lower and Upper. Once in a West Stand box courtesy of a mate who won a competition on Talksport. Exited at full time pissed as a fart in the lift with pockets full of chicken drumsticks.
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    nominator reacted to Richard P in Sitting and standing at the Bridge   
    Started in the Shed end out to the right 1978 before the closures and new terrace barriers. Went into the middle 1980. Benches 82-86 Cup games gate 13. West Stand 87- knocked down!  Once on the North Stand terrace. Couple of games in the upper tier East Stand. Once in the East Stand Directors box 1984 vs Gillingham ( won a penalty comp pre season!) Been in all three tiers of West Stand. Shed Upper, Directors box for the Europa semi courtesy of Mr Zola! MHU 97/98- now
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    nominator reacted to F1905 in Sitting and standing at the Bridge   
    Oh blimey ,first game west stand ,then been shed middle ,white wall for a while  but actually ended up on the left hand side for a good few seasons (more room to stretch out when we were crap or I was pissed )
    For random games over the years in the seventies if me old man or indeed mum (she was the bigger fan than me dad) came along then west stand ,benches ,east stand lower ,east upper and one day east middle in the directors box.... 
    then north stand for odd games ... gate 13 for a season ,back to west stand 
    never did the old east stand sadly or the old north stand thing in the corner ...
    Ps still can’t get to grips with away fans in the shed end gggrrr
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    nominator got a reaction from In the Net in Sitting and standing at the Bridge   
    Oi mate - unfortunately with no sound, but may be it helps a little bit to show the atmosphere of the early 70s.
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    nominator reacted to erskblue in Vintage Blues pictures and film   
    Bill Garner 2nd minute. 1-0 Us !
    On 17th Sept 1977 in front of 54,764 .
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    nominator reacted to erskblue in Vintage Blues pictures and film   
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    nominator reacted to erskblue in Vintage Blues pictures and film   
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    nominator reacted to erskblue in Vintage Blues pictures and film   
    A 1-1 midweek draw. 31,973 saw it, with Terry Venables equalising from the spot for us in the 47th min.
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    nominator reacted to erskblue in Vintage Blues pictures and film   
    We won 6 - 1on Sat 9th Sept 1961. Our scorers were: Bobby Tambling with a hat-trick. In the 26th, 57th and 80th mins.
    Barry Bridges with 2, in the 61st and 70th min and Peter Bradbrook in the 51st min, was 1-1 at half time watched by 22,066.
    It was the debut for us for Tommy Docherty, not a bad result to have on your debut ! 
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    nominator reacted to chi blue in Vintage Blues pictures and film   
    Nothing better than watching from the shed, and seeing gate 13 or the benches suddenly stand up at 10 men went to mow, doesn't have the same effect these days as everyone is standing from the on set.
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    nominator reacted to bluehaze in Vintage Blues pictures and film   
    This didn't come out hopefully it will now. Best times at the Bridge the infamous Gate 13. We were the first to sit no question about it.

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