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  1. We have done pretty well with injuries these past years in comparison to sick note clubs such as FC Woolwich Wanderers, however all of a sudden we are having issues. Surely this must have something to do with training and everything that goes on around it. We were one of the best teams for keeping our squad fit.
  2. From what I have been reading on a number of articles and journals, a third of athletes never fully recover physically then there are those whom do not overcome it mentally due to the fear of it happening again, so pace and agility are compromised. I always try to be half glass full but in these instances am feeling pretty down about this, is like a curse, two academy graduates, our best two since Terry and now this? This is going to be a long hard rehabilitation for these wonderful kids and I wish them all the very best, am just gutted for them, the club and our fans.
  3. https://sportmedbc.com/news/beckhams-achilles-injury This is what RLC and CHO are up against. FFS.
  4. CHO and now RLC, my head is cabbaged. Hopefully Mount can step into the breech next season.
  5. Get this going in Baku, will wind up the Dippers too having nicked 'their' chant... From Athens up to Stockholm From Munich to The Dam We’ve conquered all of Europe And we fkin hate West Ham The ball was on the spot When Drogba took the shot We’re the only team in London And we’ve won the fkin lot Allez Allez Allez!.. As it happens, unlike the Dippers, we have won the lot, they can never do so, as the Cup Winners Cup no longer exists.
  6. The fans have spoken. Sarri should be thanking us for choosing the team.
  7. Starring Michael...errrr...I mean Harry Kane. KTBFFH.
  8. Calling Baka useless is an insult to the word useless.
  9. Nice little 15% sell-on winging its way to the Bridge. Good business.
  10. Pato to China from Villarreal for £15.5m! Villarreal must be rubbing their hands, they picked him up from Corinthians for only £2.5m in the summer when we rejected a permanent move for him. Surely Corinthians inserted a sell-on clause though, otherwise they will be screwing!
  11. Looks like Dildobodgejob is for the high jump after appearing to punch an opposition player. Moyes must be cracking up.
  12. I was in the lower shed with my son when it happened, can't get that noise out my head, was sickening, like it echoed. I just hope he makes a full recovery and back playing to his full potential, although not easy from a serious head injury.
  13. Babayaro was howling, such a frustrating player. I was still in the east upper back in those days.

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