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  1. Unfortunately, we started the second half in the same way we played the first half, results were written already. There is no need to defend like this, I respect City's quality but I don't think we're behind them in anything. We're f**king champions of Europe and we beat City in the final, we're playing at home! We can't perform like that. I can't blame the players for conceding the goal, City were about to score in any minute because tactically we were only defending. Tuchel has got it wrong here, I hope we won't see these ultra defensive performances this season. Head up, there is still a lot of games to play and we will meet City that's for sure. COME ON CHELS!!!!
  2. Not really what I wanted to see from us, we actually made City favorites at our home. Our counter attacks didn't work, we failed to create something in 45 minutes. I'm not sure how long it can be played like this, but City will grab their goal in the end. We need to add more creativity and play much more faster and direct forward. This game is tough because we made it like this, let's try to beat them up in the second half and then kill the game once again. COME ON CHELS!!!
  3. Long time I haven't seen him putting a good performance, the last one was under Sarri. He was more confident, sharper and useful in the game. Let's see how it goes from here.
  4. We're so dreadful in our attack, we failed to create anything dangerous to test their goalkeeper. I don't know what's wrong with Ziyech, but this is not the player I expect to see. Saul offers clearly nothing. Happy to have back RLC in good form, he has to play like that in the second half as well. Chalobah and James are very good defensively, credit to Kepa too. Werner is so lonely in front, even Chilwell and CHO failed to find him or anyone in the box. We need a much better second half or we will lose here and we better not, we're in good form and we have to keep it going. COME ON CHELS!!!
  5. Nice lineup by Tuchel, players have a real chance here . COME ON CHELS !!!
  6. It was interesting to see RLC getting 2 minutes against Zenit. Clearly that substitution was to kill the time and finish the game, but does it mean something to Ruben or just random sub?
  7. We know what we are We know what we are CHAMPIONS of EUROPE !! We know what we are
  8. Important to start with a win in the CL. Tuchel has made some positive rotation despite not a promising performance against Villa but we can play our top players. I'd like to see this lineup: ---------------- Mendy ---------------- -- Azpilicueta - Christensen - Rudiger - James --- Kovacic -- Jorginho --- Chilwell ----- Mount -------- Werner ---------- -------------- Lukaku ------------- We're coming as winners of this competition. Let's prove this for another year! COME ON CHELS!!!
  9. He didn't give up, he ran till the end and got his goal. Well done Kova!
  10. Even when we were 10 against Liverpool, we didn't kick so many balls forward. One of the worst performances I ever saw under Tuchel, our possession is so bad. Our players are not in the game, only Mendy and Thiago Silva are there to save us. If this game will continue in this way, then Villa will get their goal. Saul and Kovacic are struggling together, Saul always runs on Kova's spot, overall his performance is poor. CHO is struggling defensively, Ziyech and Havertz can't find space and can't create something. It can't continue like that, we need changes! Jorginho in the second half. Even RLC would be a better option than Saul, he knows the league, he has some PL experience and knows the players around him more time. We can't fall in this game, 3 points here is a must. At least one goal to give us more confidence, Villa aren't far from scoring here. COME ON CHELS!!!
  11. If there is a good link for the game, please send me. Some rotation is good, important minutes for Ziyech, CHO, Thiago Silva and Chalobah. Debut for Saul. This team should be good enough to get us a victory and clean sheet here. COME ON CHELS!!!
  12. I really hope the international break will pass successfully without injuries. Depends on how many minutes the players will play. Personally I'd go with some rotation as well. -------------- Mendy ------------- -- Azpilicueta - Christensen - Rudiger - CHO ---- Jorginho -- Kovacic --- Chilwell -------- Ziyech --------- Pulisic ------- ------------------ Werner ------------- I assume Lukaku will be playing regularly, Mount and Havertz as well. Tuchel did everything to keep CHO, I believe he is going to give him a chance to play. COME ON CHELS!!!
  13. Can be useful in PL teams, unfortunately he's not for our level.
  14. If this will happen and he will prove himself, this would be the transfer. Never lost faith in RLC.
  15. It's done. Zouma is West Ham player. Wish him all the best, will be remembered for good and I will never forget his injury against Man United. Succeed to make a comeback and play a part in our team. Won the CL, won the league, cup and put his name in our club history. Good luck Kurt!
  16. One point from this game I'd take about him is his dribbling was pretty awful, but his movement was good, he could get few good balls. Mount, Kante and Havertz could put him a good ball but took the wrong decision. I'd take that performance, especially when we were playing 10.
  17. Last season he received the red card against Liverpool, today he was the best player on the pitch. Turning to be top class defender and I love it. Keep it up Christensen!
  18. That's what you expect from your manager. Reaction to the situation and Tuchel has showed his masterclass.
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