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  1. Conte did great job utilizing him in the squad! At this point I think he will get only better.
  2. To attack them with SMSs every morning and if he is charming enough - to force them to send transfer request to their clubs. Then it's easy. The good manager must do this. It's his job. This is very amusing!
  3. What a performance today! I'm glad he got him. Matic was actually good too.
  4. I had dream this morning Conte was attacked and bitten badly by a rabbit dog. This must mean something!
  5. Let's remember that average prices of footballers go up every year. We don't live in the late 90's or even early 2000's anymore.
  6. Every club has that kind of signings - lately he had Cuadrado, Salah, and even Torres.
  7. Oh please. Just think what happened last summer during transfer window. City got Stones for £47million this summer without any nonsense. Let's face it board not always backs our Managers.
  8. This! And when it domes to Stones last summer it was total mess! And some people say we have decent negotiators.
  9. In my opinion we have sh*tty negotiators. When negotiating always have alternative option to go after and let other side know that. Also we freaking let them know that we want him badly so you can't blame them for wanting ridiculus amount.
  10. This whole thing reminds me attempt to buy Stones. Napoli knows we want him badly and are playing games now. Now 60mil is too low. Well f**k it! Let's sign Maksimovic instead, he's a good alternative for Koulibaly and since Napoli wants to buy him it would be smack in the face!
  11. Koulibaly is excellent centre back that we will need this season. We need to sign a new defender.
  12. they didn't go after LC. I guess LC is an exception since they were underdog.
  13. Yeah, what's this about? It's a beautiful song mate.
  14. Totally but I think they will be focusing on Maurinho. I hope he will start some BS about campaigns against MU that will give media something to talk about.
  15. He's actually pretty small. TV and photos will almost always make you wiser than you really are.
  16. You don't glow them because you doing it wrong. Biggest mistake is to overtrain then in the gym. You don't want to work them out every time you are at the gym. They are not big muscle group and they need time between workouts to grow. You rip those muscles when you work out and they have no time to grow because you rip them apart again and again when at the gym. You want to grow big calves - Hit them with massive weight for around 4 to 5 sets of 8-12 reps. That last rep should be almost failur. Do not go more than 5 sets for calves because most likely you will overtrain them. Endless sets a
  17. I've read in the news we just signed him for £29m.
  18. also Hublot is one of Chelsea FC sponsors so I think right after he became CFC manager they gave him their watches. Hublo also released Chelsea FC classic fusion watch that goes for around &10k
  19. Yeah I noticed. The thing with Hublo is they keep giving football managers their watches. It's a great marketing strategy. I've seen a few AP watches but not as many as Hublot. APs are usually more expensive than Hunlots and to me it feel like Hublots are not as solid and refined, it's like a mass production now.
  20. No prob. I could spot any kind of Rolex from a mile away ;) Daytona Oyster Stainless Steel is pretty common watch - I'm guessing it was a present.
  21. That's a Rolex Daytona Oyster Chrono with White Dial.
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