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  1. Thought i was fine and then this hits the web. ffs ?
  2. I haven't watched a lot of the top level women football ( compared to the amount of male football i've watched in my life.) I have watched female football but like i said the intensity is lacking. I just don't find female football as enjoyable to watch so i'm not watching it every week.
  3. Nope plenty of studies prove What i said. I haven't watched a lot of the top level women football but i've had my share of experience with the female football on mid to lower domestic levels. I remember in my country when i was playing football in the youth ranks and there was this big push to make football more attractive to girls so they decided to allow all girl teams to join boy leagues. They quickly stepped off that idea though when those girl teams were getting obliterated by the boys teams. Up until pubertity an all boys team and an all girls team can be competi
  4. Gender and personality traits have a connection with eachother though. Men generally are more dominant and assertive then women. Doesn't mean there aren't dominant women ofcourse but it does narrow down the group of women who would be cut out for a managerial position at a top club.
  5. No thanks. I don't care about her gender but the level she's been coaching at. The level of female football is laughably bad. The gap is just too big. If a female wants to coach a top male team she should become a manager, assistant or coach at a male lower league club and work her way up.
  6. Nah man Hazard made the right decision. Barkley should have done a lot better with that chance. That was a 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper. Still don't get why he decided to let the ball run on to his (left) weaker foot instead of taking a touch and putting it on his right foot.
  7. Can't help but laugh when i read these type of posts. Liverpool have a great front 3 because they've got THREE players that can score and assist. We've got 1 player who can score and assist. 10 goals and 10 assists Halfway through the season, directly involved in half of the goals we've scored and your conclusion is he's the f*cking problem ?!
  8. Seems unlikely considering Real Madrid's current struggles and need for proven quality. A 100 million (probably less considering our weak bargaining position) for a player like Hazard, in todays inflated market, is a bargain. Think he's just fed up with the mediocre players he has around him. You can tell he's getting more and more frustrated.
  9. How can you compare what Courtois did to this ? Courtois went awol when we refused to sell him essentially telling us to f**k off. He dishonored his contract. Hazard has done no such thing and has made it clear he has no intention of doing anything like that in the future. The fact his contract is running down with less then 2 years is on the club not on Hazard. We made the decision not to sell him this past summer. Hazard is under no obligation to sign another deal. I believe he's being genuine about being torn between the decision to stay or go. I think he loves Chelsea and
  10. Just Sarri kneeing Hazard in the balls...
  11. Tbf i think "total football" exaggerrated his point a bit. Sure Hazard can sometimes drop a bit too deep and be a bit to eager to get on the ball but him dropping deep can be functional and it can help the team. Positional football is great but there is such a thing as creating overloads. Good example was his run where he picked up the ball on his own half and then ran past four defenders and was fouled just outside the penalty box. Huddersfield were trying to press high, it was a 3 on 3 in midfield, Hazard dropped creating a 4 against 3 situation, allowing Rudiger to play an easy pa
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