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  1. I understand how you feel but you have to realize that football is a very profitable business nowadays and footballers are just profitting from that. Wages were always going to go up after the new tv deal in 2016. I mean an increase from £5.5 billion to £8.3 was always going to lead to higher wages for players.
  2. How exactly did Hazard "make a meal out of it" ? He didn't roll around, grab his leg nor ask for a yellow card. He got up almost immediately after the challenge. He was spinning away from Herrera and he gets clipped on the leg where he's turning on. You can debate whether it's a second yellow but it's always a foul. I think the foul before by Jones was so blatant. There was just no attempt whatsoever for the ball. Just all about shoving Hazard to the ground so Jones could take up his defensive position again. It was so obvious and it had been happening a number of times. Ref caught on to it. If the situation was the same where we were fouling the opposition as many times as Man United did and Matic/Kante,already on a yellow card, did what Herrera did i'd be absolutely fuming with them. Already on a yellow card, teammates constantly fouling players, teammate just escaped yellow, ref 5 seconds before having a talk with the captain and then you go and try and get tight on the most skillfull player on the pitch ? Sorry but that's just pure stupidity from Herrera.
  3. Involved in the build up for the first goal. Got the assist for the third and could have had a second if Fabregas hit the net instead of the crossbar.
  4. I suggest you pick any one of those players and actually watch an entire season of them. I guarantee you they're going to have more then 5 bad games. Even Messi who's the best player in the world has more then 5 bad games a season. Disagree with that. Like Argo said there are very few games where Hazard is actually poor and not contributing. He does have games where he might not be dribbling past lots of players or scoring or assisting but still creating opportunities for his teammates by clever movement, passes and link up play. Hazard really has more to his game then just scoring, assisting and dribbling but people don't seem to care about anything other then those three things. I really feel like some people on here suffer from "the grass is always greener...". We're chelsea fans so we watch every game Chelsea plays that means that we also watch every game Hazard plays but there's noone here who watches all of Messi/ Ronaldo/Neymar/ Suarez/Sanchez's games. The more games you watch of a player the more "quiet" games you're going to see.
  5. http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/eden-hazard-and-david-luiz-playing-through-pain-as-minor-injuries-threaten-chelseas-premier-league-a3456361.html But Standard Sport understands that Hazard also suffered a knock against Leicester just under three weeks ago and it has been affecting his performances. Hazard was seen pointing to his hamstring as he walked down the tunnel and went to have treatment on it from the club's staff.
  6. Was able to get some numbers from the 2014/2015 season using squawka and espn player stats and compared them ti his current numbers. 2014/2015: 2016/2017: 14 PL games 14 PL games 5 goals (2 penalties) 1 assist 8 goals (1 penalty) 1 assist 29 shots 12 on target 39 shots 19 on target 41 fouls suffered 48 fouls suffered 31 key passes 27 keypasses 66/108 take ons (61%) 57/79 take ons (72%) End of the season 2014/2015 : 38 pl games 14 (5 penalties) goals 9 assists 78 shots 33 on target 113 fouls suffered 90 key passes 180/280 take ons (64%)
  7. Well i assume it means playing the way most top teams are playing these days. Both fullbacks pushing up high and wide allowing the wingers to tuck inside and roam into pockets of space (overloading the central areas), having CM's behind the ball that can pick a pass and be creative on the ball, having CB's that are able to play out from the back and play a high line.
  8. There's a big difference though between "some criticism" and labeling him a cheat and accusing him of downing tools.
  9. What a load of crap. The entire team was poor last season, are we too assume that every single one of them downed tools ? Not to mention Hazard played with an injury for the majority of the second part of the season.
  10. Think you've got it backwards. Hazard was playing injured for months and had to take painkillers to keep playing. Only when we didn't have anything to play for did we actually give him time to heal up properly and after a proper rest he was back to his best. Also think you're underestimating the pressure there is at the top level on the player and the medical staff to get the player ready as fast as possible. We're talking about millions at stake. The theory of Hazard downing tools makes little sense because i'm certain Hazard would have preferred playing in the CL next season considering that was the reason he came to Chelsea. Hazard also simply doesn't posses the personality to do something like that. He strikes me as calm, level headed guy who just enjoys playing football and isn't interested in schemes and playing dirty "politics". Do agree with you on the captaincy. Hazard isn't captain material. He's not the type to tell other people what to do or raise his voice when things aren't going well. Fabregas or Azpi for me. I'd keep Terry as Captain though even if he probably won't be a starter next season. Simply make one of the 2 vice captain.
  11. That's not how Conte plays. His style is more direct then that. He likes his team to build from the back and have possession but his defenders will also frequently be playing long balls over the defence with his wide players looking to constantly get in behind the opponents fullbacks.
  12. Good players need other good players to play off of. You don't win trophies with just 1 good player and 9 other worker ants. Also we're talking about winning the CL which means going up against the likes of Real and Barcelona. The gap in quality between us and teams like that is just too big atm for Hazard alone to bridge it.
  13. I think that has more to do with the lack of quality in the squad rather then Hazard. We haven't exactly been surrounding Hazard with lots of other worldclass talent now have we ? Oscar and Willian work hard but they aren't really top players. His first 2 seasons here we played with Torres as the main striker while having Ramires and Lampard in midfield. Then there's our defence which has been/still is a bit of an anchor that, whenever we play good teams, forces us to defend deep and play on the counter because Ivanovic, Terry and even Cahill just don't have enough pace to play a high line and they simply aren't able to handle 1 vs 1 situations with pacey attackers and space in behind them. That puts a lot of distance between Hazard and the oppositions goal while also not giving him much support to work with when he does reach the oppositions half. No coincidence that he ended up playing his best season for us when Costa and Fabregas were added to the squad and we ended up winning the PL. Now we just need to overhaul our defence and shore up our midfield which according to the rumours seems to be what we're looking to do.
  14. Ofcourse Sherlock, i'm sure it had nothing to do with the hip injury he was carrying for months.
  15. I understand the frustration but when things go wrong fans always have the tendency to look at everything under a magnifying glass and then make assumptions with very little evidence to back it up. Just look at what "the special one " wrote a couple of posts ago about Hazard purposely playing poor. I mean come on. About the no emotion. That's just who he is. Even last season, when he was having the best season of his career, he didn't show much emotion either but i didn't see anyone accusing him of not caring then though. People have different personalities and some show (emotions) frustration easier then others. It's not because you can't tell on the outside that it's not there. I mean just put yourself in Hazard's shoes for a sec. He went from PFA player of the year, tearing the PL up and playing a big part in us winning the title to playing like sh*t, not getting past his markers, only scoring 2 goals, getting booed by his own fans and called a rat. You really think that there's nothing going on inside ? That there's no frustration or anger ? I would find that very hard to believe. The PSG comments weren't very smart but i think his comments were meant more as a compliment to PSG rather then him wanting to join them. Also note that the interviewer was from le parisien a Paris newsoutlet with clear ties to PSG so i'd take those comments with a grain of salt. He also denied the Madrid rumour just a couple of days ago. "I don't know who is saying that, but it's not true. At the moment, I'm at Chelsea," he told Belgian outlet ACTV. "First I have to finish the season and I still have a contract for four years. I'm there and I'm currently feeling good over there." "I want to be on the pitch as soon as possible - with Chelsea." Kristof Terreur ‏@HLNinEngeland 18 u18 uur geleden Engeland, Verenigd Koninkrijk Antonio Conte has made it clear in talks with Chelsea that he wants Eden Hazard to stay. Player hasn't pushed for a move either. #CFC (Kristof Terreur is a reliable belgian newsreporter that reports news about the PL.) "Chelsea want to keep Eden Hazard and it is understood the nature of Conte’s conversations with the Belgian centred predominantly on his fitness and his disappointing season. Hazard gave no indication that he wants to leave" (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/04/08/antonio-conte-talks-to-diego-costa-in-attempt-to-keep-striker-fr/) Only way Hazard is leaving Chelsea is if he himself pushes for a move and apart from that PSG comment, which i already explained, there hasn't been any signs of that. Apologies for the long post.
  16. I disagree entirely. I actually think managers such as Mourinho and Conte are the best kind for him. Hazard doesn't need to be babysitted. He needs to be pushed. Mourinho did that and Hazard had his best season in his career under Mourinho. I believe Conte will do the same.
  17. Mourinho isn't innocent in the whole lack of squad depth. The reason a lot of our squad players left was because they were unhappy about their playing time. I mean yes ofcourse squad players always play less then starters but Mourinho really didn't like rotating his squad at all. You can't have quality players on the bench if you don't rotate properly.
  18. The majority of the squad looked exhausted. You can't "supplement" that many players. Mourinho is just a short term manager. Great in the first 2 years. He'll get the best out of his squad but after that things go downhill fast and don't expect any long term planning from him or much youth integration.
  19. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/04/08/antonio-conte-talks-to-diego-costa-in-attempt-to-keep-striker-fr/
  20. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/04/08/antonio-conte-talks-to-diego-costa-in-attempt-to-keep-striker-fr/ "Hazard gave no indication that he wants to leave"
  21. Not really. Hiddink said this after the game. ‘He slipped, spread his legs and he has a little problem with a muscle inside his groin. We’ll see tomorrow with the MRI scan how damaged it is.’ Looked to me like he already injured his groin from the shot he took then tried to continue and worsened it when he slipped in the corner.
  22. Pretty sure, last season, the chips were down and we were up against it and everything wasn't going well. Hazard stepped up in the second part of last season and carried our attack for the remainder of the season. Sorry but i don't get how anyone can say Hazard can't carry (lead) a team or that he isn't capable of taking responsibility when the team is up against it when he did exactly that last season. We were struggling, PL title on the line and he stepped up. He doesn't have it in him ? Odd he had it in him last season... I get that people are frustrated about Hazard's current poor form but that's still no excuse for completely ignoring or belittling what he did less then a year ago. 3 great years vs 3 poor months and people want him out. smh
  23. I don't know what work you do but i'm pretty sure that if you got injured and could barely move, your boss would want you to go home. Like Remodez said He tried to come back on, went after a ball and could barely move. So... he went off. I mean Hazard is used to getting the sh*t kicked out of him but it was clear that after he hit the ground he was in a lot of discomfort. I think by now Hazard knows what injuries (pain) he can "walk off" and what injuries he can't walk off.

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