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  1. Whoever it is absolutely HAS to be given time, and not be shown the door at the first sign of trouble. With Hazard gone, and Pulisic likely to be our only incoming player if the transfer ban is held up, the incoming manager will have to work with players who could very well not suit their style. 19/20 could be a rough season for the club.
  2. He's just after confirming his retirement from playing. Absolute legend. Thanks for the memories John.
  3. I wasn't able to watch the match, so when I saw his name pop up when the 3rd goal was scored on the Score Centre, I was genuinely delighted. I know some people have their minds made up with him already, but I really do think that he can be a title winning striker for us. All he needs is confidence, he has the ability.
  4. Those Danish amateurs would probably beat Ireland
  5. Ampadu played like he had 50 caps for Wales tonight. Then again, considering the standard of opposition (sigh), that wouldn't have been difficult.
  6. Mourinho completely lost it in the post match press conference. Held up three fingers ranting about how many PL titles he's won and then proceeded to storm out repeating the word "Respect".
  7. I hope he doesn't leave. A very good back up striker and I've always thought he's done well when called upon.
  8. Thanks for the league and cup, Antonio. It's a pity it didn't work out, but that's football, and life, unfortunately. Good luck in the future. I have to say, I'm a little bit annoyed at how messy this divorce has been, though. I think it's a bit disrespectful from the club to leave him in limbo for this long. While I understand the relationship between the manager and board soured considerably, I just can't see why the board didn't sack him soon after the cup final like United did with Van Gaal if they were that set on getting a new manager in.
  9. Rival fans are already heralding what they see as the bubble beginning to burst. While I don't believe that this means the beginning of the end for Chelsea, I must admit I am slightly concerned.
  10. If today was his last game as Chelsea manager, then it is a nice way to how out. Grazie Antonio.
  11. Kante and Rudiger were absolutely fantastic today, a thoroughly deserved win. It's always great to sh*thoused United, particularly in a cup final; a brilliant way to end a poor season.
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