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  1. He's just after confirming his retirement from playing. Absolute legend. Thanks for the memories John.
  2. Mourinho completely lost it in the post match press conference. Held up three fingers ranting about how many PL titles he's won and then proceeded to storm out repeating the word "Respect".
  3. I hope he doesn't leave. A very good back up striker and I've always thought he's done well when called upon.
  4. Thanks for the league and cup, Antonio. It's a pity it didn't work out, but that's football, and life, unfortunately. Good luck in the future. I have to say, I'm a little bit annoyed at how messy this divorce has been, though. I think it's a bit disrespectful from the club to leave him in limbo for this long. While I understand the relationship between the manager and board soured considerably, I just can't see why the board didn't sack him soon after the cup final like United did with Van Gaal if they were that set on getting a new manager in.
  5. Rival fans are already heralding what they see as the bubble beginning to burst. While I don't believe that this means the beginning of the end for Chelsea, I must admit I am slightly concerned.
  6. If today was his last game as Chelsea manager, then it is a nice way to how out. Grazie Antonio.
  7. Breaking news: Antonio Conte sacked by Chelsea. Tim Sherwood expected to take over on a 6 year contract, with John Carver joining him as assistant manager. The appointment of Steve Kean as first team coach is expected to be finalised in the coming days.
  8. I was at Cork City vs Sligo Rovers last night, Mitchell Beeney started for Sligo. He did well, pulled off a great save early in the first half and looked very composed throughout the rest of the match, there wasn't much he could do for City's winner. At 22 years old however, I don't think he has much of a future at Chelsea if he's playing League of Ireland football for a side that will be battling relegation this season, but stranger things have happened.
  9. Surely the final nail in the coffin for him today. The FA Cup wouldn't be enough to save him; then again, I'd nearly rather lose to Southampton in the semi finals than to Spuds or Jose's United in the final, that would be the dingleberry on on the steaming pile of sh*te that is this season. Thanks for last season, Antonio, but it's time to go.
  10. Conte has been confirmed as the preferred candidate to take over as Italy manager. I think that all but cements his departure at the end of the season.
  11. One of the problems with Hazard is how little support he is receiving from the rest of the team. At one point last night he was making a run and he had 3 Watford players around him and another one coming in to help the other 3. Not one Blue shirt in the area to trying a give him a bit of help. That is definitely doing to be a motivating factor in him leaving if he does go, in my opinion. Why would he stay here if he's going to be the one doing all the work and getting very little out of it?
  12. "Antonio, would you step into Roman's office for a minute? He would like a chat"
  13. What did we pay for him? 40 million? I genuinely can't think of one good performance from him. The decision to sell Matic is looking like absolute madness now, then again, we all have 20-20 vision in hindsight...
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