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  1. adineen98

    Chelsea V Sheff Wed (FA) Sun 27th Jan 18:00 UK

    Very composed penalty. Well done, Willy.
  2. Laughable. They fully deserve it. We're up sh*t creek without a paddle.
  3. Willian makes a good run but Alonso is the only one in the box
  4. Short corners are such a waste.
  5. Oof, close one. Not that we'd deserve it.
  6. Jesus, that was shocking defending altogether.
  7. That's been coming.
  8. Alonso caught out badly there. Poor start so far.
  9. Absolutely chronic performance overall, but we were robbed on the offside decision. Nice to see the run of goalkeepers having the game of their lives against us continues also. We really need to stop with the fannying about with the ball on the edge of the box; possession for the sake of possession is absolutely nauseating to watch.
  10. Highly disappointing result, made even worse by City dropping points to Palace and Liverpool pulling further ahead. The build up play is just too slow, there is a complete lack of urgency; these were the same issues we were having in Conte's final few months. Our next 3 fixtures are away to Watford and Palace, and home to Southampton. 7 points out of 9 is a minimum to keep in touch. Hopefully the board back Sarri in January; going through the second half of the season without a striker is absolute madness.
  11. adineen98

    Jose Mourinho thread

    He's gone.
  12. Mighty win tonight, both in terms of the title race and our own season. I know I'm going to sound a little bit hyperbolic here, but it had shades of the Nou Camp in 2012 about it. Also something I found interesting is that in 11/12 we ended City's unbeaten run around the same time as we did tonight. After a difficult few weeks, a win like this one will definitely see us get our mojo back. My main concern is that we still look very sloppy in possession at times, but hopefully that's just the final remnants of the players getting used to Sarri's system. Our next five fixtures seem quite winnable on paper, it would be great to see is build on tonight. While I can't speak much for the first half as I didn't watch it, I did watch the second half, and Kanté was immense; he covered every blade of grass on the pitch, while Luiz has answered his critics in style with a performance. Special mentions to Pedro, Dave and Eden, I felt they put in great shifts, looked very composed when being crowded and picked out some lovely passes. As for the supposed racist abuse of Sterling, obviously, if it is proven true, then that sort of abhorrent behaviour should be severely punished. However, I've watched the clip a few times now, and I'm still unable to see what Ferdinand is referring to; was it a gesture or has someone done a bit of lip reading and came to their own conclusions? Also, I find it hard to believe that the black man standing next to the men who were the supposed perpetrators would look so casual about it if it did happen (unless he went to the Ashley Cole School for Choc Ice).