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  1. Whoever it is absolutely HAS to be given time, and not be shown the door at the first sign of trouble. With Hazard gone, and Pulisic likely to be our only incoming player if the transfer ban is held up, the incoming manager will have to work with players who could very well not suit their style. 19/20 could be a rough season for the club.
  2. That was very poor when you consider how comfortable we were in the first half. How and why we constantly make average sides look great is beyond me.
  3. Hazard should be taken off. Too much at risk, especially as the game is pretty much won.
  4. Bit of a lucky goal but we'll take it. Credit to Giroud for his strength in the build up.
  5. Good man Pedro. Some quality football in the build up.
  6. Laughable. They fully deserve it. We're up sh*t creek without a paddle.
  7. Willian makes a good run but Alonso is the only one in the box
  8. Jesus, that was shocking defending altogether.

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