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  1. Great work as always ! Thanks for doing it. Rudiger and Christensen really step up their game under Tuchel. I also think we are very lucky to have the boy Mason Mount on our team, i just hope we don't burn him down so fast the guy needs rest. Ziyech and Hudson Odoi being so high on the All of the votes lists suprised me especially that Pulisic started a lot of games down the line, i think they both had a better season than Pulisic. And when did Caballero even play lol ? can't remember. Seeing Azpilicueta 20th and only received two more votes than Kepa kinda hurt me inside.
  2. The last day in that group gonna be intense!
  3. Yea he's been really good for Atalanta this season, 11 goals and 6 assists is crazy stats as a left wing back. If we can get rid of Emerson and Alonso i would love if we could go for him but after spending 50 million on Chilwell last season i really doubt it happens.
  4. What a turnaround ! Gosens is really impressive, Germany's best player with Kai today.
  5. lol Havertz doesnt really like Pepe huh ? Also, EURO 2020 was a celebration for the anniversary of the tournament thats why theres like 5-6 hosts and they were suppose to have more but because of COVID cities who didnt agree to allow a certain amount of % in the stadium couldnt host it. Its like that every tournament guys and when is the last time the host of the tournament won the whole thing ? Sometimes you guys moan about anything.
  6. Austria are awful and why are they playing Alaba so low ? They cant create anything.
  7. For a guy who's 5 foot 8, his back to the goal game always impressed me.
  8. Yeah very Lampard esque performance from him today.
  9. Locatelli with the volley and the finish ! What a player.
  10. Italy are looking great, was that Jorginho with the volley pass to Berardi?
  11. He needs great midfielders around him to really be at his best like at Juve or France right now but ManU are surronding him with the likes of Fred, Herrera, Matic and Mctominay.
  12. Well at least we got the Patrcik Shick's goal today, Germany-France tomorrow
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