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  1. Oh jesus, praise be to muhammed! Even the football parts of the forum aren't safe from your nonsense!
  2. Broken any bridges that may have remained. Not sure what reaction he will (or should) get when we play them. I don't think Frank will need anyone to tell him but our defending from set pieces and crosses absolutely must be sorted before we play them! It will be a bloodbath if it isn't. We need to play the game on the 22nd not the occasion.
  3. I realise I'm massively late to commenting on this. But this image is where it ended for me.... cannot articulatly say how painfully dissapointing season 7&8 were.
  4. If it was a pen in the first half for contact then that should've been the same!
  5. Stick one in the net Callum and put your hands to your ears
  6. These soft freekicks for burnley aren't being given up the other end
  7. For all dyche's constant moaning about diving his players don't half go to ground easily
  8. Only man u could get that "penalty"? Soz double post

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