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  1. I just never saw the hype with him really, I never saw the game saving and match winning saves that we heard about at Atletico and that we'd had with Cech or even Carlo before we were competing for everything. I could be wrong (probably am) but with hindsight I think we'd have still won those titles if we'd kept Cech in goal. Obviously putting faith in Courtois made sense at that time but I did think people were taking it for granted slightly that he'd stay with us like Cech did.
  2. I'd keep Hudson-Odoi for now. Agree he seems to lack desire though! Looks completely disinterested most of the time. Hopefully Frank or Jody can get through to him about not wasting the chance that he has.
  3. Think the incoming fees depend on how true/serious the rumours of interest from PSG in Bakayoko, Atletico in Alonso and Juve in Jorginho and Emerson are. Fees are so ridiculous and unpredictable that I could see us getting serious money if they are interested, the problem that would create imo is the fees we would have to pay to buy if we buy after selling when other clubs see the money we could have incoming. Difficult situation with buying as if we don't fold to demands of selling clubs for any top players we bid for then we could end up with a repeat of the Conte summer paying huge numbers for second rate players. Barkley has improved a lot for me since being here, particularly this season but still not consistant enough, especially when our backs are against the wall. RLC hasn't looked good recently but despite the dissapointment I can't imagine anyone is surprised by that? I'd keep him for at least another year but he is probably at that make or break stage in terms of making it at a "top club". I think I agree on Kepa. Obviously the crazy fee and contract clouds thoughts a bit with him. Agree completely though that a replacement needs to be proven, especially if there's a big cost. Makes you realize how spoilt we've been with keepers really. In my time we've had long...ish solutions with Cech, Cudicini and De Goey, the first two being best in the league at their time! Unfortunately Courtois never showed anything like the quality he did at Atletico along with none of the commitment of previous keepers and Kepa makes you wonder what exactly he was doing at Bilbao to justify £70m!
  4. Well so far I'm thoroughly enjoying this. Shame they couldn't have done this at Klanfield earlier in the season.
  5. GET IN!! Keep attacking! Have the ball as far away from our centre backs as possible
  6. Need to get Giroud on now. Abraham far too isolated and is standing offside all the time.
  7. Centre backs are a mess. What the f**k was Christensen doing looking to push up?
  8. FFS Utter shambles! Rudiger putting it out for a corner when he could've just tapped it out for a throw then fumbling on the line! Kepa being indicisive! Azpilicueta dominated completely in the air!
  9. Don't think there's any explanation for it beyond piss poor writing and no continuity or consistancy after they overan the books! They could've had the exact same sequence simply without the stabbing and that problem (amongst soooo many others in the last few seasons) wouldn't have been an issue. Anyone play horizon zero dawn? Hadn't even heard of it until family got it for my birthday but that was good, story probably more interesting than the gameplay itself as it got a bit samey but well worth a go.
  10. Haven't seen it described like that myself, where was that? First one was an absolute masterpiece unquestionably, not this one unfortunately. Very good in places, a few great set piece bits, but fell short in too many other ways especially the overall story, charachter development and pacing. probably a 7ish/10 for me compared to 9.9/10 for the original.
  11. Anyone else see Robbie Savage's meltdown when questioned about a Leicester rebuild? To be fair to the idiot he was right in most of what he said but his over-reaction and subsequent wind up was hilarious!
  12. Regarding the assassins creed subject, I can understand peoples frustration regarding excessive or "unrealistic" fantasy. The best fantasy stories are always best when they stay somewhat grounded, aren't excessive and follow a sort of set of world rules established around the game, film or series (that probably comes across terribly but hopefully makes sense), that is something that both the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones do really well in my opinion (Game of Thrones f**ked that up in numerous places with the TV show in the last 2-3 series though). I haven't played the latest AC and only started the Egypt one before getting bored and loosing interest incredibly quickly but for me the series lost "it" when it became clear they had no idea what they were doing, especially with the modern world part of the story, when they killed Desmond off. The London one was good IMO but almost felt completely different or like it had no relevence to the previous ones. Can anyone still playing them explain what exactly the story is now? Don't worry about spoiling it... I doubt I'll ever get around to playing them again🤣
  13. Completed The last of us 2 earlier. Not really sure atm what I think of it, doesn't deserve the floods of negative reviews that came from before people played the game due to plot leaks but at the same time it feels like there was something that made the first game so good missing, which given the length of the game itself and how long we've waited for it is more than a bit frustrating.

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