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  1. I got sent home on Thursday due to being in the vulnerable category (asthma and a medication which suppresses the immune system). Hands on job in engineering so no way to work from home but lucky for me as a core worker where I work l should be paid as far as I know but there are many contractors sent home who probably wont be! I used to work for a supermarket and the general public were rude and ignorant at the best of times so can only imagine how bad it is working in that thankless industry right now!
  2. Agreed regarding our players achievements and statistics. liverpool were clearly gonna get the title but it wouldn't be right to just give it to them un-won. They'd have to do the same with the european spots as well as the relegation and promotion places and that would open up arguments that could drag on years! I think the games will be rushed through in April/May either with a crowd (a mistake) or behind closed doors. If they don't finish the games the only remotely fair option for everyone is to void the season.
  3. No neeed to apologise snowflake, I put your bolshyness down to your fragile masculinity. I dread to think how triggered you must get over Greta Thunberg if you're this bad with a different viewpoint and a bit of compassion for other people.
  4. Imagine being this much of a c**t that you think anyone who isn't is faking it! 🤣🤣
  5. How is taking precautions and starting to prepare for the worst "a panic"or "hysteria"? No one on here is going overboard, haven't personally dug or stocked my garden bunker yet either. the panic buying/stocking is annoying but we see that every christmas and anytime theres a drizzle of snow... Think the virtue stoicism brigade are starting to make more of a fuss than anyone at this point, after all, we survived world war 2 so I'm sure you hardnuts can survive some chit-chat and precautions over a virus the effects of we know little about.
  6. Could've put a bet on certain people coming out with the typical sh*te, thinking common sense precautions and preparing for a potentially dangerous outbreak = people overreacting. Add in their "I'm alright, what's the problem" attitude. Those with that sort of attitude are just as thick and dangerous as those panic buying stacks of bog roll and hand saitiser.
  7. More and more people testing positive. Arteta, possibly Benjamin Mendy, rumours of players in various squads, thats before you take into account the hundreds of thousands of people in stadium crowds who could be either infected or getting infected. The sensible thing to do would be to at least put on hold the season until a time when more is known about the virus and (for lack of a better word/phrase) how big a deal it's all really going to be, it's stupid and arrogantly stubborn to just carry on as normal.
  8. Jinxing him to score was definitely in the back of the mind when I posted that! Can't believe it worked🤣
  9. Get in Alvaro! Knew youd win it! Never doubted you 🤣
  10. Wish other teams could be as physical and aggresive as they get away with being. Unbelievable that alex arnold and the gobsh*te henderson haven't been booked.

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