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  1. Anyone here a far cry fan? Slightly embarrassed to say I've never played any of them but currently downloading far cry 5 as it was £7 on steam so thought I'd give it a go.... hope it's worth the crazy dowload time!
  2. So gutted. 😔 I think Southgate has made huge progress in his time but there's still a distinct lack of bottle at times with us that has been a problem for decades. No real leaders in this team to help calm things down when the game is going against us. Work can f**k off if they think they're getting anything out of me tomorrow now😅
  3. Come on England! Get this over the f**king line!
  4. Where the f**k was the advantage in playing on there ref!!
  5. As much as i don't wanna credit the gobby c**t, his pace has been important up against Insigne and Chiesa
  6. Our confidence is so fragile! Gone to absolute sh*te the last 20 minutes!
  7. Why the f**k was Walker taking the ball to the corner flag with 8 minutes to go? Sterling totally unmarked in the centre as well!
  8. Worrying considering I make every effort to avoid hearing his voice! 😅
  9. I see what you did there. Noice 👍
  10. No thank you, end it now before we f**k it up! 😄
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