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  1. Great win, was really hoping we'd get a second or get that c**t saurez sent off. Being without Jorginho and especially Mount in the second leg could hurt us!
  2. Yeah, that's called shielding the ball and he's perfectly entitled to do that. It is the defenders job to not go through the player.
  3. No. Its shielding the ball, its literally what Eden Hazard was/is the best in the world at and why he was constantly fouled.
  4. That was a strange way for Neville to say "it's a penalty and dangerous challenge"
  5. Anyone who thinks that isn't a penalty, watch it again and pay attention to how the defender took down Tammy's right leg
  6. Went through Tammy to get the ball and scissored his legs, blatant penalty. So ridiculous that hasn't been pulled up!
  7. Nonsense. You can't just stick your head in the sand and pretend some sort of fate like concept takes players where they would always have ended up, thats a total cop-out of responsibility.
  8. Hide behind Lampard? WTF is that supposed to mean? Based on the past 20 years until Lampard arrived there is abolutely no reason to believe our young players will be given an oppertunity to play serious minutes no matter how talented they are and no matter how well they do on loan or in brief appearances for us. The short-termist, impatient manner of this decision combined with our shocking form for blooding youngsters should be more than enough to make anyone worried for their careers and other youngsters that follow them.
  9. Disgusting from the club, such a dirty move. Haven't read too many opinions on here yet but this makes us look so bad, sacking the clubs greatest ever player after a fantastic season and little over a month of poor form which was preceded by a 17 game unbeaten run! Scandalous. I dread to think what this means for the careers of Mount, Abraham, Reece James, CHO and Gilmour. Coming here was a bigger risk and greater show of faith for Frank then it was for the club at the time. He dug the club out of a pit of its own making from then and he absolutely deserved to see the season out at the ve
  10. That second goal was a mile offside! Vardy was off when the keeper booted up field and then won the header, how the f**k is that missed by everyone?
  11. I'd say it is the worse squad in Roman's era, bar the 2012 squad that I've already gone through the only other option (unless I'm forgetting one) is the squad Roman inherited himself which was actually full of quality but needed depth. Any perception that the squad now is any stronger than others is in itself an unintended testament to how well Frank has done with this squad. Worst keeper options since Thibaut left, Cudicini, Cech and Courtois all get in this team. Unquestionably the worst back line which Frank has done his best to improve, the problem here is a lack of quality CB options
  12. People are suggesting Frank should go after a month of sh*t results and football, I can't get past that people can't see how impatient that is given what he showed the previous 17 months! Do we really need to go through the squads player by player? The goalkeeper is a non-starter. Cech, the best keeper in this country in the last 30 years, not as good as before the head injury but better than both Mendy and Kepa. Backline of Ivanovic in his best years, Just past peak Cole and Terry with Luiz or Cahill alongside him? again, non starter, 2012 better, with quality cover in every single
  13. How is it not ridiculous? Are you suggesting that we should now sack managers for a month of poor form? if that'd been our policy then Jose would have gone sooner both times, Conte would've gone after the Arsenal defeat, no league title there. AVB had a much, much better squad and proven players, the circumstances are incomparable. There is no "obsession" with managers getting to the end of the season, I'm saying that our manager right now deserves at least until the end of the season to see what he can do with this squad when we eventually come out of this poor form, we'll have no idea i
  14. There were occasions they did step up and there were plenty of occasions they didn't where sluggish,effortless or otherwise lacklustre performances were painful to watch. The players stepped up most of last season, the cup final being the real obvious one that was infuriating and until the last month or so had done well this season. My point is the lack of consistancy from us in nothing new. Why should Frank be sacked for a bad run of form when other managers with better squads in a less competative league were given the chance to put things right and then go onto win things? I don't thin
  15. Your first post was about players not stepping up when it mattered, initially I was just stating that was nothing new. All of those bar Sarri had at least two seasons and except for Ancelotti I agreed with them going (with hindsight in Conte's case). No one is saying about putting all our eggs in one basket, what I'm saying is Frank deserves at least until the end of this season to see where we are at and if he should take us further. The progress he has made in the circumstances he's done it has earnt him that (and thats without mentioning that he is our greatest ever player), To sack him now
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