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  1. Only man u could get that "penalty"? Soz double post
  2. Nothing better than beating those c**ts. Mouthing off and appealing for everything all game.
  3. Stop making excuses, there was no ambiguity about what was happening. He refused to come off.
  4. What are you talking about! Sarri gave him no power, he refused to come off! It's that simple.
  5. How anyone can blame Sarri for this is unbelievable. It was perfectly clear what his intentions were and how he felt about it. Kepa should've come off and Azpilicueta should've pushed him off.
  6. Haven't posted a lot in a while and haven't read anything on this subject from here so apologies for saying what I'm sure others have already said. The way we are playing and using him at the moment is probably doing more than anything to convince him to leave, total waste off his talent and isn't working. You could see clear as day his frustrations in that second half.
  7. Agreed moi, I'm not sure how our legal system differs from the US' which seems open to manipulation but I would hope a case so rife with dodgy goings on couldn't play out like it has if similar events occurred here. The revelations at the beginning of episode 9 were very intersting in my opinion. SPOILER ALERT! Where the guy contacted the lawyer saying he saw her car a day or two after she disappeared on the side of a road and then told that police guy Coulborn about it? How can they not go further with that? Surely it blows the whole thing open again? Given how it ended I don't understand or see how this can go further or get better for either of them. If their supreme court refuses to hear their cases (which seems dodgy to me in itself) than what roads are left open to them?
  8. Apologies if i missed a thread on this elsewhere but was surprised to see no-one had posted. So, the big one returned this week to netflix with the second series of making a murderer. I'll try to leave out any spoilers. The first series left me thinking Steven Avery could be guilty but that the "evidence" gathered and used against him was utter nonsense. I thought it was pretty obvious that the prosecution (and the judge) were criminally incompetent and/or totally corrupt, not mention he started from a position of being guilty until proven innocent due again to the prosecutions actions. Brenden's case was clearly an absolute travisty of justice, geniunely made my blood boil watching how he was treated and used by everyone from the investigators, how own lawyer right through to his sentencing. The second series has now left me at first viewing totally convinced that Steven and Brenden have been set up. So much more evidence in Steven's case that discredits the prosecution, their version of events, the police and brings other people under the spotlight. Brendens case is pretty much exactly as it was before, an absolute travesty. No sane person without an agenda could ever watch his interrogation and come to the conclusion his "confession" was voluntary and not fed by the investigators What say you Shedittes? Eager to hear other people's views on this one!
  9. We've been woeful in possession since our goal. Was always going to end that way. So poor from Christensen, Fabregas and Courtois
  10. so typical of both city and guardiola. One decision correctly goes against them and they throw their toys out the pram.
  11. Saw it last week and absolutely hated it. Went with two friends and we just walked out silently not wanting to be the first to be negative but once my mate spoke out we just started ranting about how utterly sh*te it is. As abigsmurf said, there's absolutely no reason to bother with the next one now. I just hope the Han Solo and Bobba Fett films are as good as Rogue One was.

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