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  1. The WBA penalty literally gets more inexplicable with each viewing. Fernandes totally misses the ball when he swings at it and clashes Gallacher's shin. It's totally a clear penalty, utterly ridiculous! Solskjaer will do his best Trump impression as usual to gaslight this bollocks in the post match interview. Every dodgy decision that went his way was absolutely correct, every decision that went against him was wrong. The FA are actually against them cos' fixtures, injuries, grass length etc.
  2. So, let me get this straight.... VAR gets involved to cast doubt on a stonewall penalty to West Brom. VAR then doesn't get involved for a clear foul on Gallacher in the build up to the next penalty. VAR gets involved to confirm a penalty for handball from a shot twatted from 3 yards away. VAR get involved again to allow man utd to have a second go at their penalty, applying the rules strictly for West Brom regarding keeper on the line but ignoring the rule that players aren't allowed to pause on their run ups. The problem with VAR is that it is just as open to corruption as the refs alrea
  3. Supposedly Connolly initiated the contact. Obviously thats bullsh*t but VAR never removed the problem of referees having no one to be accountable to so this nonsense will continue. Funny how Christensen's tackle last week was an easy decision and blatant foul (it was) yet there is doubt manufactured over this incident. Bar Christensen putting his arms around Mane its basically the same call.
  4. He already blew the final whistle when Brighton cleared the ball!
  5. A game that was over re-started for the benefit of man utd. Utterly ridiculous.
  6. No way can they give this, he ended the game already!
  7. Taking that pen away from Brighton sets a ridiculous precident! You see fouls for defenders leaning onto players literally multiple times in every game, it was no real difference to Christensen last week.
  8. Anyone know when he's back? Kinda need him now.
  9. liverpool have been using arms all f**king game! Goal from fk coming up now
  10. I get we need to have a game plan, be smart and we have many players unavailable but I don't like seeing players out of position when we have proper position options available. Hope we can put a few decent moves together as well, we look particularly unispired at the moment.
  11. The "winning mentality" we got under Jose was definitely a positive and helped build a strong mentality the first time he was here but I think you're over-emphasising its importance a bit, it wasn't the most important thing that led to that period of success and there certainly isn't just one fool-proof way of building this squad up to fulfilling the potential it has. We're in a totaly different situation now compared to 16 years ago, not putting too much pressure on a young squad and inexperienced manager and being reasonable with expectations could be even more important in the long run than
  12. Your view of Ronaldinho is how I see Ronaldo, the Brazilian one, not the pretender. Amazing player! Imagine if he'd stayed more injury free!
  13. No idea what you're seeing when watching him! The bolded bit is particularly ironic. He's ponderous and indicisive on the ball, the quality of his final ball in particular seems to be getting worse recently! Not a player you can rely on to change a game when needed. He's had a few good moments but like with his time at Everton, consistancy is his problem and there's been few signs of that getting any better.
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