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  1. So far looks more of the same to me, another goal papering over Sterling's flaws and Kane looks like he's dragging a boulder around behind him. Not entirely convincing but at least we've got ahead.
  2. Best in a really poor game tonight, a few woeful corners though. Can easily see him bearing the brunt of the fallout if England don't improve.
  3. Ian Wright is f**king delusional if he thinks Foden should have stayed on. As good as he has been at times for an utterly dominant city he's not shown enough to be untouchable in this team. Bringing Grealish on was the right move made too late for me even though he did next to nothing bar get free kicks in poor positions, the problem was it took Mount out the game, who even with our blue specs taken off, was clearly the one linking up and making things happen.
  4. Absolutely! Still getting the goals for spuds like Sheva did for Milan and Torres for the bitters but looks way off energy wise! Must be coming to us😥
  5. So frustrating. Since he came in I think Southgate has done a good job in getting rid of some of the negativity that surrounds England most of the time but he hasn't helped himself recently. There are some good options on the bench yet he's persisted today with a set up that was clearly not gonna work from 30 minutes into the game! Sterling shouldn't be starting nevermind seeing out the game, the midfield 2 needed switching up with someone like Bellingham and we still cannot get anything like the best out of Kane. 4 points from 2 games isn't a bad thing but given the circumstances with the players available and the game being against Scotland it's inevitable that a few days of moaning and negativity are gonna set in now.
  6. Sterling has to be getting hooked soon surely? One of Rice or Phillips as well for Bellingham if it were up to me
  7. Got frustrating as the game went on, seemed we're already running out of ideas in frustration! Scotland looked totally comfortable the last 5-10 minutes. I'd get Grealish on for Sterling, Kane is lucky there's such a big gulf in quality between himself and the other centre forwards as he has once again been totally anonymous!
  8. Watched Doctor Sleep the other day. Sequal to the shining which i've only seen the once and didn't fully understand what was going on. Thought it was really good and you didn't really need to see the original for it to make sense. Would recommend! SLIGHT SPOILER: The short montage bit near the end where you're taken back to the hotel was great atmosphere and nostalgia with the original music and recreating the panning shots over the lake!
  9. Are united going to go after him again for the 10th year running?
  10. He is clearly good enough for Southampton. he's chosen to move on! He was good enough for us when he left, the only question mark over him is persistant injuries. If we could get him we should snap him right up.
  11. This is the guy we were all desperate to get back from injury last season! Since his return, for whatever reason he looked on his way out the club until the last four months but now looks a player who you could easily see in a title winning team!
  12. I said after the cup final and the last few league games that he had to do better and feck me! He did much better on Saturday! There are still big flaws that he needs to sort out (some of his own making) but hopefully we'll have a good summer to strengthen the areas we need to and he can progress the team next season. Improving our attacking play and league form whilst mainting a home grown core at the club is what I'm hoping for.
  13. Loved the shot in 2012 of the trophy being engraved with our name and I love that shot again. CHELSEA - Champions of Europe.... again!
  14. Clear foul on Chilwell then city get given a softer one.
  15. Need to work the ball better than that, don't give it back to them so cheaply
  16. f**k sake! Gotta make more of our chance up top now aguero is on, don't let that c**t score!
  17. Need to keep them out, the momentum has swung so far their way now
  18. Fixing their mistakes now, a centre forward and defensive mid on. Come on Chelsea, keep these c**ts out!
  19. Never in a million years. At least 4 city players should be booked for their reaction!
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