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  1. Hope this break in play doesn't affect the players focus! f**k de bruyne, keep your heads on the match
  2. Gundogen could easily have been booked again there! He's raked Kai's calf!
  3. Need to stay solid at the back but also a second is an absolute must, I'll be sh*tting myself even more when they bring aguero on, we all know his record against us.
  4. Good thing ederson handled it outside the area, god knows where Havertz's touch was going! 😂
  5. Foden has such a puchable face, would love one of Ruidger's wayward power shots to knock him out.
  6. Would be helpful if we stopped handing them the ball so cheaply in midfield!
  7. So dangerous Havertz and Werner losing the ball there! Got to be sharper
  8. Didn't realise this until now, cant imagine Abraham has kicked up enough of a stink for that to be deserved! I'd have more faith in him grabbing a goal if we need one that Timo or Giroud!
  9. Just like after the cup final it's very worrying that he's again saying that the perfomance was there.... yeah, for the last 20 minutes after we were 2-0 down!
  10. Hope he's learnt from chasing the game against arsenal, leicester and today to start with more attacking players. Dragged over the line by spurs, massive improvement needed for the CL final and for next season.
  11. If the season had been a week or two longer then we'd have been out again with the way we're playing
  12. We've known that for years. Down to lack of options. Should be Silva whenever he's on the field.
  13. You think that isn't being given at the other end?
  14. How is that not a foul on first chilwel and then rudiger?
  15. An hour and no subs... that and the awful stating line up sums up Tuchel.
  16. Mendy James - Silva - Rudiger - Chilwell Kante - Gilmour - Mount Hudson Odoi - Abraham - Pulisic No more back three nonsense. No more strikerless nonsense. (I'm well aware this is not what we'll get)
  17. ...which is precisely why Tuchel should be playing a striker. You can't ignore weeks of poor finishing when chances are created and then give the manager a pass when he chooses to not use one striker and totally ostracize another.
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