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  1. Second time Jorginho has been slid out in the middle and still no yellow
  2. Well in Reece! Surprised vardy didn't throw himself down
  3. Another non-foul given for leicester. That'll never get given at the other end
  4. Come on Chelsea! Whole country want us to lose this, just put a performance in!
  5. It's got to be on Tuchel at some point when we play without a striker and the other players keep messing up chances game after game.
  6. Starting Gilmour tonight means f**k all when we're losing, playing terribly, Gilmour is by far our best player on the night and...... you take him off. At half time..... You're defending the indefensible here. Tuchel f**ked up and couldn't see the obvious that we all could.
  7. It's on him when we don't have a striker on the pitch and the other players continue to totally balls up great chances, and not just... not score those chances, but totally fluff it! Our finishing is appalling.
  8. Needs either a loan where he knows he'll start or the run in the side that he has never had with us so far. There's absolutely no consistancy from our other wide players so I'd be happy for him to get a run from the start of next season. He's never gonna be able to show what he's got with 20-45 minutes every week or two.
  9. "one of those days" is what you say when you've battered a team yet somehow come away with a loss or draw. We were shocking in every aspect of the game tonight and shouldn't hide away from that if we're gonna improve.
  10. Well, serious questions after tonight. Worst performance of the season, worse than arse away and worse than the WBA thrashing. Never been a fan of this "false 9" nonsense, play a striker! At this point in a season, beating city away means absolutely nothing when it's followed by a performance like that. We saw what those around us did to put pressure on us in the other games this week and we failed to step up and answer. Subs were shocking, hooked our best player and didn't put anyone into the box until over an hour was gone. After the weekend there was real confidence about how the end of our season could go, now, after that? I'm terrified if we play anything like that again!
  11. Worst performance of the season by a distance. Worse than arse away and worse that west broms thrashing. Seriously worried for the end of our season now. Everyone bar Gilmour was piss poor.
  12. It's not an either or situation, this is a shocking performance, especially at this time of the season. A big worry for what's to come.
  13. For those moaning about CHO, what is he meant to do exactly? Theres been nobody upfront and in the box for the entire game, Dave and James are just sitting behind him and the midfield is sitting deep... what are people expecting ?
  14. Absolutely woeful. Tuhel is having as bad a night as the players, shocking sub with Gilmour and reacting far, far too late now.
  15. That's another penalty judging by last games standards
  16. Get a striker on 2nd half, this false 9 nonsense needs to stop.
  17. Hands up everyone who knew we were gonna start sloppy tonight 🖐️
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