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  1. Just checked google, His agent's the devil Mendes, No more explaining needed, Everything makes sense now.
  2. Who's his agent? because he sounds like a greedy so and so if he's advising his client to go to China at such a peak age.
  3. He achieved more than Gerrard did by a country f-cking mile yet the media response to his leaving has had a night and day feel about it in terms of how they've covered it, Personally i never had an issue with the guy, Didn't like him but respected him something which Stevie Me and Shrek haven't been able to earn from me.
  4. Did his daughter take him shopping up Camden Town or something? He seemed so dark/negative in that interview with Stelling yesterday, Contrasting personality to the infamous not one of the bottle presser. Regardless of what success he has i think United have got the knock off version Mourinho because he seems like an entirely different man now.
  5. What's even more disturbing is, What is that rat Mendes doing in China negotiating or supposedly negotiating? There's me thinking opposition clubs tap up players, With this muppet he does the tapping up for them.
  6. Disgusting amount of money being offered here, And c-unts used to whine about our £30/40k extra per week wages offered, I know it's rich coming from a City fan but the Chinese Super League really is disgusting. We can't do what the MLS has done, No, No, No, We're just going to get our financial c-ocks out and wave them all over the place, Disgusting, Again, I know it's rich coming from me but compare our spending and rise with that filthy money being spent over there, I hope he doesn't go because if Costa goes, Sanchez/Aguero/Suarez could all go and the last thing we want is European football
  7. The leverage Mourinho has at United is whilst he is damaged goods, So are they. If he fails to get them in the top 4, Unless Simeone gave Woodward a lap dance and personally asked to take over, Mourinho's job would still be safe. Even if they failed next year to get into the top 4/ or win the title as long as progress was being made in terms of playing style, A cup win and few victories over City/Liverpool or Chelsea, He will still get backed. For me this scenario is the equivalent of a couple of divorcees hooking up after being out of the dating circuit for 2/3 years and both staying together
  8. I thought Andre Schurrle had signed for Dortmund?
  9. Considering he has the smartest and best agent in the world, I wouldn't dismiss your theory, How can an elite manager or a supposedly elite manager ruin a team full of champions so badly, Picking arguments with everyone and then conveniently walk into a job that he's supposedly always wanted 5 months down the line, It's either pure luck or there's more to it.
  10. Would 50 million + Isco be a fantastic deal for Hazard? or would you rather 65/70 for him and then look to go big yourselves?
  11. I just had to stick my hooter into this thread, What is going on in here?
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