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  1. A victory? For whom? More like bitterness from the likes of you.
  2. There were several posters who rejoiced when Sarri was hired and one of the reasons was that he wouldn't pick fights with Marina and the board regarding player transfers unlike those pesky types like Conte and Mourinho. Turns out Sarri cares even less about Chelsea than them. What a slap in the face for these posters LOL!
  3. I think Torino paid something like 5 million euros for him if I recall from looking up an old Serie A transfer site which is a bargain even in 2015. He definitely has a high ceiling as his ball control while running at speed is far better than Moses. The reason why he was bought pretty quickly was due to the fact that he was surplus to requirements as De Silvestri replaced him at right back in a flat back 4 and Zappacosta is really not suited to that role (at least that's what I think). The coaching staff at the Bridge will need to drill some tactical defensive discipline in him but I think he will improve on this as all Italian footballers have that defensive nous in them
  4. Noted on your points. It's ironic and tragic that the club has the funds to buy Sandro and had made three bids for him yet Marina can't get the deal done. I maintain that her Low balling and drawn out negotiation tactics just pisses off selling clubs and this reputation of hers bode ill for major transfer business in the future.
  5. Valencia is a right back so Sandro won't compete with him. There's still Real Madrid and Barcelona. Also, it depends on Conte staying and I am convinced he will leave Chelsea by next summer if not sooner. And never discount the Marina factor - she will low ball and penny pinch to the point that Juventus gets pissed off and the deal is off again. A leopard never changes its spots.
  6. Imho he's an attacking player Very much so. He can and has played well in the right wing position too. The tactical part of zonal and man marking would have to be continually coached into him by Conte and his coaching staff as those are his weak points. But like all Italian footballers, they have an inate grasp of tactics especially defensive ones.
  7. Well, then you would know that Juventus almost bought him in 2015 but until today I don't know the reason why he went over to join Torino.
  8. Chelsea has no track record of signing any big name players after missing out on them a season before after Marina took over transfer negotiations.
  9. Furnish evidence of that or did you pull that out of your rear end?
  10. To be precise, he's a right wing back. He lost his place this season as Torino switched to a back four and he's not suited to be a tight back due to his weaknesses in marking and tackling.
  11. Don't count on it. He will be sold to one of the Manchester clubs or PSG next summer.
  12. Anyone who disagrees with you is a whiner? You can start your own forum without the so-called whiners then.
  13. lchk

    Random Rumours

    In this case, I fully expect Zabbacosta to do well in the RWB position and replace Moses.
  14. Hire Sean Dyche then. He wouldn't walk and he wouldn't complain about not getting any targets. Save money by not signing any players.

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