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  1. I assume you mean 1 of them? Koulibaly would be perfect but dealing with that nutter in charge of Napoli isn't easy. Umtiti would be the most gettable of the other 3 but I'd prefer Thiago Silva. He'll be free and IMO is still a top player despite being 33.
  2. How long till he gets offers to be head man at another club?
  3. Fills my heart with joy seeing 3 genuine Chelsea lads celebrating
  4. Still think we need 1 great CB to get us to the top next season but if Tomori is going to play well every weekend we may not need one come May. Idk if Lamps will continue to use 343 when he sees fit but having a CB that can put it on goal will come in handy. He doesn't get in that position if we are using a back 4.
  5. Recent years? It's been going on for 2 decades. I'm an American teacher and I 100% endorse that humor. If you can't laugh at it we're lost
  6. I'm ready for the headline handing them the title Sunday. No team in the history of the PL has come back from 5 points down in September after losing to Norwich. Liverpool are certain to be champions.
  7. He has got some personal problems with Bruce? That is a horrible way to act if not.
  8. I also think they're fine. Fine doesn't get you trophies though. If Tomori turns out to be Willi Gallas then yea we're in good shape. Right now we don't know if he gets to that level. Alonso and Dave are clearly not good enough right now but Emerson is and James is about as promising as any prospect ever has been so I think we'll be safe there. RB could be a deficiency if James doesn't pan out. We do know however that we are not good enough at CB, no it's about it.
  9. Have to say I hope we can find a quality winger and a very good CB. That should put us in the thick of it next season. I'm not on the Rudi bandwagon and dont see him as a long term starter. Bad injury history and overrated all round IMO but he walks into our team right now if he's at his top level.
  10. Sheffield actually play some good football. Lots of interchanging and smooth movements on the ball. I hope we go on to batter them but it's nice to see a promoted team with some style
  11. Tomori has been pretty good. We may have a decision to make at CB once Rudi is healthy. Frank is a man after our hearts playing these academy boys non stop.
  12. Time for some people to eat a little crow.
  13. Brilliant young player, I think there's only one outcome for him. He will be a Chelsea legend. He's only getting better from here on and he's already been the brightest attacking spark in our team.
  14. I think he's done enough to stop this talk of him being a bust. He hasn't scored yet but he's assisted and been intergal to the build up to a couple goals so far. We're only 3 matches in and he's playing a big role for us. The goals will come, probably not as many as Hazard but who cares if he scores then as long as he has a hand in them.
  15. I disagree. Rashford's ceiling is higher, he's much more naturally talented. He may not ever reach that ceiling, as Lukaku has also not reached his, but he has the raw skilks/talent to carry on scoring. Tammy must learn the nuances of being a forward, and he is currently, if he is going to reach star status. The goals last weekend were nice but it remains to he seen if he can repeat. He doesn't have the pace or agility Rashford can call on.

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