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  1. If City can complete the final leg of their domestic treble, United will enter the Europa League in the group phase. If not, they will have to play on six consecutive Thursdays -- in the second qualifying round, third qualifying round and play-off round -- before being entered into the draw for the group stage on Aug. 30. The first group games will be played on Sep. 19. C'mon Watford
  2. I'd love to have him at a cut rate price. As you said he's a great talent and if Barca are so keen to get rid of him then let's get Marina haggling. I think he'd be great on the left where he could cut inside and combine with RLC. He stood out as a false 9 when he was at Liverpool as well. You could even have him play AM opposite of RLC if we need to chase a game.
  3. Just noticed if we win EL we'll be in pot 1 for next years Champions League and pot 2 otherwise. Winning now sure would make life a lot easier for us in the future.
  4. 100%! Thinking of the points we've dropped and inconsistent play it's crazy we still finished 3rd.
  5. The theme seems to be clear. I don't think we've seen the best he has to offer yet. After the match even Zappacosta was saying they don't have enough time to train tactics during the season.
  6. 2 cup finals and a top 4 finish is enough to keep your job. I felt all along that the two biggest issues he had were team selection and subpatterns. He's fixed/addressed both enough to a point where I'm fully behind him. The real test will be next season and I think we should all expect a level up on the pitch. Without seeing the squad for next season I'd expect a trophy and top 4 finish again. United are in transition, Arsenal are bottlers and Spurs could be on the edge of losing their manager and/or players.
  7. Extra time now means 1 more sub right? Get Higuain on
  8. Frankfurt will be perfectly happy hitting balls in Luiz's general direction and rolling the dice
  9. I may be a little behind. Please tell me we are not putting Zappacosta on
  10. The difference between CHO and Willi in a nutshell is Willian takes that ball from Luiz down to put in a weak cross, CHO takes that ball direct to goal to have a go

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