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  1. Price tags 9 years ago were much different than now. 150m over 2 seasons was a lot of money, especially for a club that is not traditionally a big spender like Madrid. You've got to give him Porto but let's be honest, his history indicates he doesn't fair well if he can't splash cash when he wants on who he wants. He may get what he wants this summer but how long is that going to continue with Levy holding the purse strings?
  2. Global star is the right way to put it. In addition to the fans Chelsea has around the globe already Christian is going to sway a ton of fans here in the US in the next 2-3 years leading up to and after the World Cup. Most serious soccer lovers here have already picked a club and he won't be swaying their minds or wallets. There is a huge migrational group of casual fans that he will pull in if he keeps this up however. Chelsea fans in America will be born every day with him leading the US team since we don't have the geographic loyalties you do in England, most global fans will follow players. This is why about 90% of the shirts I saw in Korea were United. If I went back now I'd bet it would be about a 45/45 split of Spurs and United bc of Son. Theres always going to be that short termism but some percent are going to remain. The club have done a very savvy job of expanding the fanbase AND upgrading the playing staff at once.
  3. As he will now proceed to ask for 5 new players once the window opens. If he signs Matic, it's time to rejoice. The is a square peg in a round hole with the squad around him.
  4. Not only are Spurs fans convinced its going to happen, they're talking themselves into Jose winning them trophies. It's a fair point, Jose may drag them to an FA Cup or EL trophy and signing him will convince some of their players to stay. They'll really be just kicking the can and players will want out in 2 years rather than now.
  5. Kante was a steal but sticking with the bargain aspect I gotta give it to Dave or Cahill. Cahill especially, wow. From Bolton to winning titles and playing for England. He was meant to be a bit of cover when we bought him if I remember correctly. That is the epitome of a bargain buy. Shout out to Hazard if we're talking pure ROI, feels like cheating tho.
  6. When fit* The longer Tomori has to prove himself bc Rudi is out the harder it's going to be for him to get his place back. Alonso is finding this out as we speak. I think his days are numbered. The competition for LB just got harder. Emerson already made it tough for him and there's no reason Dave won't be playing there more often to accommodate Reece James.
  7. Please excuse me but pumpkin pie is delicious, you are correct.
  8. I agree with what you're saying. He should have to earn his way back to a regular spot. I don't doubt he will but that's the reality for Chelsea players now, fight for a spot and keep it or get dropped.
  9. Is it even on the level with the FA Cup? I'd much rather see us win that.
  10. Replace with a TOP player. There's an opportunity here to replace him for good reason. I'm not sure he gets back in the team when he's healthy anymore.
  11. He's a Chelsea fan? Where did you see this? I think he'd be a luxury at this point given the wing players we have that are doing the business. I suppose the versitilty that we have in that band of three would allow us to rotate 4 players in and out but then RLC will have to play further back.
  12. Read a report we are in for Moussa Sissoko, competing with United. Lyon don't want to sell until summer so it would add up irregardless of the ban being lifted.

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