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  1. Love the guy, he's like a less strange Jurgen Klopp
  2. That was an insanely good ball from Ross. He has exceeded the zero expectations I had for him in one pass. I'm fine if that's his only contribution to the season.
  3. Have a feeling Soton next opponents are going to benefit from that decision more than we.
  4. Boys are playing well down a man. Let's get Werner and Chilwell on for Rom and Alonso
  5. Really happy to see us get an interesting draw. Some away points may be dropped but the group doesn't look too difficult. Liverpool are going to have to be at 100% to get through their group. Those are 3 tough away matches and the home matches against Atleti and Milan aren't going to be easy either. It would be funny if they were the only English team to go out early.
  6. 2 assists and got the foul to send their keeper off. No surprise he hit the bar from a close up header
  7. Incredible, I'd be chomping at the bit to go play abroad in my teens and early 20's
  8. A few bad matches and people will be crying out for another defender. Buy him and loan him back to Sevilla for all I care. Maybe we don't need him this moment but the age of those 2 means we can't afford to be short of potential players ready to step in.
  9. My mate who supports Roma is not convinced he's headed there. He thinks it's Arsenal. Tammy may prefer them but that's no good to him if they haven't agreed on a fee.
  10. We've bought players back after selling them or moved on from young players too soon. I don't think any of those are going to be stars any time soon though I'd prefer them over players we have on the books right now though. Gilmour is on loan right now so he wouldn't need to be displaced by anyone this season, it would be Drink and Bakayoko for example. That sounds fine with me. Christensen has an expiring contract and I think a little insurance wouldn't be a bad thing. We have 2 fullbacks who aren't past their prime, I wouldn't be sad to see Livramento asked to backup them up either. Its a 2 way street so even if the club wanted to keep these guys they may not feel the same way about staying. As far as academy players go you're right, there haven't been any misses yet.
  11. That's a good point. I wouldn't use their debut as when they made it though, several debuted and didn't get real playing time until a season or two after. They also pushed out older players not younger. I suppose that also speaks to how well those teams were put together that they could fit all of those young players in without creating a jam up at any one position unlike what is happening here now.
  12. I can only disagree with your first point. The rest has me confused. We are still on the same wave of players I think. These guys were still in the same age groups coming up for the most part. The class of 92 didn't all break in to the first team in 92, it was spread out. So the guys 17 or 18 and under are a 2nd generation. I don't think that's where the disappointment comes from though. I don't know the clubs transfer plans but it would seem they're focused on bringing in players that can help today instead of tomorrow. I know you can't integrate all of the academy players, I just don't think they're maximizing an incredibly accomplished and talented group of players.
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