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  1. This is an Andreas Christensen level loan. Give him playing time and he'll be all the more proven and valuable afterward if he succeeds.
  2. Rudi is out for a while after the season starts so there is a need for numbers at CB right now. Can't go into the season with 2 fit CBs and another who hasn't played a minute of PL. I feel much more comfort knowing Zouma is going to be playing instead of Tomori when midweek matches start to kick in.
  3. [Father Abraham] Tammy Abraham, Scores lots of goals, Scores lots of goals does Tammy Abraham This is the lowest hanging fruit. All that's left is for him to make it so.
  4. I think we sell him in January for a good chunk of change. Sarri will tell Juve they need him to correct the bad results he's about to have.
  5. Bundesliga over Championship all day. Love to see him at a club like Monch or Frankfurt even.
  6. ..... I think Jorginho is one of the best tacklers that we have. There are not many players get cleanly past him in a one v one situation..... this is almost so crazy I feel like I want to go re-watch all of last season.
  7. Super encouraged by the fact that we're seeing some thought put into the 1st and 2nd half lineups in terms of personnel AND formation. Its just numbers on paper but it seems like Lamps is searching for the right combination and tactical set up to utilize our squad. This obviously would not have happened under the previous 3 managers and it's a welcome change for me.
  8. Ok I totally meant someone other than Dave who given how many times he's already captained the team. I was looking for non obvious answers
  9. Anyone reckon we could have a new captain with Lampa coming in?
  10. Prepare yourselves for a Double D resurrection my dudes.
  11. That is going to be a sight to behold. Leicester will be walking into a lions den.
  12. I don't think that will ever happen in our lifetimes. The NBA and NFL are always going to be bigger than soccer here and they'll generally get the best athletes. Soccer is undoubtedly on the up and more kids are sticking with it instead of moving on like they would in the past but I think we are taking it seriously here in the US, we're just getting it wrong from youth all the way up to MLS.
  13. Curious, how you determine if we're serious about soccer? I think we've been 'serious' for a few years now. We've been wrong but serious nonetheless.

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