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  1. I think this is quite right. Sarri hasn't had an A+ season with us. He has gotten the team to do a 180 in terms of playing style. I never agreed that Conte was as defensive as most made him out to be but this is the kind of football the owner wants and he had to know from day 1 under Sarri that it's going to take more than 9 months to get back to the top playing this way. The state of us before Conte left was frightening. Players seemed to hate playing his way and 1 even blocked him out of a picture. We finished outside the top 4 under him as well and you'd have bet this season would be worse if he was still in charge. I'm not sure it's encouraging to point out the amount of times we've hit the woodwork since it's pretty damning of the finishing, something like 18, and play the what if game but if even 1/3 of those go in the narrative does change. Sarri is slowly learning/adapting with his tactics and his subs. I for one would like to see what he can do with a full summer of prep before sacking him. If it's more of the same come October or November then by all means get rid of him.
  2. "He watches a lot of videos of my actions and then he tries to copy me. The problem is he is much taller than me, so it isn't that easy," Hazard said.
  3. Lol what else does he have to do to get picked in the league right? Higuain coming off sickness and goal drought and he cant get a start when he's just scored 3. We are going to struggle to score in this one.
  4. High hopes that they buy Mbappe instead of Eden.
  5. He and Giroud should both be starting more. We all know the chances of that though.
  6. This is supposed to be what Sarriball is about. I hear Kiev have a wide pitch though
  7. The early cross for Girouds 2nd was what's been missing from his game. Early crosses my man, dont wait for 4 defenders to get in the box
  8. Ronaldo is used to playing on bigger pitches though, more space for him to move into and score.;)
  9. So his gameplan will never work because the pitch is too small. How did he go unbeaten for three months then? I thought you were going to say the PL was too up and down for his pressing or smaller clubs are more physical and talented than Italy. You went with pitch size. Yikes
  10. Why is it impossible to play the way Sarri wants?
  11. Right on, we won't find someone better than him regardless. Sell him now, stock up some money and refresh once the ban is lifted. There will be nobody we can buy to direct replace him even if we weren't banned from incoming transfers.
  12. Can't and don't often enough are two different things.
  13. Agree but it happens too often. 9/10 times Chelsea win this but offensively we need to figure something out because this is not good enough.
  14. Set pieces have been astoundingly awful. We need to take advantage of them in games like this

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