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  1. Watching the ArsenalFanTV reaction to that Burnley goal has given me life to see out 2020. The look on their mugs after that went in is priceless.
  2. For sure, he represents less talent. For starters who knows his best position? Take a look around at who would be clamoring for his services if he was on the chopping block. FWIW I think the club need to figure out which position they want to see him play before anything. This is one thing that Tomori was also dealing with. He's played so much CB and RB, he was neither
  3. I also got some good laughs from the Sandro thread. Cheers
  4. Has there ever been a bigger cry to 'come get me' than this? Jesus, West Ham fans must be livid. Heading over to that board now.
  5. I think it is. You can often see him look up immediately after he gets a touch in the final 1/3 looking for the early cross. If he can get on the same wavelength as Tammy and Werner that early cross to the near post is going to be deadly next season.
  6. I think Pep will find a place for him no problem. He can play as a CB, LB or DM for them and they're very thin at DM. He's not worth it if you're only going to use him at CB so I suspect he'll find plenty of minutes at different places around the pitch.
  7. Lets just win and get on Wednesday and settle it with the bonus of ruining Liverpool's celebration.
  8. Declan Rice rumors doing the rounds today. I think Tomori can do the job but the question is who plays with him. I've been on the Christensen bandwagon for years and I'm not ready to get off yet. Rudi has always been a 3rd CB to me. Not good enough to play in a back 4 at the level we're aiming for. I think Zouma is the same. We've all see Zouma running down attackers and wiping them out but for some reason he is no where near as dominating defending crosses or in the box as he should be. Declan Rice would be the simplest answer. He's already friends with Mount and we know he i
  9. I'm all for selling those 3 if we want to move for Havertz. I don't see them all sticking around regardless but they'd be irrelevant if we sign this guy.
  10. Mount, Pulisic, CHO, Ziyech and now Werner to play behind or around Tammy. Any 3 of those 5 could play together and they would be dangerous
  11. Disgraced that I could not for the life of me remember Schwarzer.
  12. Can't drop them all, that would be silly. If you don't agree that's ok. When a player is in bad form there's two ways to go about it essentially right? Frank picked the right one for that match. I believe he knew how to press Kepa's buttons. Could be something he learned from Jose?
  13. Nobody brought it up in the Kepa thread but Lamps just played him like a fiddle for his own ends. Only 1 match but Kepa looked like he was playing for his job.
  14. Let's take a moment to collectively pinch ourselves. It appears we have another very talented young player on our hands.
  15. Theoretically he should be the one stopping those crosses not heading them away. I'm sure someone knocked Messi for his height at one point. 'Yea, he'll never be able to beat people in the air'.
  16. Best 98 minutes I've ever seen from him. 10/10. Still don't think he should be re-signed tho
  17. I'm all aboard the 'let this play out and see what we have train'. I think we know what we don't have at this point though. My apprehension is that we're so close to being a very dangerous side. Aside from United (which, wtf?) the lads have given the top teams all they wanted. The team is obviously missing a couple of difference makers. We're never keeping our 4 CBs happy so to me at least 1 is as good as gone this summer. An upgrade there helps right now and doesn't have to hold anyone back apart from Zouma or Christensen, on of which will definitely be leaving this summer. T
  18. Still say stick it out for the rest of the season and see exactly what we've got when the summer rolls around. A few players are in a bad run right now but that may not indicate their potential. Even Tammy needs more game time to really reach his ceiling. Bringing in someone to take his minutes away is not going to help him develop. Michy is capable as a backup and teetering on the edge of wanting more. Frankly anyone better we could sign will not be happy starting on the bench anyway. The added bonus is a player or two could become unsettled at their current club before the summer hits,
  19. Hot take: Don't open up the wallet. Let the rest of the season play out.
  20. I think it was him just being himself and having a few words about a player he didn't deem 'motivated' enough. Seems he's learned that's how he loses dressing rooms. You can't publicly dress players down like you used to. There are similar things in the book about his time at Real. He would poke players on purpose to get them to leave/quit the club if he didn't think they were 100% behind him. Casillas is the big example in the book. 2008 Jose would never have apologized to Dier for taking him off. He's learning, maybe.
  21. Inter are going to win Serie A. Sarri's best bet is going to be the cup which I'd probably favor Napoli to win tbh.
  22. This exactly. Compare it to how he treated Luke Shaw at United.
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