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  1. I'm playing it too. Excellent game so far! I loved Baldurs Gate back in the day.
  2. Just sold it to me! I'll get a copy tomorrow! Haha.
  3. I never played the 1st or 2nd. Though I admit it looks quite good! I take it you should probably play the other two before you give this one ago?
  4. I was wondering if I should grab a copy of this. I have only played one madden game and that was about 10 years back! Aha. Is it worth grabbing if I see a cheap copy going?
  5. I'm no geek. Thank you sir. So what games do you play? So I can go and call you a geek and a noob.
  6. Yeah I got mine on the Monday also! Did a few MP games before work and it is good. Played campaign on legendary today just got to the 4th mission. The game is crazy difficult but so good. Story just keeps getting better and better!
  7. nice one mate! I have something watch for the rest of my night shift!. I'm hoping my order comes early haha.
  8. Damn I am at work and cannot view the link! It sounds interesting haha.
  9. What did you get it on dkw? I want to get it but I still haven't a clue if I want it for the 360 or PC. The PC version looks amazing but all my mates will get it for the 360 as they ain't really PC gamer's. Decisions decisions!
  10. To be fair to Blizzard, Panda's have been in the warcraft universe for ages but to bring them into this sort of game doesn't make sense haha. Unlike other expansions that came out this one seems to have no real story to it?. The new Cutscene trailer for it is just a Horde and Alli fighting then up comes a Panda?. I think they could have created another two races from the Warcraft Universe then damn panda's that can play for both sides.
  11. I played SWTOR, The story is really in-depth very much like KOTOR. But it wasn't the game it should of been and I only played for maybe a month or two. Maybe I'll give it another go when it goes F2P. I've been playing MMO's or Online RPG's since Baldur's gate days when I was in high school. I do find myself not playing as much as I used to, But I am very much enjoying GW2 atm.
  12. Yeah I know how you feel Ace. I've been on and off it for the passed few years haha. Just recently came back off it as GW2 is out. So much more fun and not as time consuming as wow was. You know enjoying the game and not like a chore like wow felt.
  13. PC gaming and an MMO fan needs to try Guild Wars 2, Amazing game I played the first to death so I'm happy the second is just as good if not better.
  14. This sounds like BS to be honest. I don't see Chelsea loaning anyone to the spuds and now that AVB is there?! Haha. No chance this is happening.
  15. Nueur tells Schweinsteiger to get up and get on with the game! He can't believe it...
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