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  1. I can only guess Gol15 is Serbian.
  2. I’ve been looking in the beeb news site most of today, on and off, and the story has always been there ( and still is ). The back sports pages are full of it and I would suggest the coverage is greater than our episode. I was watching the game live on TV and saw the guy. It was blatantly obvious he was making a monkey gesture. How monumentally stupid do you have to be to do that, let alone knowing full well the cameras are going to be on that section of the crowd at that time ?
  3. Absolutely. To think so many people didn’t want him after his poor start last season. It’s nice that, every so often, we find these gems.
  4. Mixed feelings on this. Just hope we spend only where absolutely necessary and where we can’t find suitable players through the academy system.
  5. Never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t understand that Abramovich is free to come and go in this country , it’s the working bit he’s not allowed to do ( hence why he doesn’t attend matches - because as an owner it’s immediately viewed as work). Anyway, I’ve never had a love-in with Mourinho. He won us the league when we were spending so much money pretty much anyone could have done the same. I’ll give him 2015 though but I won’t forgive the way he turned the club toxic and his despicable public treatment of Eva. His slide downhill continued with ManU and will continue with Spurs. He’ll be happy for all of two weeks then we’ll be forced to endure his moody press conferences. Couldn’t happen to a nicer club than Tottenham - they are welcome to him.
  6. We are now 9 points clear of 5th. What’s not to like ? 🙂
  7. Congrats to Frankie for winning PL manager of the month for October
  8. Agree completely. Son went in from the side and just tripped him . It wasn’t studs up and certainly was not a straight red. It was only a yellow because it was borne from frustration of losing the ball. The break occurred when he then collided with Aurier. Let’s be honest here - if that was a Chelsea player being sent off for that tackle we would be incensed.
  9. If you are going to give red cards for Sons challenge then you won’t have any players left at the end of a game. His tackle was the sort you see many times in every game and was in no way ‘dirty’. The consequence of that challenge was a one in a thousand chance and was never a red.
  10. It’s the inconsistency which is a major issue. The Alli handball decision was correct as it was not clear and obvious. Yet, yesterday that same clear and obvious was not applied to us. I can quite see why the tinfoil hat brigade think the FA have it in for us and I might have to pop down to Tesco to buy some Bacofoil for myself at this rate!
  11. The main problem with the Son sending off is he didn’t get injured as a result of his challenge - it was when he slid into Aurier. And then someone in the VAR room reviews it and suggests it warrants a sending off ( I assume as all red cards are supposed to be subject to review). As others have said, VAR itself is not the problem here - it’s the implementation of it. How can we be one of the last leagues to have it and not get it right first time, when we should have learnt from those who had it before us ?
  12. Doh! You are correct of course. Still - serious injury and going to affect him for a while to come I am sure.
  13. His injury is bound to affect his mentality and confidence for a little while. Nobody comes back from an ACL hitting the ground running.
  14. I don’t have a problem with players being called out for diving. It’s cheating pure and simple. As far as him being 18 - I think I’d rather Dyche did what he did now than wait a few years when he may well have built a reputation for being a diver. Hopefully Frank also had a quiet word in his ear and it’ll all be nipped in the bud.
  15. Interesting listening to the guys on Sunday Supplement today concurring with the direction we are going in and the way we are playing. Like most of us, they think it’s an exciting time to be a supporter right now.
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