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  1. Yeah. First 20 minutes the noise was immense. Then it just went quiet. As for the players I would single out Dave as a point of concern. He’s lost a bit of his pace and was very ordinary today.
  2. Did you see that yourself on the BBC website or did someone send it to you ? The reason I ask is because I’ve never seen it say that myself and I suspect it’s just a joke from some Liverpool supporter.
  3. I don’t want us going back to just buying players and not giving the youngsters a chance. With that in mind I think we should only spend in positions where we have no potential options coming through. A striker is all I would want, maybe a centre back but the idea of bringing in more, no way.
  4. It’ll be interesting to hear how UEFA explain why our punishment was so drastic in comparison to City’s. Half of me doesn’t care for our ban being overturned as I quite like the direction we are taking now with players.
  5. I don’t think we’ve been too bad ( apart from Happy of course). Considering how fresh this team I’m more confident now than I was 40 minutes ago in regards to the season. Once we get RLC, CHO and James back from injury we will get better.
  6. Looks like you’ve picked up some malware. Do the following Go to Settings - Safari Clear History and Website Data. Confirm that you want to delete history
  7. That’s not true . If his job was dependent on him driving then he could be dismissed on the grounds he was unable to do his job. Also, if the conviction affected his employment in some other way like he managed a team of drivers then, again, he could be dismissed. But you can’t simply dismiss someone because they have been done for drink driving.
  8. It’s still money for the club though - Burnley will be paying a loan fee and/or his wages for the 6 months so at least the balance sheet is being added to. If he does well for them then I would imagine we’d get more for him then than we would get now, considering his lack of game time.
  9. Same here. A lot of accusations being made that , somehow, Luiz engineered this move. A far more likely scenario is Frank has told him first team opportunities will be limited this season and he could move on if he wanted to. Luiz, being a footballer who , well, likes playing football, saw his only chance was a move away. His family are settled in London so his choices were limited. Added to this, at the end of the day it is Marina who is selling him to a rival. It’s odd how we expect footballers to be different than any other professions. If anyone here was told their chances of career progression in the company they work for were limited and they had ambition, they would move away and wouldn’t go a smaller company if one of the same size and stature offered them a job.

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