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  1. What I’ve found interesting is the neutral’s opinion of us is so much higher now compared to previous seasons. Long may this continue - there’s a lot of talk about us having an enormous transfer kitty next year but I’d rather we trousered it, as much as possible, and carried on down the road we are following.
  2. Don’t forget James. Of all the prospects he is right up there. I don’t remember the last time I was so excited about where this club is going.
  3. Interesting listening to the guys on Sunday Supplement today concurring with the direction we are going in and the way we are playing. Like most of us, they think it’s an exciting time to be a supporter right now.
  4. As much as I hate them, I have to admit this Liverpool team is bloody good. Still won’t win the league though...
  5. Genuinely thought they could upset them today but the fragile Arsenal appear to have turned up again.
  6. No worries . She’s out practising her free kicks right now 🙂
  7. If he plays then he is a first team player by definition. And , atm, Barkley is STILL a far better player than Bakayoko is. My mum would run him close and she’s 75. He’s had his chances and , though I don’t think he is physically a bad player per se, he seems to have mental problems which manifest into a ‘rabbit in headlights’ performance every single time he has played for us - even in matches that don’t matter like pre season. Honestly - I don’t think I’ve seen a worse player in all my years watching football. And that includes George Weah’s cousin.
  8. I’m often bemused at just how biased the average supporter is to their team but, judging by Walton’s support of any decision his fellow refs made today, I think it’s nothing compared to the apparent referees union.
  9. Barkley may not be the best player in the squad but he is head and shoulders above Bakayoko. Serious question - have you seen Timo play ?
  10. I haven’t seen the city game so don’t have a view on it but I believe you. My understanding of VAR is that it’s used proactively so if the ref misses a potential penalty they can intervene. It’s the interpretation of the following I guess ( from the EPL ) :- “ All penalties awarded in the Premier League will automatically be checked by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), who will also check for possible penalties not given by the on-field referee. “
  11. It’s not ‘because the referee didn’t think it was a penalty’, it’s that the referees decision ( not to award one) was not a clear and obvious error. So it can intervene ( if Gallagher said what you think he did then he should learn the rules ). Similar with the handball - the referee probably saw it but decided it did not meet the law to be deemed deliberate . The VAR panel would have reviewed it and may well form the opinion that, actually, had they been there they would have given it but that is still not a clear and obvious error. I was at the game and have not seen the highlights. It’s still a good argument though - why was City’s goal disallowed when , in reality, it could never be argued it was ‘obvious’ ( Sanchez’s was) . The rules seem to sway to the defensive teams side when it should be neutral at best and, arguably, be on the side of the attacking team. What did annoy me yesterday was the ref’s lack of understanding about the substitution rule change and the player should go off at the nearest point.
  12. Yeah. First 20 minutes the noise was immense. Then it just went quiet. As for the players I would single out Dave as a point of concern. He’s lost a bit of his pace and was very ordinary today.
  13. Did you see that yourself on the BBC website or did someone send it to you ? The reason I ask is because I’ve never seen it say that myself and I suspect it’s just a joke from some Liverpool supporter.

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