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  1. I can only guess Gol15 is Serbian.
  2. I’ve been looking in the beeb news site most of today, on and off, and the story has always been there ( and still is ). The back sports pages are full of it and I would suggest the coverage is greater than our episode. I was watching the game live on TV and saw the guy. It was blatantly obvious he was making a monkey gesture. How monumentally stupid do you have to be to do that, let alone knowing full well the cameras are going to be on that section of the crowd at that time ?
  3. Absolutely. To think so many people didn’t want him after his poor start last season. It’s nice that, every so often, we find these gems.
  4. A few months is never going to be enough and, besides, we are missing a key player in Rudy. Of course they are making mistakes - we have an inexperienced manager and team.
  5. Some of the knee jerk reactions on this thread... Guys - we are a work in progress, days like today are part of where the team goes and where Frank goes. As long as we learn, I really don’t mind.
  6. We need cover for Tammy and that’s about it in my opinion. The current squad is young and progressing and we need to bear that in mind. I don’t want quick fixes to problems that are simply down to inexperience , I’d rather we just stick to what we are doing.
  7. Mixed feelings on this. Just hope we spend only where absolutely necessary and where we can’t find suitable players through the academy system.
  8. Not sure if you know this but television broadcasting rights are won through a bidding process and in blocks of matches. So, last year , various packages were put to bids one of which involved a few midweek games along with bank holiday games. Sky lost their bid to Amazon. Sky and BT won other packages. So, it’s nothing to do with them ‘not being bothered to show games’ but simply down to the fact they don’t have the broadcasting rights.
  9. The season starts for everyone on the same day (+/- 1) and ends on the same day for everyone so, logically, the number of days rest between games must average out the same for every team. The only addition is involvement in other competitions which is a good thing. I often find this siege mentality bewildering but this is an accusation against ‘them’ which really has zero basis.
  10. Crem


    I thought the idea was that all penalties are automatically VAR review. So tHey check every possible penalty and if they believe the referee missed something or made the wrong choice they will tell him and he will take action as necessary ( either switching to their decision or reviewing it on the monitor himself if they believe he needs to ). So, it’s not that the referee did not consult VAR last night, it’s that VAR felt the referee made the right decisions ?
  11. That’s the sort of game people pay to watch. We are going to have to get used to this sort of thing and I’d much rather support a team like we are now than one that’s just sits back. Great stuff.
  12. This is epic ! It’s as if we don’t know we only need a draw. Frank will learn from this.
  13. An inquiry needs to be launched into the refereeing in this game. I reckon he’s a homer.
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