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  1. WTF. No CHO. Not even on the bench ? :'(
  2. haidertalal

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I think its better to play like that in a cup final or sf instead of a league match. We needed to grind the result and we did that. Conte knew if his team keeps the ball and knocks at united door, they will counter us hard (Old Trafford match) So he gave them the ball n sat deep after scoring. Call it negative or whatever but for me, it was a master stroke from Conte and his Avg bunch of lads (barring Belgian Magician)
  3. Why no zappacosta on the bench ?
  4. Eduerdo is on the bench
  5. haidertalal

    Eden Hazard

    A big fan of N'golo but hazard is worldlclass too that too from many seasons. period
  6. I don't agree with men and boys argument. Its true but you have to look at the scenarios Players that you're mentioning (Cech,Terry,Cole,Lampard,Drogba) Played this competition on highest level multiple times against world's biggest club. They played and went till SF almost every season. This team(current) is very young as compare the previous one. May be, we have declined as a club despite of winning leagues. But its not kante's or azpi's or hazard's or willian's fault that these guys haven't played the elite competition on the highest level. We, along with every other club just failed to match the status of Real,Barca,Bayern in this decade.
  7. Conte will never leave in form willian on the bench
  8. What happened to kante ?
  9. Those flicks happened once, Willian did the same too. But hazard will get criticized over flicks and rest of the team wont
  10. WTF ? He was not poor. He gave an assist, was winning 50/50 battles against matic and barry(mctominay)
  11. We did win in 2012/13 with rafa as our manager. Mata 1-0
  12. Agreed except Cahill. KTBFFH!
  13. Aint gonna happen :D