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  1. guardian, telegraph, mail, etc. releasing essentially the same story at about the same time, i wonder if it was a brief from the club it is a believable scenario imo, i just can't see conte and the type of man he is, sending basically a feck off message out of the blue, it must be triggered by something and more likely it's because diego once again being a major twat, who knows diego might have planned all of this all along to accelerate his move away from england sheesh what a mess
  2. sandro? yes please mahrez.. well if antonio wants him why not
  3. isn't newcastle stocked up on strikers? not sure this is a good move for him, i thought he was bound for brighton God forbid he'll be wasted on the bench like bamford
  4. Official, Atletico's transfer ban upheld So diego will stay then
  5. theres a reason conte has been scouting him since november, he sees something special in the kid As of right now bakoyoko is still a bit raw but im certain antonio will turn him into a dominant force
  6. translation : costa hopes both lukaku and batshuayi wil get to play for chelsea so he can be sold back to atleti sheesh to think last month everything was sunshine and rainbows, diego's dream of moving away from england and it's evil weather finally came true, we're gonna get a modest 76million, tianjin quanjian will probably win bunch of trophies, oscar reunited with his father, everyone gets a happy ending. then comes the damn chinese government
  7. surely this means the end for martial? would love to have martial here, think he could do the job at the second striker position
  8. honestly not sure how I feel about costa staying/leaving anymore, yesterday i thought he was excellent in the second half, he's a fighter, never gave up when things don't go well but then if we keep him he might throw a hissy fit again after a while, asking to leave and become a liability on the pitch just like the past few months
  9. looks like the china deal broke down because of that new 100% tax rule, sh*t if selling him to atleti means griezman free to go to united then feck it, rather we keep him
  10. didn't know he threw the armband, was busy punching wall he's gonna get obliterated by the media the next few days now
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