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  1. I'm surprised Alonso didn't get a red card for the foul on Martinez.
  2. I can't believe I'm letting a bent ref ruin my Saturday.
  3. It's even worse to know that Taylor will suffer ZERO consequences.
  4. We've got Ziyech and Werner to cover. Meanwhile, we've got a bunch of clumsies at the back.
  5. Taylor is on a mission today. ARE YOU KIDDING ME how is that a foul, let alone a second yellow? f**k YOU
  6. I don't care for Havertz, we desperately need at least one class CB. Now, who might that be I have no idea.
  7. Good Lord just dribbled past him like he's playing against a toddler.
  8. Are you f**king kidding me? How is that a free kick against Zouma?
  9. Such a shame, we started brilliantly and have regressed massively since scoring. Same old song.
  10. Pulisic has got fire under his feet today, unplayable. I hope he can keep it up the entire game.

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