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  1. It's really funny to see all of the lurkers come out of hiding as soon as we hit a rough patch.
  2. List of links here: https://footybite.com/football/chelsea-vs-afc-bournemouth-live-stream/ This one's working best for me so far: http://cyclingentertainment.stream/events/2019/chelsea-vs-afc-bournemouth/
  3. He doesn't strike me as a mentally tough player so it might be the Barca mistake. He really hasn't been the same since.
  4. This is f**king hilarious, thank you for the laugh mate.
  5. None of those teams have been convincing at all so far this season. But still, a lot can change until the time comes to play them so fingers crossed we sort our problems out until then.
  6. Sorry for being 20 minutes late, links are here for those still looking for them: https://footybite.com/football/chelsea-vs-lille-osc-live-stream/ Great team goal, now hammer them please!
  7. I love that the kick-off time of matches has become the running joke of the forum.
  8. He forgot what his shirt number is, #14 was on the board to be subbed off and he started running towards the bench applauding the fans thinking it was him that's going off. The gift that keeps on giving.
  9. I've never realized this but it is actually spot on.
  10. Frank's pissed and rightfully so, although he has to admit that part of the fault is his as well. He's one of the smartest men in football and I'm truly hopeful that he will be able to resolve this sooner rather than later. Up the Chels!
  11. Players need a proper kick up the arse at HT if we want to win this.
  12. Willian is very much in the center of it. Indeed. Get CHO on, his shooting isn't to die for but at least he's doing it every little chance he gets.
  13. At the start of the season we were shooting on sight which was a very welcome change, why have we been trying to pass the ball into the net lately? Infuriating to watch.

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