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  1. @moi @Mod Stark Apologies if I messed up, I just figured going by the username was my best bet.
  2. Hey Stark, just wanted to let you know I'm available too for any help with the forum if you need it. I think it's been acting up ever since you switched hosts but I'm not sure. The biggest issue seems to be the double posts which has been happening for quite a while now. Maybe try a post time limit (a user being unable to post for X number of seconds after his/her last post), or check if a 'merge' option exists (this should merge posts made by the same person in the same thread within X number of seconds).
  3. Serious question to everybody, could him leaving be a possible blessing in disguise? Maybe we relied too much on his individual skills and that might have hindered Sarri's idea of football a bit. Just a thought...
  4. Goodness, that's brilliant.
  5. I swear it's dusty in here man... Seriously though, I gladly admit all of the posts about Eden on here are making my eyes water.
  6. Oh wow I completely forgot that he has also won the Euros and the World Cup. As someone on here said yesterday, what a trophy magnet Pedro is, bravo.
  7. There is something magical about this photo.. Look at the pride in his eyes. It's one for the ages, no doubt.
  8. 39 - Maurizio Sarri won 39 matches in all competitions for Chelsea this season - the only manager to ever win more in his first season in charge of Chelsea was José Mourinho in the 2004-05 (42 wins). Special. Not bad eh?
  9. The ones that were moaning that we'd get hammered, come out of hiding don't be scared to celebrate with us!
  10. Sitting in front of the TV grinning together with the players... Ahhhhh great times.
  11. Hazard has been nothing but a true professional, it's bittersweet for me at the moment but you can wish him nothing but well for his future. Thank you and good luck Eden, hope you come back one day!
  12. Eden just said he thinks this is goodbye. That's it then fellas.
  13. A true champions-like performance in the second half, thoroughly deserved win. Enjoy the celebrations guys, it is so much sweeter after the hardships we've endured this season.
  14. Kante really is a robot isn't he? What a player.
  15. Thank you Eden, you've been a guiding light through some sh*tty times.

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