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  1. We are not letting them breathe, winning balls back left and right. Probably the best 35 mins we've played under Sarri so far, tells you what a few sensible changes to the starting team can do.
  2. Sorry, meant to say Chelsea goal of the season. Agree about Towsend's cracker, it was simply unbelievable.
  3. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!! Goal of the season for me, no contest. There's just no stopping him when he's on it, I sometimes forget that.
  4. Lovely to see the Bridge rocking on a Monday night. Kudos to the fans who are all making it happen.
  5. https://www.footybite.com/football/chelsea-vs-dynamo-kiev-live-stream/ Bookmark the website, links galore every time.
  6. https://old.reddit.com/r/soccerstreams69/comments/aqmiaw/2000_gmt_malmö_ff_vs_chelsea/
  7. Thanks for the laugh, needed it during this time of misery.
  8. Hey good news, it has not been shut down, just transfered to another subreddit. Here it is, pick whichever one you like best: https://www.reddit.com/r/redditsoccer/
  9. It's the bottom one, sorry I forgot to mention that.
  10. https://www.neostreamz.net/game/chelsea-vs-sheffield-wed/ Try this, best one I've managed to find so far.
  11. http://ripple.is/football/3796-burnley-vs-chelsea Another stream working fine.
  12. http://elixx.me/xbarcelona.html Working fine so far.
  13. Totally agree, I was getting so confused at first haha. Kovacic looks like the real deal, I am pumped! What a game, apart from the 15-minute cocentration lapse, we absolutely dominated them. When Hazard & Kovacic came on they lit the ground on fire. London is f**king blue & forever will be.

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