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  1. Works fine for me, it's just that on mobile I have to tap it twice for it to go through.
  2. Hahahahahaha oh Lord... Needed a good laugh, thanks!
  3. Just reporting that double and triple posts have been happening again for the past week or two with greater frequency from day to day. Also, I had an ad cover half my screen and follow my scrolling so it practically made the site unusable on my phone (Chrome on Android). Happened a few times, if it happens again I'll make sure to screenshot it.
  4. Looks like I've found my spirit animals, love you all you fools.
  5. Where are you watching mojo? You are like a minute or two ahead of us. ?
  6. Conte will be livid if Juventus of all teams manage to get Lukaku when Inter are the ones who've been chasing him this whole summer.
  7. Here's what Frank had to say about the situation: “I think agreed would mean signed so we’re not quite there but what’s very clear is the club are working towards that. Talks moved on very well in the last week or two but it’s not done yet. “The one thing that’s clear to me is I want to keep him here. He’s a player we cherish. Players who come through the academy are the present and the future of the club so we’re doing everything we can to get there. I hope it’s news to be confirmed soon.”
  8. I see you've learned the right gender of Panzer.
  9. I was wrong after all, thank you for the clarification.
  10. They will be streamed live on the official website and the 5th Stand app. To my understanding they will be free to watch, not 100% sure though.
  11. Anyone else having trouble playing the press conference? Neither the website nor the app are working for me atm.
  12. If this doesn't unify us and reignite the fire, nothing will. Welcome home you absolute legend. To those attending the first home game of the season, I am forever jealous. I have a feeling the Bridge will be rocking like never before.
  13. Time to migrate to the Super Frank thread. https://www.theshedend.com/topic/33168-super-frank-lampard/

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