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  1. Mariner should book himself for diving, that was embarrassing.
  2. I don't like muting games, especially home ones because I love listening to the atmosphere at the Bridge, but Tony Gale is seriously pissing me off at the moment.
  3. http://y6stream.club/watch/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/
  4. If you have Firefox on your mobile add uBlock as an add-on and try one of the streams I posted, otherwise the amount of stupid ads will drive you insane. Yep, I just hope we don't start getting complacent, Newcastle seem dangerous on the counter.
  5. Mount unlucky straight at the keeper, that was a great offensive play to be fair.
  6. That was Zouma both times if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Agreed, a heavy first touch, misplacing passes and zero spatial awareness so far. Still early though, hopefully he'll grow into the game quickly.
  8. http://y6stream.club/watch/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/ http://60fps.live/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/?link=1&utm_source=footybite http://f1livegp.net/soccer/4k.html Can't go wrong with these, all working flawlessly so far.
  9. Come on now, literally the second post above yours.
  10. Links: http://60fps.live/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/?link=1&utm_source=footybite http://y6stream.club/watch/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/ https://myoplay.live/oplive/ http://elixx.me/evalencia.html http://hdstreams.club/hd/ch7.php http://lag.best/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/ http://f1livegp.net/soccer/4k.html http://stream-cr7.net/chelsea-live-streaming.html https://getearntips.com/04.html https://cricfree.stream/watch/live/chelsea-vs-newcastle-utd-live-streaming Full list here: https://footybite.com/football/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united-live-stream/
  11. Well would you look at that, yet another Saturday 3pm kick off. ❤️
  12. Haha sorry I'm a bit late, here they are: http://buffstream.to/play/soccer-28.php http://60fps.live/southampton-vs-chelsea/?link=1&utm_source=footybite http://givemereddit.stream/soccer/chelsea-vs-lille http://y6stream.club/watch/southampton-vs-chelsea/ http://hdstreams.club/hd/ch5.php https://myoplay.live/oplive/ http://elixx.me/adortmund.html http://f1livegp.net/soccer/4k.html http://stream-cr7.net/chelsea-live-streaming.html http://www.blacktiestreams.xyz/soccer3
  13. Formation switch, hopefully it gives Lille something else to think about.
  14. Come on lads, a bit more composure on the ball and we'll be fine.
  15. N'golo not having a good game so far. None of the players have covered themselves in glory though.

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