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  1. No, you are all teenagers with your heads still up your asses. I feel sorry for any adult who shares your sentiments.
  2. On a positive note, at least Mendy looks promising.
  3. Look at these clowns celebrating like they've won the league. f**k Tottenham.
  4. All goals in the same corner, this is like Russian roulette lmao
  5. Look at Werner still going all in in the 93rd minute, if only all our players behaved that way..
  6. Wow seeing that replay, Emerson was just casually jogging back to Lamela instead of busting a gut to cover him. Shameful.
  7. Please for the love of God, I haven't got the nerves to watch penalties tonight.
  8. Let's see if Frank rips Emerson a new one, like he did with Alonso. That was a totally unnecessary sub.
  9. Such a shame CHO didn't lay it to Tammy, that was a no-brainer really.
  10. If he did, that was a really quick one. No wipe I guess?
  11. For once we, the armchair experts, were right.
  12. Mendy was bound to have a blunder after all the praise we've given him tonight.
  13. Is this sub really a priority at this point of the game when we are being overrun in midfield?
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