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  1. Mariner should book himself for diving, that was embarrassing.
  2. I don't like muting games, especially home ones because I love listening to the atmosphere at the Bridge, but Tony Gale is seriously pissing me off at the moment.
  3. http://y6stream.club/watch/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/
  4. If you have Firefox on your mobile add uBlock as an add-on and try one of the streams I posted, otherwise the amount of stupid ads will drive you insane. Yep, I just hope we don't start getting complacent, Newcastle seem dangerous on the counter.
  5. Mount unlucky straight at the keeper, that was a great offensive play to be fair.
  6. That was Zouma both times if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Agreed, a heavy first touch, misplacing passes and zero spatial awareness so far. Still early though, hopefully he'll grow into the game quickly.
  8. http://y6stream.club/watch/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/ http://60fps.live/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/?link=1&utm_source=footybite http://f1livegp.net/soccer/4k.html Can't go wrong with these, all working flawlessly so far.
  9. Come on now, literally the second post above yours.
  10. Links: http://60fps.live/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/?link=1&utm_source=footybite http://y6stream.club/watch/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/ https://myoplay.live/oplive/ http://elixx.me/evalencia.html http://hdstreams.club/hd/ch7.php http://lag.best/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united/ http://f1livegp.net/soccer/4k.html http://stream-cr7.net/chelsea-live-streaming.html https://getearntips.com/04.html https://cricfree.stream/watch/live/chelsea-vs-newcastle-utd-live-streaming Full list here: https://footybite.com/football/chelsea-vs-newcastle-united-live-stream/
  11. Well would you look at that, yet another Saturday 3pm kick off. ❤️
  12. Haha sorry I'm a bit late, here they are: http://buffstream.to/play/soccer-28.php http://60fps.live/southampton-vs-chelsea/?link=1&utm_source=footybite http://givemereddit.stream/soccer/chelsea-vs-lille http://y6stream.club/watch/southampton-vs-chelsea/ http://hdstreams.club/hd/ch5.php https://myoplay.live/oplive/ http://elixx.me/adortmund.html http://f1livegp.net/soccer/4k.html http://stream-cr7.net/chelsea-live-streaming.html http://www.blacktiestreams.xyz/soccer3
  13. Formation switch, hopefully it gives Lille something else to think about.
  14. Come on lads, a bit more composure on the ball and we'll be fine.
  15. N'golo not having a good game so far. None of the players have covered themselves in glory though.
  16. Zonal marking's the only thing Frank has been stubborn with so far, I hope he puts a stop to it asap because it really is getting ridiculous.
  17. What a fantastic turn by Tammy, a brilliant, proper striker's goal!
  18. Just tested all of the links, these are the two best in terms of being the least behind the live coverage. No buffering so far as well. http://hdstreams.club/hd/ch2.php http://buffstream.to/play/soccer-30.php
  19. Links: http://buffstream.to/play/soccer-30.php http://60fps.live/lille-vs-chelsea/?link=1&utm_source=footybite http://givemereddit.stream/soccer/chelsea-vs-lille https://myoplay.live/play-hd3/ http://elixx.me/evalencia.html http://stream-cr7.net/chelsea-live-streaming.html https://www.getearntips.com/lille-vs-chelsea.php http://www.blacktiestreams.xyz/soccer3 http://hdstreams.club/hd/ch2.php http://y6stream.club/watch/lille-vs-chelsea/ Haven't checked them out yet so not sure which one is best.
  20. I've been getting these errors today, both on desktop and mobile: Sometimes I can access the forum just fine, other times they pop up. Not that big of a deal but I thought it's best to let you know.
  21. Yeah he also had a great game, maybe a little bit hesitant with carrying the ball forward - that might be the reason why I think Fikayo edged him out today.
  22. Tomori MOTM for me today, didn't put a foot wrong all game and made numerous vital interceptions.
  23. Links: http://60fps.live/chelsea-vs-brighton-hove-albion/?link=1&utm_source=footybite http://stream-cr7.net/chelsea-live-streaming.html http://www.blacktiestreams.xyz/soccer4 http://elixx.me/wajax.html https://myoplay.live/oplive/
  24. Saw this on WAGNH and thought I'd share it here.

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