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  1. Might be the reason for it, already with his head in Madrid, watch him be world class for them next season.
  2. But hey, we are destroying them, am I right?[emoji23]
  3. Christensen again... Courtois again...
  4. We need to score soon if we want to get back in
  5. Would be a very light penalty but I think some refs would give it.
  6. They are just playing with us now, this is gonna be a beating.
  7. You are kidding right? They have us where they want us. They draw us out and then hit us when we are stretched.
  8. At times they are embarrassing but I wish we played more like spurs.
  9. Does Conte know he can make changes?
  10. Agreed, not a chance. We will be lucky if we get out without being embarrassing.
  11. Losing doesn't mean that you have to go into a mental breakdown like some on here do.
  12. We lost, people on here go crazy again.
  13. BuBbA

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Why not? We could have scored 2 or 3 goals yesterday and Barca should have scored none.
  14. Christensen a great defender but to many mistakes today.