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    Chelsea FC and my alma mater Indiana University, go Hoosiers! I know you hate this word but we have the top collegiate soccer program in the United States. Jerry Yeagley, etc Also love basketball and the historic Indiana Hoosiers.
    My beautiful wife is from Croydon and is lifelong blues fan. So she gets pretty passionate on match day haha the neighbors probably wonder why were always yelling at the television early on the weekends.

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  1. Haha so one game 8 years ago is your proof? Haha I don’t have time for this argument it’s an excuse
  2. We drew and they had ten men of course they’re celebrating we choked
  3. What a disgrace and anyone saying it’s worse we went down to ten men is just making excuses. Any top team would put that sh*t team away with a goal lead and man advantage.
  4. Ya and we finished 3rd and won the Europa league. We’ve lost I can’t even count how many home games this season against bottom five clubs.
  5. If lampard wasn’t a legend he’d of been canned last month
  6. it’s sad but arsenal seem more likely to win with 10 f**king men!

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