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    Chelsea FC and my alma mater Indiana University, go Hoosiers! I know you hate this word but we have the top collegiate soccer program in the United States. Jerry Yeagley, etc Also love basketball and the historic Indiana Hoosiers.

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  1. Wow united get away with f**king anything. Had Dave in a headlock
  2. No not off at all I guess you don’t understand my comment that in over a year here he still picks a different four every week. Odd response from you
  3. Time for Frank to do some real thinking because he’s nothing more than Ole but some on here just won’t admit it. I guess we have to have another disappointing season with games like today until people will admit the obvious.
  4. Keep blaming everyone BUT lampard yet he changes the back four every week
  5. Lampard better be ready because this f**king ridiculous, changes the back four every game. I said it last week he’s no better than Ole at United f**king joke
  6. Haha I’m telling you he’s the greatest and you’re going to see he’s amazing.
  7. Kepa wouldn’t even start for half the teams in the league. He’s f**king awful and his confidence is shot
  8. Exactly the first goal off a quick giveaway and the second was just a comedy of errors. I hate defending these corners
  9. I’d say bring on Ziyech and try him on the wing and Havertz at the 10. Haha funny to read the dislike of Mount who’s one of our better and consistent players. He’s going nowhere so get used to it 😁
  10. I hear ya, it used to be much different here but now certain posters just jump down your throat if you question certain players.
  11. You can’t criticize the youth English players in our squad or some will literally have their head explode on this board.
  12. Ah yes they got us a draw, name one other game besides that Hudson-Odoi has done anything?????? f**k me some people can’t allow any criticism of the youth english players
  13. Mount had an easy pass to Werner he blew in the second half and Hudson-Odoi should’ve scored or passed off to Abraham. I don’t get Lampards fascination with Mount and Hudson-Odoi
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