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  1. Nope didn’t like the move to fire him but they’ve both been sh*t against a bad team.
  2. Same result he got this season against Southampton except we gave up a 2-0 lead.
  3. What a horrible performance and f**k this flopping little bitch with his stupid ass blonde hair. f**king little bitch
  4. f**king stupid coaching move there subbing CHO instead of sh*tty Werner who gives the damn ball away every fuvking time
  5. I know it’s not as simple as just saying since Costa left we’ve been terrible scoring goals. I remember his first away game at Everton scoring and menacing their entire team. It’s been too long since we had a proper striker like him. f**king loved Diego and since he left wow we’ve been terrible. f**k yesssss mason now come on and get another.
  6. Those Southampton players waste so much time and flop around if they get touched. Really tired of watching the ref let this happen but isn’t this the same c**t who screwed us against Arsenal in the cup final last year?
  7. Zouma with some pathetic defending but this attack is just awful and shows no threat of even having a shot trouble the keeper. Plus Southampton flop like a Spanish side
  8. Kepa will lose this on his own just like he did last time he started against Newcastle on 1/18/20 with that embarrassing header he jumped away from in the 94’ minute. Such a stupid f**king move.
  9. Remember his last game up there? Cost us all three points in the last like five minutes
  10. Well after some brief excitement about the match tonight, with a chance to go top 4 but seeing Kepa just ruins all that. Can’t believe Tuchel is dumb enough or just being a puppet for the board but I guess he’ll have to get his hands burned before he realizes not to touch the stove. Ffs there’s a reason we brought in a new keeper.
  11. f**king pathetic half but some of those “players” shouldn’t ever play again this season. Stupid to make 11 f**king changes, Tuchel needs to start playing a more consistent lineup because he’s obviously seeing now what happens when you try and get cute and play a bunch of fringe players.
  12. I just don’t understand why or how rudiger is so liked by club officials and gets away with playing like an idiot. Amazing how dumb this club can be with certain players
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