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  1. Sorry but this lineup is awful, why in the f**k are we lining up like it’s Liverpool away? We have to go and attack teams like this not sit back and have a five man defense. Also don’t get some of the changes but who knows who’s available. I guess I don’t understand why in this match we don’t play a back four and have more attacking players because these teams will just sit deep and make us break them down which we can never do with this group starting.
  2. Everton isn’t chelsea and since he’s arrived I’ve never seen anything from him to suggest he’s going to be a great player for us. You understand players like Willian have kept him out because he’s not on that level. He may be getting old but I’ll take Willian everytime over Barkley and his six and half years at Chelsea have shown why.
  3. Because he’s not a top player that’s why he’s not been given opportunities
  4. Haha and what the f**k has Barkley done ever for us? Remember last time Willian faces spurs? Tore their defense apart so you’re never going to convince me Barkley should be starting
  5. This lineup is odd, not having Willian start is just stupid. Plus is he just done with Kepa? Not sure why he’s still sticking him on the bench.
  6. Ya but why not michy? Stupid to not play a striker I guess he’s got to keep Mount on.
  7. But but we didn’t need new players just read the next window thread 🤦‍♂️. Could see this coming a mile away with our current form.
  8. At minimum we should be up 1 and on a good day 3-0. Tammy misses way too many easy chances, Mount should’ve done better when we turned them over midway in the half and Hudson-Odoi whiffing the ball should’ve been a nice goal. But we can’t even manage a single f**king one, and I know people will blast me but Tammy misses way way too many chances especially of late.
  9. No the idea top players will come here without cl football is ludicrous and laughable. Tell me all these top players arsenal have got recently? And Liverpool have been transformed under a manger who’s been backed with major signings and patience. Big reputations? Suarez was unknown before Liverpool and luiz, Kovacic aren’t top players. Plus Pepe was past his prime like zlatan so your examples don’t prove anything.
  10. Ok so you hand picked a couple players in the past ten years and couple of those were due to money like Pogba and Aubameyang getting massive wages. Suarez moved to the EPL from the Dutch league so it was a step up. I can’t tell if you’re serious either because Kovacic and Luiz are far from great players.
  11. For those saying we’re going to wait until summer, why on earth would top players want to come here without champions league football? This team isn’t finishing top 4 as it currently stands I mean we’ve got one striker who’s injured, no backups on the wings with pulisic out other than Pedro who’s been awful. I just don’t see how this team beats out utd especially after their recent signing and others like Rashford coming back.
  12. I’m sorry but we’ve not bought a single player and our starting striker is hurt so excuse me for being pissed that the board have f**ked over lampard. Well we were after the kid from benfica I think and I can’t spell the Dutch guys name but he’s a starter for their national team and is far from unproven. He’d be perfect competition for Hudson-Odoi and Willian.
  13. I hope the board understand that since they’ve waited and will now miss out on any legitimate targets that they can’t expect us to be finishing top 4 this season. Spurs and Utd have both added strength to their squads while we decided to do the same sh*t as usual. The young players on this team are getting tired from all the competitions and the physicality of the premier league and we don’t have sufficient players to fill in. So I hope the boards ready for us to finish outside the top 4. also it’s extremely disappointing given the fact lamps thought he was going to get three new players once that ban was lifted and now he’s left frustrated which is totally understandable. For all the crap united get they did sign maguire, wan-bissaka, and now this Bruno from sporting so he’s not done that awful especially since they just splashed out the cash again to strengthen.
  14. Haha so one game 8 years ago is your proof? Haha I don’t have time for this argument it’s an excuse
  15. We drew and they had ten men of course they’re celebrating we choked
  16. What a disgrace and anyone saying it’s worse we went down to ten men is just making excuses. Any top team would put that sh*t team away with a goal lead and man advantage.

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