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  1. Glad we won but a clear offside goal and a 90 minute winner shouldn’t have been needed if Sarri doesn’t put Hazard on the bench. Sad for Hudson-Odoi because he deserves minutes. Really glad to beat those Cardiff c**ts though
  2. I just don’t and can’t understand how you drop the guy (Hazard) who torched Cardiff for a hat trick earlier this season, oh and the fact he’s our best player. If your going to drop him then why not start CHO?
  3. I’m amazed how many keep defending this sh*t every week. Been outscored 16-2 or something like that in our last five away pl matches. Then he drops Hazard and Kante? Oh I guess he’s resting them for Brighton midweek
  4. Sign Ake back and get rid of his circus defending bullsh*t
  5. So frustrating especially when you know it won’t change under Sarri.
  6. I still can’t understand why he took the best defensive midfielder in the world and changed his position for Jorginho.
  7. It’s like Bigfoot, we hear about it but I’ve yet to see it.
  8. At least 5-10 before a yellow from this red ref
  9. f**king sh*t kante didn’t touch him, he just fell and beep for the whistle
  10. Why do we always need to go behind to show this fight? Does Sarri not have them ready to go at KO?
  11. Just another sh*t performance with that genius false f**king 9!
  12. Great Post! Exactly how I feel and honestly no I didn’t expect much when I saw we were playing the false 9 sh*t. I’m surprised we’ve even scored and I’ll be shocked if we win this match.
  13. Giroud is better than this false 9 bullsh*t we play and either lose or draw with sh*t opposition
  14. I guess I’m confused why it wasn’t investigated that Oscar was verbally abused or John Terry after this match? No outrage at all after this abuse not racial which I’m flat out saying is awful, disgusting, and archaic but to suspend fans and jump on Chelsea because our fans yelled at an oppo player? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3035905/John-Terry-shrugs-Loftus-Road-abuse-Charlie-Austin-Bobby-Zamora-quiet-Chelsea-extend-lead.html https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3035827/Chelsea-players-targeted-QPR-fans-appear-throw-objects-late-derby-defeat.html
  15. Amazing too bad none of the other f**king clubs in England had a problem with fans abusing John Terry for decades. I’m not condoning the racist moron, I’m talking about suspending fans for yelling at an opposition player because that sure seems to be the case with the other 3.

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