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  1. Nope Timo fan boy I put you on ignore. Remind of antifa here in the states how you act.
  2. Called me a twat? A snowflake? Seriously? I didn’t start this but I won’t stay f**king quiet
  3. Haha name calling? What a tough guy you came at me first but you seem very upset. I think calling me a twat should get you banned?
  4. Ya he scored one and missed an easier one. Coming from the Timo fan boy I don’t take this as a surprise. He’s been below par all season and Tammy can’t get a chance. But I know you think Timo can do no wrong
  5. Timo just shouldn’t play costs us more than helps us
  6. Gilmour is awful today, rust whatever we need to change it at halftime. Too important of a game
  7. We have to finish top 4 so I don’t understand all the resting our midfield and playing mount in his worst position
  8. Shocking (not) Timo missed an easy f**king chance to put us ahead 2-1 at this point.
  9. Such an important win, I’m glad Timo is at least keeping a good attitude but he’s got to finish that second plus I don’t know for certain but I thought Tammy should’ve headed that in. Credit to Mount and Kante for working hard all game on both sides and a massive victory. Let’s go get a big one on Tuesday!
  10. Well that open miss was as bad as it gets from timo f**king pathetic
  11. f**king put on Tammy it’s better than anything timo will ever do. We are just f**king cursed buying strikers
  12. Oh I know with a chance to go third too. Just makes it even more ridiculous I get the cup but not this team or this game.
  13. f**king Kepa again ffs against a team with like 3 guys bigger than anyone on our team. I understand the cups but this is ridiculous
  14. Agree it’s getting bigger and bigger too bad big Pete got cut out.
  15. Damn thing froze when big Pete came over to the fans.
  16. Live protest got really wild there for a bit. Lots of cops though already
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