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  1. Chillwell is just not a good option at wing back over Alonso and I don’t fault him cause he’s not normally a wb. Should get some more speed on too.
  2. Chillwell was an awful signing when there were plenty of quality left backs for half the price.
  3. I hope the board and Roman are happy they fired a legend who was going through his first tough run for someone worse.
  4. Making it sound like he’s gone for sure if he loses this game. Some report said a matter of when not if it happens.
  5. Just want to quote this from Lampard and now it’s cost us. He doesn’t make changes for any actual reason so why the f**k does he keep doing it. Same with Reece starting over Dave for the first time in a month. That’s just bad coaching and there’s no excuse in a game this tough and at this point of the season.
  6. Is there any excuse he started James after being out of the league lineup since December?
  7. Maybe he should’ve left Dave in like he has since the 26th of December but no he has to fiddle with the lineup again plus the Zouma snub just looks stupid
  8. Just leave Lampard you change up the back line every other f**king game for no reason. Stupid coaching and it’s costing us now
  9. Glad Lampard thinks we need Rudiger and needs to keep switching up the back line for NO f**king reason he brings this on himself
  10. Agreed Zouma has been a real threat from corners and hasn’t played bad. I was wondering the same thing when I saw he was on the bench again today.
  11. If you actually read my post it said IF
  12. If this was anyone but Lampard they’d be long gone. Embarrassing against City and if we can’t win this it will be a new low.
  13. Should be fired on the spot if he can’t be a ten man Fulham f**king pathetic
  14. f**king no changes so we can expect more of that boring play from the first half. Frank needs to haul off kovacic and pulisic
  15. I just want a win don’t care if it’s against 9
  16. Well a man up against Fulham, if Frank can’t get this sorted then surely it’s time to move on?
  17. So how many losses, horrible performances like today is it going to take for people to realize Frank isn’t the right person for this job. One of my favorite ever players with JT but how long will this go on? It’s just getting worse and worse. Thumped by city last time out and now this sh*t performance against Fulham ffs.
  18. Don’t understand shifting the two center backs again, especially with error prone Rudiger. If Frank doesn’t work out here I honestly think his shifting players in and out and his inability to run something other than a 4-3-3 will be a huge reason why.
  19. Brighton, Crystal Palace, Burnley, Sheffield United, Leeds, Newcastle and West Ham are the teams we’ve beat this year. That alone shows we’ve not beaten a single top team in the league this year and only lose when we face them. This team will be lucky very lucky to even make the Europa league spots.
  20. You and rocket science don’t belong in any sentence together after seeing your “expert” analysis
  21. Some people will make any and every excuse for Lampard and I understand I loved him as a player too but this just isn’t working. Should’ve let him get some more time managing elsewhere before coming back to the bridge.
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