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  1. Ok so yes they are missing KEY players and I just see people making more and more excuses for Frank when any other time they would’ve blamed the manager. So the narrative isn’t bullsh*t its just the fact our team is awful right now.
  2. no I see a manager who hasn’t adjusted his game plans and hasn’t adapted to this big of a job yet. It was too early for Frank here but you blaming Pulisic is hilarious because he’s been much better than Mount or any of your English players but you just want to start something because Pulisic is American. That’s fine I’ve been a chelsea fan 27 years so I didn’t cheer for them because he signed here but to say he’s awful, is well just laughable and stupid.
  3. They’re missing starters and still were getting embarrassed
  4. You mean the one bright spot? What a stupid idiotic post
  5. If any other manager had a run like this it would’ve been over weeks ago. Spent this much and were still sh*t and Frank has no other way of setting the team up or doing anything different. He just wasn’t ready for this level of management yet and it’s just going to keep showing and showing like today against Pep.
  6. Pathetic f**king sh*t against a city side missing half their players
  7. Need a manager who’s got ideas this is f**king pathetic
  8. For all the f**king money spent you’d think the manager would build a decent attack but we just look terrible as usual. Never going to win anything with this formula and coaching staff
  9. Great lineup, going to concede about four or five with this sh*tty back line. Lampard is just not up to this job
  10. What a joke any other manager would’ve been gone long before this, after the sh*t results lately something has to change.
  11. This team are awful regardless of the penalty this is embarrassing. Arsenal own Lampard every f**king time
  12. f**king Timo has been wasting so many damn chances it’s pathetic
  13. Maybe he could actually play Werner in his natural position
  14. Lampard just doesn’t know how to adapt to anything. Looked awful the past two games
  15. Why do they have VAR if they don’t use it? f**king bullsh*t
  16. Never should’ve counted anyway it was off wolves before the goal
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