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  1. f**k ya, just disregard any of my other posts hahahaha
  2. Agreed people saying he looks off, well ya he’s never okaying his usual position on the field.
  3. Hope I’m totally off but I don’t see us sniffing the goal in the second half, maybe a close header but other than that this lineup just doesn’t work.
  4. Well he should be able to realize that Kai has been awful and doesn’t deserve to start right now. I don’t care who sanctioned it or who wanted it, he’s not up to it and it’s hurting the entire team.
  5. People get on Werner but he mainly started as a striker at Leipzig not switching wings so it’s not the same as Kai. Lampard should try stating him up front instead of sticking him on the wings every game regardless of the injury issues.
  6. What another pathetic and lethargic half. This team has been terrible since beating Leeds, drawing against Krasnodar then the horrible display up at Goodison. Lampard needs to change something up because we just keep doing the same thing over and over and it never works.
  7. Giroud has never been a number 1 striker for a club trying to win trophies. Sure he’s had some big matches but he’s just not reliable enough to be a number 1 at a big club. I’m sure he’d be one at most clubs but not when we’re trying to win trophies and I know right now we’ve got injuries but why won’t Lampard ever give Werner a start up top? He’s done it all year even when everyone was fit but I guess it makes too much sense to play a striker we spent that much on at his natural position.
  8. Everton have some of the most annoying fans in the league, everytime we play them the fans constantly yell about cards or non existent fouls.
  9. Sorry to send this again but this is a little history but not near all of it from the anti Chelsea paper. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9013921/Leeds-Chelseas-ferocious-rivalry-set-renewed-Saturday-night.html
  10. Valpo, not real detailed but this gives a little history even though it’s the anti chelsea media. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9013921/Leeds-Chelseas-ferocious-rivalry-set-renewed-Saturday-night.html
  11. Pulisic needs to step up such a huge loss with Ziyech
  12. 😁😁😁😁 much better haha I’m always optimistic with the Blues probably way too much which makes me get a little crazy during any match.
  13. Giroud f**k ya! does anyone else wait because of var to celebrate? I know I do every goal nowadays
  14. Ya well I’ve seen this same story the past few years when we don’t finish these chances early we lose. Should’ve scored twice in the opening. So I’m not saying we’re doomed just that I don’t feel comfortable about this game now or our chances for the title.
  15. Well we haven’t beat another top team this season in the league, drew against Tottenham and United. Lost to Liverpool so I guess I wonder how you think losing a game like this makes us title challengers?
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