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  1. I think I can make out John Hollins and Marvin Hinton on the right but is that Ossie on the left with his hands on his hips?
  2. We will get a fee as determined by an independent body because he was an academy player. He did but the club refused to sell.
  3. Just watched the vid and to be honest, and maybe a bit harsh, some of those passes didn't make it to the receiver, went out or left the receiver in such a tight spot he couldn't lay off or complete the next pass. I think what it does show is that while Kepa does have decent ability to pass out from the back, passing out from the back isn't the answer on many occasions. If the opposition are serious about the high press its probably a good idea to go long sometimes.
  4. You were lucky. I used to get up half an hour before I went to bed to dig holes for a fencing company. When we dug hole we had to lift 1 tonne concrete posts from lorry to said hole and then back fill. We did this every day of our summer holiday for sixpence a day and the foreman used to flog us like a rented pony. At the end of the summer holiday we used to go down Woolworths and try their own brand button down shirts. But we was 'appy!
  5. I'm not criticising Lamps either but if the club could have attracted a quality/more experienced manager they would have. I know all our managers get good pay offs when they leave but the clubs circumstances at the start of this campaign were tricky at best. We just lost our best player and couldn't buy any new players for a year. No decent coach who wasn't looking for a pay off would have taken the position. The transfer ban was the fault of the club and they are responsible for the ban. They had to get somebody because Sarri wanted out and Frank ticked the "keep the fans happy" box. There's no way the club would have taken a losing Championship play off manager under any other circumstances. Yes he showed a bit of promise and had some good results at Derby but not enough for a Premier League team other than Chelsea to appoint him. It wasn't lazy by the club. It was clever, as the crowd would have turned on any other new manager after a few bad results. Try to imagine how you would feel if say Simeone or Allegri were presiding over this start to the season. Its not easy I know but we all have a warm fuzzy feeling right now because its Frank.
  6. I think I was at Upton Park in '81. I was in the south bank and about half an hour before kick off a WH mob laid into the Chelsea fans. They had gathered at the back of the terrace without colours and were silent. They piled into the Chelsea fans and a large group ended up on the pitch to avoid a kicking. The reports on TV and Press indicated that Chelsea fans had invaded the pitch. It was the only game that I ever left at half time. I often wondered if it kicked off again after the match.
  7. I was at that match and have never seen so much crowd trouble inside a ground in my life. You couldn't tell who was who and it was a miracle the game even started. We had a huge away following in those days and I'm not sure why so many Chelsea fans didn't make it into the stadium. I was young and with my father. We drove up early and couldn't get into the terraces anywhere. We decided to queue for the seats at the back of the Paxton Rd end and eventually got in. We were surrounded by Spurs fans and kept quite for the duration. Before the game started I remember a fracas in the terrace in front of us but couldn't really see who was who. The Police had lost control as fighting was happening all around the stadium and on the pitch. From what I could see the Chelsea fans where on the wrong of a number of battles and were spread thinly all around the ground. Looking back my Dad stopped going shortly after that and probably didn't want me anywhere that type of trouble. He was fearless about crowd trouble and even took me in the North Bank at Upton Park one year. He was old school and had been going since the 50's. He was oblivious to the trouble and just wanted to go for the football but in the end the trouble just took over and he stopped going.
  8. That seems to be the case. The reason I say frenetic is because on too many occasions we keep passing the ball at speed and the last pass doesn't reach its intended target. Barclay and Jorge were both guilty of this. If the opposition close us down it doesn't matter how fast we move the ball, they will get it from us eventually. We need to run with the ball sometimes and pass it on other occasions. We need to mix it up.
  9. Meanwhile. I think the nett effect of using so many young players is starting to show, particularly with the style of play Frank is adopting. The quick one touch football seems to be frenetic with the last pass frequently not find its intended target. At some point we need to put our foot on the ball and control possession because sometimes we seem to be passing it too quickly with no hope of the pass ever reaching anybody. Barclay and Jorghino were both guilty of this at the weekend. Rather than taking control and maybe running with the ball the one touch pass just gets knocked to the opposition. I understand Frank wants to play the quick route through the field but at some point there has to be a recognition that we are gifting possession too frequently. We either stop this by producing perfect passes every time or we run with the ball a bit more and then pass. I'm not talking about long mazy runs but quick sidesteps or short runs around the opposition. We just seem to be completely intent on passing until we gift possession. Why didn't Mount see more of the ball? We are not Barca of old so at some point I think we will have to adopt a more pragmatic style of play. The reintroduction of Rudi and Kante will obviously help shore things up but Frank must be disappointed with how Sheffield dominated us in the second half. The quick passing game isn't working at the moment and for how long can the team go without a home win? We need something to build on and a slightly more experienced team may be able to control the game a bit more. I know he's not everybody's cup of tea but Willian's experience of knowing when to run and when to pass will help the team and for me he should start the next game. It's not all doom and gloom as we are blooding some youth and Kovacic seems to be making his mark. I thought he played well against Sheffield and should now be a regular. Tammy seems to be hitting his stride and his 4 goals are not to be sniffed at. We just need to control the midfield more. When is Kante back? He's crucial.
  10. I was referring to the return fixture. What makes you think I forgot?
  11. I just checked and the flight is 7h 10m. On a Thursday too. Heh, heh. Hope we are playing them the Sunday after having just smashed Lille in the CL a few days earlier.
  12. Ajax have lost two of their best players, Lille have lost Pepe and we have no long journeys midweek to cock up our PL campaign. The big priority for us this season is rebuilding the team ready for an injection of cash next season and trying to get top 6. Obviously all us fans would be delighted with a higher position but at this point I don't see the CL as being a high priority. It would be a bonus if we got out of the group.
  13. I hear what you're saying but if he can't operate in this country, he literally cannot be one of us. I love the way he has sat in with the fans and walked down Fulham Rd but if the Government stop him from working here he has a big problem. I say "if" the government because it was Theresa May who instigated the investigation and ban and she has gone. How Boris views this is anybody's guess but if Brexit happens the Ruskies might just get a bit more leeway with inward investment.

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