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  1. We have to go careful here. While we all love and respect what John did for the club but lets not encourage Villa. Perhaps a standing ovation and then a Chorus of Villa are Sh*t.
  2. My understanding is that an increase in capacity is inhibited by the small entrances on the Fulham Rd and the last application only received approval because of the proposed additional concourse at the back of the North Stand (still can't call it the Matthew Harding) giving direct access to Fulham Broadway Station.
  3. A double edged sword for Spurs. Fighting Cock about 23% against but overall viewing this as a positive. Red Café wishing him dead. I didn't see this coming at all. Thought he'd go to Arsenal. Don't care either way as long as we don't lose to him. I'm pretty sure Frank and the kids will be more motivated now.
  4. Just spent ten minutes reading a bit about my first season watching Chelsea in 1970. I had forgotten but Peter Osgood received an 8 match ban for getting three bookings. Not even a sending off. How times have changed.
  5. I think he may have suffered a bit of a knock as I saw him limping around with an ice bag at the final whistle. Lets hope its not too serious. Didn't do enough in the game and I question the wisdom in Southgate starting him. He hasn't been playing well yet gets a start. He needs to get fit and work harder when on the pitch. I didn't watch the whole game but only saw one run across the D with a shot the goalkeeper didn't have too much trouble with. Saw a sideways pass and another gifting possession. Maybe he did more but they did take him off so he obviously didn't impress. Needs more time. Only 19 last week. He's got the rest of the season to improve so I think he keeps his place on the bench for big games and maybe a start in the FA Cup. Too early to give up on the guy. Still has huge potential.
  6. Was that a Chilwell, Sancho, Abraham move? Might work nicely down our left next season.
  7. Its not cool that this has been leaked. What's the motivation for the leak? Hopefully it's not a disgruntled player. Some players might view this as dictatorial and lose patience with Frank, especially if they pick up a hefty one. I'd be interested to know if other clubs took such a hard line.
  8. I nearly said that but haven't watched Liverpool that closely this season. Can Liverpool keep up the high energy performances? Do they have the depth of squad to rotate without losing quality? They will probably have enough to go on and win the PL this season but if we continue to improve and buy well we could challenge next year.
  9. Frank and Jody have put a real identity on this team. We play fast, incisive passing football and chase down everything. Its hard for the opposition to retain possession and it wears them down. Palace defended well in the first half but the Kovacic, Willian and Abraham move was just too quick for them. Passing between the lines and quick movement will open up most teams so lets see if we can repeat moves like this further down the line. I think one of the problems Frank will have is actually keeping a lid on the expectations and keeping the players in the moment. He can't let minds wander and must keep the focus on the next game. Its not so easy with the International break as most of the squad are away but maybe he can use this as a positive. Palace and Ajax will be further into the dim and distant and City will be just around the corner. City are on the back of defeat against Liverpool and will be wanting a win. This match is key to how the season will pan out and even though we would stay in the top 4 with a loss we would feel some hurt and it would highlight any faults we may, or may not have. A win would be very encouraging and no doubt start talk of catching Liverpool. Dare we dream? Another potential problem Frank may encounter is player burn out. The energy levels our style of play requires are very high. We chase everything down when the opposition have the ball and to then go on an attack afterwards takes huge reserves of energy. I'm amazed at Willians levels at the moment but it wouldn't surprise me if he started to falter later in the season. I think we leave ourselves open if we change our tactics and sit back so we have to keep going. Franks management of the whole squad will be crucial and the fact we have some real quality coming back from injury is a positive. We will need the whole squad and rotation will become more important. Maybe CHO can play a bit more but I worry about Gilmour and Pedro. Overall we are exceeding expectations so far and maybe we can continue doing this. I'm not expecting anything at the moment and am just enjoying the ride. Having said this top 4 is starting to look a possibility now and I just hope we can fend off complacency and burn out.
  10. I'm sure Frank looks forward to your next critique and will take on board those insightful comments. Your point about Jorginho again is something that Frank needs to pick up on. He really can't play in that position and needs to be shifted somewhere else. Perhaps the bench? Not only would Mourinho have shuffled the midfield pack to deal with Ajax's attack he would surely give invaluable advice on how to integrate the young players into the team. Frank and the fans would welcome such assistance at this difficult time.
  11. It could be argued that a fit Kante would also see benching him as a message. In reality they both know they will get rotated and have to compete for their place. Frank cannot be scared to leave somebody out because they might seek a move. He has to impress upon them that this is a big club playing Champions and Premier League matches and they can't expect to play in every game. I suspect they know any club in the same situation has to rotate so seeking a move doesn't achieve much. The situation for the next two games highlights a situation that allows Frank to rotate without too much of a problem and I'm sure there will other opportunities. PS. Irrelevant, but who would you rather see leave the club?
  12. Still not happy to predict where we finish because..... well just because. Frank and the team are doing extraordinarily well and I'm just enjoying the ride and feel no need to make predictions. We have exceeded my expectations so far and to be in the top four at this stage is a bonus. We still have a problem with set pieces and as long as this continues we are vulnerable so lets wait and see. Ask me again in the new year when Rudiger and RLC are back.

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