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  1. The experienced players are going at the end of the season. Maybe Willian can come from the bench for one more season but if we could get a better right winger I would let him go. The problem is we have to invest in a number of positions and to find the right players for all of those locations will be very hard. The squad probably needs to go through the biggest transition it has seen since Abramovich. It could be argued we need to improve everywhere. The story of this season may not yet be apparent and a late change in fortune could yet materialise. Maybe Pulisic or one or two of the youngsters will step up. We need Sancho. We need a left back. We need to see where we are at the end of the season and who is available but I'm not convinced we will get all of our targets because A) We may not have champions league football and B) the competition for quality will be fierce and C) I'm not convinced RA wants to re-invest the transfer kitty. Comparative hard times but over the years Chelsea has risen to the challenges set out before it. COYB.
  2. I seem to remember last season we had a problem in midfield and the return of RLC put some steel into our performances. We need that right now and it probably isn't going to happen in time. Jorge doesn't catch my eye. He seems to take the easiest option every time. I know it's easy to criticize but I don't think you can argue he's an all-round good player. He lacks physical presence and strength. He does give the ball away sometimes and his passing repertoire isn't extensive. What type of midfield player is he? He's not an attacking midfielder like Frank was. Or Gerard come to that. He scored two goals in PL last season and this season he has scored 6. 4 of which are penalties. He has 2 assists so far He's not a Makele or Kante defensive type player but this is probably his strongest attribute. For me he keeps Kante out of his best position and doesn't offer enough to make up for this negative. He's definitely not a Hoddle or Pirlo type player who spreads it all over the park so I ask the question. What does he offer that Kante doesn't?
  3. As I say, it's hard to take the criticism when you have no ideas about how to resolve the problems. Of course it's harsh to say "stop kidding us". It sounds like you think he is doing this deliberately and that he is entirely to blame. You need to read between the lines when it comes to Franks post match interviews. He hasn't got the experience and quality he needs in key roles and you demanding improvements is just wrong to put it mildly. Frank is very intelligent and I trust him to do his best under almost impossible conditions. He will make mistakes as everybody does but you jumping on his back is uncalled for. What exactly is it you want him to do?
  4. West Ham. It was so bad one year that I left at half time.
  5. Yet you say our defence is shambolic. Of course Frank is defending the players. That's what managers do. They also have to come with ideas of how to resolve bad results. Its very easy to criticize but unless you come up with some solutions its hard to accept your criticisms of Frank. "Tell it like is?" How do you think the players would feel if he came out and said we aren't good enough? We aren't. The squad needs some new blood and attacking talent. I'm not convinced Willian, Pedro or Giroud would be at the club without the ban. Batshuayi would probably be at Palace. We have lost by far our best player and we need to find a new way to play without a top quality forward. For me our defence is better than our attack and the defensive problems arise when we fail to score. We lose focus and heart when we either run out of ideas or fail to score. It's very easy to criticize Frank but he has been dealt a very tricky hand. I don't buy the line that the board are expecting CL football and I always thought we would finish 6th - 8th. I think most fans thought that but some have raised their expectations because of the good run earlier in the season. There was always the possibility that the young players would hit some kind of wall and that has happened. We need to leave Frank in place and let him learn on the job. He is smart and he will learn. He was extremely brave to take on this job this early in his career and he deserves all the support he can get.
  6. Trying to reach an overview after this match is harder than usual because I would usually say the VAR decisions even themselves out over the season but on this occasion I find that a very hard pill to swallow. Had Maguire been sent off he would not have scored the second goal and Utd would have tired earlier in the game. The points Utd pick up from this match put them in a much better position than they were and other teams like Spurs etc can now take heart. This was a crucial game at a crucial time of the season and it was ruined by the Maguire decision. If you consider the push on Azpeliqueta it is a no brainer that VAR had an unfair impact on Chelsea. So how do you sum up what happened? Against impossibly unfair decisions we lose an incredibly important match and that's the end of the story? No it's not. I try to give each player the benefit of the doubt and even considered forgiving Batshuay's miss on the fact that Maguire had kicked him the bollocks so hard that he had lost his shooting boots. In the end I think you have to accept that Batshuayi has to, for now, be put below Giroud in terms of selection. His overall play last night wasn't good enough and while he showed, at times, a willingness to press he did it to little effect and the ball bounced off him too often. He has showed promise in front of goal in the past but his time on the bench doesn't seem to have incentivised him into performing any better. He can't take all the flack as we have lacked any real bite in attack for some time. We just don't score enough goals. I know our defence isn't where it could be but it comes under much too much pressure because of the lack of goals. A pattern in recent games has been for us to not take our chances, then create less chances and then concede. We seem to lose heart or focus when we don't take our chances. I don't think the return of Pulisic, Tammy, CHO or RLC can impact the rest of the season enough. I think we have other problems. I have withheld judgement on Jorge until now but for me he doesn't provide enough in midfield. He keeps a certain momentum going and appears to be a good leader at times but for me he doesn't provide enough going forward. He doesn't lay off that killer pass. On a number of occasions last night I was waiting for him to play a through ball to an attacker and he didn't. He lacks vision. If you add in his lack of physical strength he becomes a problem. For me the story of this match is that it opens the door to no Champions League football next season. The result, rightly or wrongly, has sent us on a downward trajectory that will be hard to recover from and Frank and the players are just about to play the most important game of the season and it's against Jose's Spurs. How does Frank outwit the master again? It's almost an impossible task with the injuries the squad is now carrying. Jose has got Spuds playing his way. For me the only hope is that the injustice of last night galvanises the whole squad to realise this is the match that shapes the rest of the season. This is the match that can change the rest of the season and the current trajectory. Frank needs to have a plan to score within the first 20-30 minutes. If Jose holds a draw at half time he will sit back and try for the late goal. Against our recent trend this will work. If we lose heart and focus Spurs will score against us, Kane or no Kane they have won their last three games and their tales are up. We must score and force them to come at us and leave gaps at the back. I don't think one goal will be enough. Frank needs to build a siege mentality in the next few days and come up with a plan to score. That plan may include Giroud. COYB.
  7. It would have guaranteed him not scoring the second goal.
  8. I read the article and it can only lead to the conclusion that UEFA are at the very best an incompetent and inept organisation and at worst completely corrupt. Basically PSG got off because EUFA didn't lodge an appeal against their own FFP committee within a ten day period set out within their own rules. I find it incredulous that they didn't know their own rules and PSG just get away with obvious cheating because UEFA are inept. It stinks and nobody does anything about it. Chelsea on the other hand sign up too many young players and are banned from two transfer windows, one of which was later found to be unfair. As I say it stinks. Even after cheating PSG still can't win the Champions League. Neither have City come to that.
  9. I had a bit of a problem with that article as well. Firstly it says Roman pumped in £247m pounds and then the club made a loss of £96m last year. If the club only made a loss of £96m why would Roman pump in £247m. I can't believe the club made a loss of £96m despite a £247m investment because FFP rules wouldn't allow it. I suspect the £247m is Romans total loss at Chelsea since first buying the club. FFP doesn't allow that type of investment in clubs unless it's on stadia and stuff like that. Yes it was Theresa May who started the Visa problems for Roman shortly after the Salisbury Novichok poisonings. I don't believe Roman is piling cash into the club A) Because FFP doesn't allow it and B) The club made a loss last year. Many reports in recent years have indicated that Chelsea is a self sufficient club and careful financial management and the sale of players has allowed the club to run successfully.
  10. In principle I agree Stride but we achieved Champions League this season and couldn't and didn't spend in the last two windows. If Roman is staying he would make circa £200m available next window. The club have raised £180m from the sale of players and possibly saved £100m by not spending their transfer budget for the last two windows. If you add in the transfer budget we would have spent in the next window there's approx' £330m slushing around in the budget somewhere next summer. That's enough to pay off the £96m debt and spend £200m on the squad. It would also go quite a long way to paying for a new stadium.
  11. In addition to the above I will be watching the clubs transfer activity very closely this summer. The £96m loss is currently being covered by the funds received from the sale of Hazard, Morata and Luiz and we didn't exactly set the market on fire in January. Will Roman trouser some or all of those funds? We didn't spend in the last two transfer windows so wouldn't there also be a surplus from that? Don't the club factor in a transfer budget every year? They don't rely solely on the sale of players to generate investment in the squad. This being the case we should be expecting an investment next window of circa £200m in the squad. Lets see what happens. I suspect the board are overjoyed at the success of the academy players and view this as a financial bonus. They know only too well that any potential buyer will be looking at the average age of the squad and see how low it is. The club are ripe for the picking at the moment and if Roman doesn't get a work visa he may well think twice about an offer that puts half a billion in his pocket.
  12. You need to go careful reading stuff like that. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2019/12/31/chelsea-fc-financial-results The statement clearly indicates that the club were able to invest in the playing staff by careful financial management. This does not mean Roman poured £280m into the club. The club raised this money by selling players and signing new sponsorship deals. There is no indication that Roman put a single penny into the club which actually made a loss. The club are operating within FFP rules and this forbids owners from pumping huge sums of money into their clubs and distorting the transfer market. Romans personal investment in the club has been minimal for years and I suspect it will remain so until he either sells or his working Visa gets sorted.
  13. Apparently Utd have just applied to install "assisted standing" at Old Trafford. I didn't notice any investment of that magnitude. What was it put into and where was it reported?
  14. I think he looks physically and mentally tired. He's carried the front line on his own all season and it appears to have caught up with him. The attacking midfielders aren't chipping in enough either so his contribution is uncontested. I'm not going to seriously knock any of the young players because they have been fabulous up to this stage but this is when we find out everybody's weakness. We all have weaknesses and strengths and Frank will have to learn how to manage the squads strengths and weaknesses. Who thought when we were banging in goals earlier in the season that we would become so profligate in front of goal later in the season. We are all learning, not just Frank. I think the wastefulness in front of goal has now revealed a mental weakness in some players. We need some experience in the dressing room to lift the players at the moment. The unavailability of top quality players in January is well known so we are going to, at the least, have to wait until the summer. For now Frank will have to learn how to lift the players spirits from what is a very low base. I'm not sure any team Frank was in every showed this lack of character so this is new territory for him and he needs to be creative in his thinking. The FA cup may be an opportunity to try something new. We aren't going to win the FA cup so why not bring back some experienced players to play alongside Tammy. Speak with Pedro and tell him the young players need his experience. It might flatter his ego and perk him up and give him a bit more focus. Willian looks a bit jaded at the moment so give him a rest. Bring Alonso in. Play Barkley from the start. I have to say I thought the players gave up on the high press last night. They didn't always back each other up and later in the game Arsenal moved the ball out of defence far too easily. Maybe Frank should try a new tactic and sit a bit deeper. Let teams come onto us a bit more. I know the defence was a problem earlier in the season but we are now conceding late in games when our mentality is weak. We have Rudiger back and he can marshal the defence. I actually think Zouma is mentally and physically stronger than Christensen. Frank needs to change something and I trust him to come up with a plan. Pulisic has a good mentality and will improve the side when he comes back and I think the return of RLC cannot come quick enough but in the meantime we have to dig deep.

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