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  1. Derby are doing well this season under Frank and will put up a fight. I really can't see them putting up too much of a fight here. 3 - 1 COYB PS. Lets give Frank (and Jody) a hero's welcome. No F*** off jokes please.
  2. Andy North

    Chance Encounters as a Chelsea Fan

    Not really a chance meeting because it happened when I worked on the construction of the new training facility at Cobham. We weren't meant to talk to the players but one day nearing the end of the works I was snagging with a father and son team of fixers. We were inspecting the works from the players car park and heard this terrific rumbling noise from the other side of the adjacent pitch and noticed a really flash sports car driving towards us. As it came closer we could see it was a Mercedes sports of some kind. It looked like a Batmobile and sounded like a Lion. It came closer and closer and eventually parked up right next to us. Out stepped Claude Makele all happy. The son of the team, immediately piped up "Hello Claude, nice car". As the senior person I felt a bit responsible and thought we should just ignore him but the young lad couldn't control himself. Claude was very approachable and said "Do you like my new baby?". At which point the young lad was all of a sudden Claude's best mate. They started talking and before you could say "stop it or you'll get sacked" the young lad, who I can't name, was being invited to sit in the car and look at the dash and everything. This carried on for a while and after a short while Mr Makele said "would you like to go for a spin?". Of course the lad said "not 'arf" and off they went. Growling back around the pitch and back out onto the main road. They disappeared and I was left standing with his father alone. We waited for them to come back. We waited a few more minutes and they didn't come back. Eventually after about 15 minutes we heard the growling engine enter the training ground and saw them coming back around the pitch. As they entered the car park we noticed that the son was in the drivers seat. It was at this point that the father told me that his son was on a D&D. I nearly had a heart attack. Apparently they had driven off to Cobham town centre and Claude had, without any type of request, offered to let the lad drive the car back. He accepted, without fessing up to the minor transgression. They made it back in one piece and I eventually calmed down without the need for a defibrillator. I worked at the Cobham site on and off for a few years and only ever met Claude Makele. A number of the other lads met the players on a regular basis and apparently the best one for making contact was Didier Drogba. He would talk to anyone and was more than happy to sign shirts and chat. Happy days.
  3. Andy North

    Greatest Centre-Back pairing

    For me its Terry/Gallas. It close for Carvalho to be included but the pace of Gallas just about edges it. I remember him catching Henry in full flow and that took some stopping.
  4. Well we have dropped 4 points since my original post but I'm still going for 4th spot. This is mainly based on the fact that MUFC look to have imploded. We play them soon and I really fancy that match to be the end of Jose.
  5. I've put us down for 4th behind City, Liverpool and either Spurs or Manu. It's far to early to make a sensible prediction though. I think the pressure of the CL will wear Utd and Spurs down later in the season. We really haven't played a team of any consequence yet but the Liverpool games will be a good yard stick. I know we have to get past West Ham but if we can do them and Liverpool we will really be cooking. I'm not convinced our defense can hold out for both of those games. It's a great start to the season and you can only beat who you play. Before the season started I had concerns as to where the goals were going to come from but I'm happier now. It seems Hazard could have his best ever season for us. There are goals throughout the team. COYB!
  6. Andy North

    How should we treat the Europa league?

    Agree with most of what has been said already. We have depth enough for the early stages so save our best for the PL. Not sure if all the players mentioned are in EL squad. Looking forward to seeing Ampadu get some game time. He deserves it and could even push for some PL game time if he plays well.
  7. Andy North

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Maybe it's time to sell before his value drops too far. I don't think he's ever going to cut it at Chelsea. Palace will give us £15-20m surely.
  8. Andy North

    Alvaro Morata

    I really can't work out what Morata's problem is at the moment. He was awful at the end of last season, this pre-season and didn't have a good game against Huddersfield. I'm looking for signs that he might get a goal soon but is it me or is he not getting the chances? From memory he had one half chance against Huddersfield. That really isn't enough service. Perhaps if he gets more chances he can regain his confidence.
  9. Andy North

    Mateo Kovačić

    I'm sorry but there is no such thing as a Gentlemen's agreement. If people agree things they get written into contracts. When they can't agree they don't. Why do you think Real didn't give an option to buy? They value Kovacic too much to sell him. They want to see if he has a good year and/or if they are in a position to sell him next year. They are keeping their options open without having to commit to any arrangement with Chelsea. They let the loan go through as sweetener at best. They will not be doing Chelsea any favours at the end of the season. We, on the other hand, have let a world class keeper go for £35m when Liverpool have paid £60m for Alison and we have paid £71m for Kepa. I'm sorry but I know which side of the deal I would want to be on.
  10. Andy North

    Mateo Kovačić

    Lets not kid ourselves here. Real Madrid are not going to be doing us any favours if Kovacic has a belter of a season. Especially if their midfield needs freshening up at the end of the season. They have already had our pants down getting Courtois on the cheap and a one year loan of Kovacic without an option to buy. We're probably paying all of his wages for a year as well. Make no mistake if Kovacic has a really good season Real will be asking top dollar. There's no such thing as a gentlemen's agreement. A year is a long time and anything could happen. He could fail to impress and Chelsea may not want him. IF we do want him and IF Kovacic wants to come and IF Real are willing to sell they are holding the cards and the only leverage we have is money. Kovacic could do a Courtois and force a move but that's a lot of IFs.
  11. Andy North

    Mateo Kovačić

    Maybe he'll fall in love with Chelsea and London and force a move to Chelsea like Courtois forced one in the other direction. Not sure how long his contract runs. Surely Chelsea took out a buy up clause.
  12. Andy North

    Thibaut Courtois

    The Daily Express is just now reporting that Chelsea have "sealed a deal" to sign Kepa Arrizabalaga of Athletico Bilbao. £72m release clause. If it were another paper I might be happy. Let's see. If it's true I am happy as the guy is meant to be very good,and he's only 23.
  13. Andy North

    Thibaut Courtois

    There's more to this than meets the eye. While it was reported last summer that he wanted to go back to Madrid to be with his kids it was also reported on 4th January 2018 in the Telegraph that he was close to extending his contract to 2023 on £200k per week and that it was important we signed Hazard at the same time. He said he would sign if Hazard signs. What has changed since then. Has he had a sudden case of the "guilts" about his kids or has Eden decided to not sign. I suspect Hazard may not extend his contract and because of this he wants out.
  14. Andy North

    How much time will Sarri get?

    Can we please give the guy a chance before we start speculating about the timing of his departure.
  15. Andy North

    Thibaut Courtois

    If we don't get Eden to extend his contract now he will still have a further year at the end of this season. There will be competition for him. Both Real and Barca would love to sign him and come to think of it PSG would probably take a punt. Real seem to be the only club in for Courtois. I'm not sure how to read this because I saw one report quoting Sarri saying he could leave. I've seen no speculation about a new keeper.