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  1. I've tried to like Jorginho but I prefer Kante. I've never seen a conundrum like this where two players counter act each other so equally within a squad. Each players presence in the team almost dictates which way the team has to play. With Kante its a more sit back and counter game and with Jorginho its a quick pass through the opposition type of game. To be brutally honest I just think Kante and the rest of the squad are better suited to playing his way than Jorge's. I also think Kante has more of an impact playing in his style. Jorge's passing while considerable isn't incisive enough and often relies upon another pass from somebody else to really open up the opposition. He is not a Pirlo, he is lightweight and he is slow. Harsh I know. I have absolutely no idea what Frank is going to do about this but I'm beginning to see a style of play developing that may be mirroring the team of 2004 -2006. Frank has had plenty of time to think about the restart and a fully fit squad and we are back with Kante playing a holding role and 3 wins from 3. I just think he sees Kante as his Makele and Mount/Barkley as himself.
  2. Shame it didn't work out for Gilmore as he was beginning to impress. His touch let him down badly and gifting possession brought Leicester into the game. He wasn't the only one and Frank had to change things at half time. I really strange game for me to sum up because even with all the errors and and Leicester playing their part I still felt confident we were going to win. I think them missing some early opportunities helped but our defense has been quite good since the re-start. People are giving Rudi stick for a couple of errors but he does a lot of good stuff and is really quick to snuffs out problems other center halfs only dream of. He has real pace and is good in the air. I also like his leadership qualities. I think playing Kante in front of the defence helps free up the other two midfielders to push on and this is where the conundrum becomes apparent. Jorginho just doesn't fit into this system and at the moment this is the system that has beaten 2nd & 3rd in the table. Maybe we have to sell him for a large sum and buy Sancho if we can. I know a lot of fans like his quick passing and the style of football his presence generates but the reality is that we are a bit more secure when he isn't in the team. If we can get another top quality attacking midfielder into the squad then I think we can really push on. I just don't think you can play that quick ticker-tacker Barca at their best football in the premier league without having a Messi, Xavi and Iniesta type players. Players of that quality do not come along that often and frankly Jorginho isn't one of them. Maybe we can slot him in every now and then against a smaller team but for me he just requires the rest of the squad to play a game that either doesn't work in the PL or that the squad just doesn't suit. Any way if we want to play that way in the future we can utilise Gilmore. I feel some confidence building within the squad. Players like Dave, Willian and Rudi are doing well and Mount and Barclay are doing what Frank wants them to do. I can see a pattern of play taking shape under Frank it includes players like Mount and Barclay arriving in the box at the right time. Just like the master himself.
  3. Which was one more than they did. BBC match stats have Chelsea with 15 shots with 10 on target. City with 11 shots and just 2 on target. City dominated possession but couldn't break our defense down. We should all think about that before slagging off Christensen and Rudiger.
  4. I'm not a huge fan but did you see his goal against Liverpool just before the break. Superb. The guy isn't consistent. I'm happy for him to stay but if the club got an offer of around £40m they should sell. Arsenal or Spurs might take him. He does a job in midfield when called upon but his performances don't make his selection automatic.
  5. I don't mind the adulation Liverpool are getting as they are the Champions, its the love fest for City that gets me. Before the match it was "Oh their bench could win the league, oh they completely dominate games and Oh they have been fantastic since the break!". Frank and the new Chelsea are going under the radar and that suits me just fine. All the great teams teams start somewhere and I feel something is happening in front of our very own eyes. We beat Liverpool just before the break and now we have beaten City. These victories build confidence and give the players the freedom to use their talents. They also give Frank confidence and belief. The players can see that they can beat the best if they play to the plan and listen to Frank. It starts somewhere and I feel this is the start. We need to keep this going and get CL qualification. We are now favourites to do just that. Frank will be so pleased.
  6. Much prefer no crowd noise. Its not fake. Obviously the 3 points make all the difference but I thought Chelsea played pretty well and Villa defended well. They are playing for their Premier League lives and worked hard to close Chelsea down. They had a plan and it worked in the first half. It was only our better quality coming off the bench that turned the game. The 5 substitutes will probably help Chelsea during this run in. We have lots of attacking options and by the looks of it some of our players are already up to quite a good level of fitness. I thought Dave played really well. He was all over the pitch and put in the cross for the first goal. I was impressed with the speed and accuracy of passing. This really has become a feature of the team under Frank. Any long term management strategy is going to take a while to get right but Frank is still heading in the right direction. He just needs to add a couple more features to the teams personality. We need to have more threat in front of goal. We're a bit like the old Arsenal. A bit "Tipp-Tappy" around the edge of the box. We need to learn how to play those close passes inside the box. On a few occasions we got the ball and the men into the box but couldn't make that final pass or shot. It's hard against a team that are defending in numbers but it looked a like we ran out of ideas just when it counted. Maybe if we learn to draw teams out but I worry about our defensive frailties. I'm going to put the Villa goal down to the defense being a bit rusty. I note an earlier poster mentioned how great it would be to have JT coaching at the back and I thought he will never do that and will want to become a manager in his own right. I wonder. Was he looking at the Chelsea team thinking I could improve that defense. Is he so ambitious? He's only at Villa because he finished his playing career there. He's not going to learn anything off Dean Smith and has played under some of the best coaches in the world. Will they give him the job if, or more likely when, they get relegated? I think there maybe questions over JT's future career path. Him and Frank are obviously mates but to be sure they would make a formidable coaching team. On the pitch JT was in charge but these days its Frank who's No 1. Could Frank work with JT or would he feel threatened by him? These are questions that would have to be answered before any "Dream team" coaching set up could take place. Did Frank and JT had a beer afterwards and discussed how shaky Chelsea's defense looked when Villa came forward? So many questions. Probably too many.
  7. Does that mean that Willian doesn't get to stay with us until we have finished all our games? I know that sounds like a different subject but his contract also runs out at the end of June.
  8. As far as I can see Chelsea have at least 7 games to play in July 2020. The above statements are not compatible and I don't understand if Timo can play for the club this season. Maybe he doesn't understand either.
  9. The arrest wasn't entirely his fault but he was obviously breaking social distancing rules and invited trouble into his home. Police bail has only just been dropped so he has been a little distracted in the match build up. I honestly think he needs to learn a lesson and from the reports I've seen he knows he's let the club down. The game is littered with young players who have let their talents go to ruin and he needs to know he can easily become one of those. I love the excitement he generates when he's on the ball and he has shown potential but we have to be realistic in what he has achieved in the premier league. He has done OK in EL but one assist in 14 games in the premier league isn't setting anything on fire. His form in front of goal in the premier league hasn't been good and maybe a short spell on the bench might create a bit of focus.
  10. I don't know if he makes the team to be honest. He's been a silly boy and probably needs to take a back seat for a while. He knows he's let the club down and will probably need a few starts from the bench.
  11. So not only has Kante got some hair but he is back in training. I can't take all this excitement.
  12. With the season just about to resume I find myself strangely out of touch with where we were. I just about remember the midfield conundrum of Kovacic and Kante but now we have Rubens back on the scene. Tammy was struggling towards the end so I assume he will also be raring to go. How do we set up now and do we expect Frank to change things with a fully fit squad at his disposal?
  13. Nah, he hasn't got any. Tammy will be in bits!

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