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  1. Why do so many of our players just pass straight back when receiving the ball?
  2. I remembered we beat Derby and the year but had to look up who scored the goals. It was commercial in 1970 but not in the same way it is now. Its not all bad now. We pay more but the players are better. The loss of atmosphere is the worst thing.
  3. His reading of the game and composure on the ball is superb in someone so young. He has great passing ability and gets stuck in the tackle. I see him as a defensive midfielder in the Declan Rice position. Hope Sheffield don't get relegated for his sake. He needs to keep his chin up and come back next season with a spring in his step.
  4. I'm 59 Driller. I went to my first game in the 1970/71 season at 9 years of age. It cost 3 shillings for juniors to get in. We had a black and white television and I was amazed at how green the pitch was when I got to the top of the stairs of the Bovril entrance. The game was the first league match at the Bridge after we had won the FA Cup the previous season. We played Derby County and Ian Hutchinson scored both goals in a 2-1 victory. Decimalization happened later in the season and in the new fangled money it cost 15p to get in. Adults 30p. I was transfixed from day one and we went on t
  5. It was a better point for Chelsea but neither manager will be overly happy. An away point at Old Trafford is not to be sniffed at. Both managers have got problems with defense so 0-0 was not a surprise.
  6. We are find our way into the season. Conceding so many goals had to be addressed and against Utd away I would have taken 0-0 before hand. I even posted as much. I was very nervous during the game about conceding and was on the edge of my seat anytime they came close. Not too often as it turned out. I agree with your point about finding a new midfield pairing. I understand why Frank went with Kante and Jorge on this occasion as a clean sheet was everything. Frank would have been under a lot of pressure if we had conceded. We had our best defense out and conceding would have left him nowhe
  7. The press are after cheap stories to suit their prejudices on any subject.
  8. I broke the rules and went to Fulham v Utd at Craven cottage in 1974 with some Utd mates. It was the first non-Chelsea match I ever went to. Willie Morgan played that day and the fans loved him. He opened Fulham up and Stuart Pearson scored both goals. Utd had a huge away following when they were in the old 2nd division and there must have been over 5,000 there that day.
  9. There's another candidate from the Abramovich era that stands out but I won't mention his name. I remember a mid-week game where he hit a shot so hard it hit the cross bar, went over the line and bounced out and nobody in the stadium noticed. The TV replay showed it crossed the line but it was too quick for the human eye.
  10. Alex is a good shout. I don't remember David Lee much and can't recall him having a hard shot. Alex could break the cross bar I recon.
  11. Which Chelsea player kicked the ball the hardest? Doesn't have to be a striker. Could be anyone playing in any position. Any player any time. I'm going vintage and saying Micky Droy. There are loads of candidates but you can only mention one.
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