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  1. It was bonkers. I stayed in the port area and from memory there was a small beach there. There was also a larger beach on the other side of the island. All 3 locations were within walking distance. We used to front load at the port and stagger up a steep zig zag path to the town. The town was packed until 12 midnight when all the bars emptied at the same time. Used to pick up the girls on the way down and then back to your room. Scandinavian girls were very accommodating. Oh those were the days. I also remember being in a bar with a mad mate of mine who used to do Jimmy Hendrix impersonations in the middle of the dance floor. He would pull dried ferns from the lampshades and set fire to them in the middle of the dance floor. There are worse stories than this. Like the time the same mate was rowing with his girlfriend while we were island hoping. She was on the boat and he was on the quayside shouting when the boat pulled out. The boat/ship pulled out about 15 yards when he decided he was going to jump back on board. He didn't make it and got sucked under the boat. It was a big ferry with about 20 lorries and hundreds of passengers on board so he was in real trouble. The captain sounded the horn and returned to port. He resurfaced but was very shaken up. He spent a night in the cells and caught back up with us on the next island the day after. Mad days island hoping in Greece but Ios was the maddest.
  2. I used to go to Ios years ago. Everybody was smashed all the time then. It was a very small island with two beaches and one town in the middle. I've never seen anywhere in Europe with such a party atmosphere. I suspect they could run out of booze very quickly.
  3. Its definitely a hard call and I wouldn't want to be the one making the big decisions at the moment. I have a friend who has been affected by the Virus. He caught it about two weeks ago and has been in hospital in a coma for ten days. I was told on Friday that he had taken a turn for the worse and had multiple organ failure. Stay safe.
  4. I haven't looked at the Imperial College modelling closely at all but I seem to remember they were predicting about 250,000 deaths in this country. It was a very high number though. I seem to have come in halfway through a "discussion" you are having about the balance between stringent lockdown measures and the economy after the crisis. It seems to be a fact that two thirds of the deaths being recorded would have happened this year anyway so although the number of deaths could perhaps rise to say 10,000 in the UK it does raise the question, was it worth collapsing our entire economy for 3,333 extra deaths? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/25/two-thirds-patients-die-coronavirus-would-have-died-year-anyway/
  5. I can dust off my Gimp suit without fear of reprisals!
  6. I think you need to read that quote again. It talks of mans pursuit of anything but god.
  7. I can't help but feel that whatever solution the Premier League come up with there will be losers and winners. What happens to the Euros if they play out all the leagues. Maybe it could be postponed for a year but that then puts pressure on WC qualifying and apparently a womens European comp' at the same time. Chelsea have signed Ziyech and he joins the club on 1st July 2020. What happens if the Dutch league isn't finished by then? Why should Ajax carry on paying his wages after 1st July? I don't know if this is biased but I feel the whole season should be written off and played again next year. Chelsea will have dodged a bullet if this happens as they would get Champions League football after having served a transfer ban, losing their best player and suffering their worst season for injuries. I'd still prefer the season to be played out.
  8. I also struggle with the panic buying of Pasta. Especially when it comes from Italy. Another panic buy I struggle to understand is this one. https://eu.usatoday.com/story/money/2020/03/16/coronavirus-people-line-up-gun-stores-stock-up/5054436002/ We run out of bog roll and the states runs out of bullets.
  9. Everybody wants things to go back to normal but it ain't happening for a while. I see two possible scenarios with football. 1) Write off the whole season and nobody wins or loses anything. 2) Wait until the last possible moment and try to finish off the season behind closed doors. This may involve postponing the Euros and even delaying the beginning of next season. I heard this morning that Italy is already asking for the Euros to be postponed until next year. I'm pretty sure all the other leagues will follow suit. To be honest, football has moved down my list of priorities.
  10. It's impossible to say at this point because know body knows if or when this seasons fixtures will be completed. It's the same for all the European leagues. With the Euros also being under significant threat I wouldn't be surprised to see them postponed for a year and the all the leagues play out their remaining fixtures instead.
  11. The uncertainty is causing carnage on the stock markets. My wife works for a cruise company and they are already in serious trouble. They are taking more cancelations than bookings. In fact they aren't taking any bookings. How long can any business operate without any cash coming in? The experts are already saying this will tip us into recession. I can't see the club refunding season ticket holders. No club will want that. They will want to postpone matches to start with but so much is up in the air (including the virus) that nobody knows where this is heading.
  12. Playing behind closed doors is the best we can hope for but with this mornings cancelation of the City v Arsenal match, because of a potential infection among players, I suspect the PL could decide to postpone all matches at some point.
  13. The number of cases is not going to drop at this point. In fact all the evidence is there for the number to up at a quicker rate. This alone will force the government to take additional measures along the lines that other countries are taking. How Cheltenham has gone ahead is beyond me. The numbers were going to go up without Cheltenham anyway. Large numbers on the tube just isn't going to happen. Hope I'm wrong but with the next home game being against Watford on 12th April I just can't see it. Liverpool should do the honourable thing and refuse the PL Trophy if they want to remain a beacon of morality.
  14. I honestly can't see how another game will be played at Stamford Bridge in the next two months. I think the match going fans are in for a huge disappointment. Unusually our next 4 matches are all away from home and by then the Government will have banned gatherings of over a 1000 in public places. At least QPR will get to finish the season.

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