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  1. Not even extra time or penalties. No question who was the best team or who played best.
  2. I agree. Out of all the players I'm most happy for him. I've seen people posting that he's been under performing for a couple of seasons now and I always thought that harsh. He has always given his absolute best and will go down as one of Chelsea's greatest ever defenders. His energy levels are extraordinary and he frequently out runs players much younger. His work ethic is superb and he deserves this success. Super Dave!
  3. Surely we beat the Gooners don't we? I think we beat them and rest a few players at the same time. I'd save Dave for Saturday and play James and Callum. Maybe play Billy again. Take Mason off after 2nd goal and Ziyech can come on and get the third.
  4. I wouldn't put it beyond Mr Abramovich to change the name. He did sack Frank after all.
  5. I'm sure there are others on here who would know the detail of the Pitch Owner's powers but as far as I'm aware they actually own the pitch. If RA decided to move the club to say Twickenham I suspect they could play in any league they like. I don't know in reality but it just shows how this debate is shaking football to its roots. The debate has been going on behind closed doors for a number years and I think the loss of revenue due to Covid has shifted all the owners focus to ways of recovering their losses. The debate now seems to have shifted to a litigious footing whereby the EFL have already taken legal steps to prevent the FA, UEFA and FIFA from banning clubs and players. This is a very bullish start by the ESL. Can FIFA take on JP Morgan in the courts? Do they want to? Or will they sit around the table and work something out. I think the dust needs to settle but I suspect there will be a compromise of some sort. There needs to be guarantees of funds flowing down the leagues and to the grass roots. Maybe even a sweetener for the fans such as cheaper TV and ticket prices funded by player salary caps and banning agents.
  6. I have some sympathy with that view but it is also 55 years since FIFA and UEFA allowed us a world cup. Maybe they needed a swift punch on the nose.
  7. Some Spurs fans are even saying he resigned because of the ESL. 😵
  8. Nobodies getting kicked out of anything just yet. Only PSG would be left, thus making a mockery of the Champions League this season. I'm hoping this doesn't shift the players focus from this strong run of form. Tuchel needs to keep them focused on the football. The players union will have something to say about this but I suspect any player refusing to play for his club would be in breach and liable to fines and/or no wages. The only thing in recent history anything like this is the formation of the Premier league and even then the table was reduced by 3 clubs (I think). This is potentially more disruptive. I don't know if its a good or bad thing at the moment. At first glance it looks like big business (IE JP Morgan) are behind a takeover bid of the Champions League. This type of things happens all the time in the business world but we are football fans and we just to watch CFC in the stadium or on the TV without paying a premium. We also want the cash to flow down the leagues to the grass roots to encourage our youngsters. We haven't heard any plans yet so we can't really say too much. I'm not going to get on an emotional roller coaster like Gary Neville but I do understand his love of the game and the good sport does for society. We need to continue that good but we do not necessarily need to feel too unhappy about FIFA and UEFA taking a timely kick in the family jewels. Maybe this will give the whole footballing family a chance to air their feelings. I know I've never reconciled myself to Qatar getting the world cup. That should never have happened. They are not a footballing nation and just bought that competition. Let the real fans see the world cup. It is an absolute travesty that England hasn't had a world cup in 55 yrs. I honestly think the Europeans have held us back. Italy, Germany, France and not mention Brazil and Mexico have all had it twice but we get overlooked for Qatar. It stinks. I'm on the fence with this one at the moment. If I hear anything about tickets prices or TV subscriptions going up I'll decide then but lets hear a bit more from the ESL.
  9. This is very true. Werner has had more than enough time to play himself into form. Tammy's hold up play isn't that bad and he does score. He deserves a good run in the team.
  10. Tuchel has given him long enough to play his way back into form and its just not working. The team lacks attacking focus and needs a forward right now. We are entering the business end of the season and need to give Tammy or Giroud a chance. I wouldn't sell him just yet.
  11. Overall I would place Chilwell as No 1 LB and obviously last nights goal was superb, but he has recently been going to ground too easily. He also got away with a dive last night in the opponents half. Do that closer to his own goal and he's in trouble.
  12. Maybe there's some room for JT to come back.
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