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  1. I was at the game at WHL where it all went off on the pitch and just about everywhere else. I think it may have been before the '78 match. I remember thinking I don't know who is who here. There where a lot of guys running around without colours. I was in the seats at the back of the Paxton Rd end and it was going off in the terrace direct in front. I can't remember a game with more fighting in the ground than on that day.
  2. I was at a game in the 70's when the Spurs fans were shaking the iron railings running down the north side of the west stand. I'm not sure if this was the same game. The railings were swaying back and forth and it looked a bit dangerous. They didn't come down but it certainly added to the atmosphere. Are you of a vintage to remember which year this was?
  3. I'm going to go with Spurs 14th November 1970 in the League. 61,277 attended. I believe I was there and have no recollection at all. Probably because we lost 2 nil.
  4. Well done Frank. He really does look a composed character on the side lines sometimes. He has the enthusiasm as well. I saw a report he has an IQ of 150. Brains, enthusiasm and composure. Can we have him now?
  5. That is still a drink problem. What about if he was offered Heroin?
  6. So you go for a like for like substitution.
  7. That record is worthy of a team in 3rd position. And if you had told most Chelsea fans they would get 3rd at the beginning of the season they would have accepted it. We have no right to say we are worthy of anything. We become worthy when we win. I am not a huge Sarri fan. I am a Chelsea fan and given we are in next seasons Champions League, nearly beat City in the League Cup Final and have a chance to win the EL I am prepared to give Sarri another go. The away record is poor against the top clubs but I have to accept those teams played better than us on the day and we just weren't good enough. We haven't got a decent centre forward and left back is also a problem. Sarri didn't get a full pre-season so he did well to get us going quickly. We faded badly and the 6-0 and Bournemouth results were sickening. Who would come to Chelsea at the moment. New managers always want to bring in new players except they can't because of the ban. We also are likely to lose our best player. We have to accept that Sarri is here for the beginning of next season. It's all well and good slagging Sarri off but who would replace him?
  8. I didn't say he was an alcoholic. A "budding" alcoholic. I'm not usually so judgemental but the bloke gets paid a fortune and can't get home after a night on the sauce without getting knicked and risking other peoples lives. Lets just say he has a drink problem if drink is effecting how he leads his life.
  9. I have a problem with unconfirmed reports that Conte wanted other players. Is this really true? Why do you think the club didn't get these, alleged, players. Maybe he was asking the impossible.
  10. It stinks really. He's not thinking straight. In all likelihood he is a budding alcoholic who thinks he's above the law. Hopefully he sorts his life out and finds another club. We will probably have to accept a loss on his fee.
  11. I know what you mean but the 70 hours community service will make him think.
  12. Didn't he sign these players? I don't necessarily disagree with you but that isn't a good argument. Personally I didn't have too much of a problem with Conte. I thought he was good manager for us. I don't get the animosity for him. Did he really down tools? We did win the FA Cup under him.
  13. This is madness. We need to rest the squad and not be flying off to the USA. I'm hoping we can just play a second team. We are signing Christian Pulisic in a week or so why not wait until then? The sponsors would get a much bigger audience if he was playing so I really don't get it.
  14. I haven't heard any quotes from Hazard saying he is leaving and going to RM. This doesn't mean he isn't but the quotes attributed to him say he has made his decision. If he does want away the clubs need to agree a figure. He's 29 in January so we won't get the top price. If he wants to go we should let him. He also has to understand that because we don't want him to go that we want a good price. For me £100m is reasonable. I heard Cundy say on the radio that he's worth £80-100m and if the club can't get that we should run his contract down. The problem is that we lose too much if we run his contract down. His wages are about £10m a year so we would pay out £10m to have him for a season but lose out on transfer fee. We need to get some interest from other clubs. Play them off against each other and get the price up. If Madrid don't raise the cash and Hazard still wants to go we have a serious problem but somehow I don't think Eden would do that. I've still got my fingers crossed he won't leave at all. Perhaps we loan him back for year or something similar.
  15. We need to see the bigger picture as far a recruiting a replacement goes. Which top manager is going to come to Chelsea when they have a transfer ban and are losing their best player? We really need to think about this and I suspect he will be with us next season whether we win the EL or not. A mate of mine recons he would sack Sarri now and put JT into the hot seat immediately. While I see that JT is a leader and Chelsea through and through I think it could jeopardise his whole career if it went wrong so early in his managerial career. We've seen it before with people like Poyet, Phil Neville, Sherwood etc. JT needs to learn his trade somewhere else before taking the big job.

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