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  1. The press are after cheap stories to suit their prejudices on any subject.
  2. I broke the rules and went to Fulham v Utd at Craven cottage in 1974 with some Utd mates. It was the first non-Chelsea match I ever went to. Willie Morgan played that day and the fans loved him. He opened Fulham up and Stuart Pearson scored both goals. Utd had a huge away following when they were in the old 2nd division and there must have been over 5,000 there that day.
  3. Yeah I forgot to mention Mendy. Its like you don't even have to think about it.
  4. Put your chopper on the block Strider. I'm going counter attacking. Play 442 with Werner and Pulisic up front. Back 4 as Seville and Mount, Kovacic, Kante and Jorghino midfield. Havertz won't be happy but he needs a kick at the moment. Bring him off the bench if we need to. Maybe Pulisic will tire. For me Havertz doesn't seem to get stuck in the tackle. I've seen him trying to cut the opposition off rather than getting close and threatening. He looks much better in the attacking role. Maybe start him ahead of Pulisic but I want us to sit back and counter. That midfield has good defensive
  5. I think this is a decent team selection that gives continuity to a lot of players and keeps the back 4 from the Seville game. We need to keep clean sheets. We have to change that. We can't keep conceding multiple goals and expect to get top 4. I'm sure Frank knows this. I like having Kovacic in for Jorginho but think he may be better employed sitting a bit deeper next to Kante. He can tackle and chase the opposition down. On occasions he sets up a good pass but his strong point for me is he travels forward with the ball after a quick turn. His forward runs aren't too much of a defensive
  6. I could easily be proven wrong but I think Mark Hughes was the best Utd player we ever bought. Maybe I should rephrase that by saying he was the most effective player we ever bought from Utd. He was immense in his hold up play and scored some real screamers. The crowd loved him and even developed a Manc accent when they chanted "Hugheseh, Hugheseh, Hugheseh". I remember when Veron signed and scored that goal against Liverpool at Anfield. I thought we had bought a real gem but he only made 7 starts and fell away with injuries. Perhaps one of the worst signings ever. Is there a d
  7. I think you mean centre back. I agree if thats what you mean. Yes he made a howler against Southampton but he is strong and good in the air and tackle. Christensen is lightweight and there are too many big guys in the premier league for that not to be taken into consideration. I think Tomori is also too small. I can see the guy is a proper footballer but he needs to fill out or move into the defensive midfield role. I like big central defenders and am struggling to think a really good small one.
  8. Never felt so positive about a 0-0. I even enjoyed watching. Over all I thought Seville looked a real good side and they played through our press quite easily sometimes. Had Frank not worked on defence in the lead up I think we would have got spanked. We didn't though and we got men behind the ball. Kante and Jorginho did their job but I do worry about Jorge's strength, fitness and discipline. His passing wasn't up to its best last night and he really ran the chance of getting sent off. I would drop him and replace him with Kovacic, who made a difference when he came on. His runs through
  9. I'm surprised. I thought she did well.
  10. The bolded bit was meant to be read in the context of the previous sentence where I said " I'd like to think that a bit of slack will be cut" for Frank. By doing this I was infering that Frank stands as much chance of a bit of slack being cut as Covid being over by Xmas. I have friend who caught Corona Virus (as it was in those days) at the end of March. He was 65 years old, type 2 diabetic and obese. I spoke with him on the friday and he was fine. By Tuesday he was in the Brompton Hospital with lung failure and in a coma. After that he had multiple organ failure and we all thought he w
  11. I would say the latest news is that he hasn't made an impact yet.
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