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  1. Or he could simply run his contract down and get much higher wages next season from a new club that could afford to pay top money because they got him for free. Its not a simple situation. There's huge speculation going on but the bottom line is that all parties know that if he doesn't sign in this window he will go for a free next year. The end of the window is looming and if he doesn't sign I suspect Chelsea will say OK we'll take £30m for him. As a young player he is fantastic but he is also a huge risk. As far as I know the injury he has is very serious and could be a sign of future problems. It was strange how he picked the injury up and nobody knows if he'll end up like Sturridge or not. The risks are as high as the potential rewards. This could be why all parties are being extremely cagey.
  2. I need a break but the thought of Frank working his magic keeps me afloat.
  3. I accept it's hard for kids to have success in football and only the few will be successful at the highest level. Some will come through immediately, some never and some in the lower leagues. It's massively disappointing when your own flesh and blood doesn't quite make it at the highest level and yes certain kids get shipped around like a commodity but that's life. In most lines of work people are only as good as their last game and if you don't perform you're out. That's life I'm afraid. All of this doesn't mean the fans or the club can't reasonably expect a straight answer or perhaps just a little common decency/curtesy. The longer this goes on the more bad feeling will fester. It just seems to me that his agents do not give a fig for anything other than the absolute max payment and to hell with the clubs or the players happiness. The guy is 18 years old, grew up in Wandsworth and his agents are touting him around Germany when his local club who he has been with since a kid have offered him over £5m a year to sign. We all know if he absolutely smashes it on the pitch he will be able to renegotiate in a couple of years so what s the problem? Why take so long?
  4. It's the transfer ban. It's getting to me. We need talented new blood after Hazards departure and we can't get them because of the ban so this puts more pressure on signing the likes of CHO. It's also Friday afternoon and I just felt like posting something.
  5. I'm getting to the stage where I'm losing patience. CHO's team are running the clock down and the club at some point will have to say OK we are selling because we are not prepared to let you go on a free. We have invested in and nurtured you since you were a little kid and are not prepared to see all that hard work go down the pan. We will invest the transfer fee in a player who does want to sign. I know he is potentially the next best thing but the long drawn out negotiations stink of bad blood somewhere. Frank could do without this and needs to know who is committed to the club. Having said that I'm not convinced that Frank has that much say about signings and negotiations. His comments the other day lead me to believe this is purely a matter for Marina. She needs to get her head down and resolve this.
  6. While I'm unhappy about there being no announcement of him signing the club need to play it smart here. It seems to me his advisers, his brother and father, are controlling his contract talks. Its all speculation but why wouldn't he have signed by now? Money? Really. Are Bayern going to offer him more? I don't think so. Are they going to offer him more playing time than Frank. He's injured at the moment so that's a bit academic but Frank has already announced he is central to his plans. Why hasn't he signed? Playing time and money are better at Chelsea so there's something else going on. I'm beginning to think there's a battle between the club and his family. Callum has grown up in this country and is a Londoner. His father was born in Ghana and played International football for his country. Apparently at the peak of his career he was earning £7 a week. This type of treatment as a player would tarnish any views on your sons contract talks. He will obviously want the very best for his son but if he isn't au fait with how negotiations play out he could be making it very difficult for the club and Callum. I suspect Callum is caught between his own instincts, which would be to continue his career at a club he has been at since the age of 12, and trying to please his father who was treated badly as a player. The club need to keep their heads and treat all concerned with as much patience as possible and bend over backwards if they have to. He is a special talent and I really don't want him to become the next De Bruyne or Salah.
  7. Champions League will test the depth of the squad and I suspect we will need 4 centre halves. We have Luiz, Rudiger, Christensen, Zouma and Ampadu. Dave does fill in sometimes but he's not getting any younger and I think he's a bit on the small side. I prefer him on the right and Zappa ain't pulling up trees. So one of the five will have to go. I really rate Ampadu and my heart may be ruling my head here but I would sell Zouma. Everton are hot for him and we can give Ampadu some game time. It may even be that Rudiger isn't fit for the start of the season and we need him in support. Ampadu can play in front of the defense so he adds something else to the squad. If he went out on loan I would rather see him go to a good club where he got plenty of game time. If we take Tammy back I think Villa would be a good club for him for a season. Maybe my heart again wanting JT to train him up but I see a bit of JT in Ampadu. Not so much the same skill set but the confidence. Anyway Ampadu needs game time. Maybe if he went to a Championship side he would get plenty of game time. Derby? Fulham? I would rather see him at the Bridge and playing in cup matches and the lesser PL matches. I see no reason why he can't become the next De Ligt.
  8. Still missing. Went about two weeks ago.
  9. So has mine! Bring back the like button!
  10. It's great to have Frank back and I think he can do well given the support of fans and the board. There are so many positives with Franks work ethic and Jody's understanding and knowledge of the youth players will be invaluable. I believe future could be bright but I have a concern. Drogba, Makele, Cech, Morris, Newton and a few others sounds like a big coaching staff. It was good to have all these guys around when they were on the pitch because they could go onto the pitch and make a difference but put them in the dressing room and Franks message gets diluted. Their position within the coaching staff must be made crystal clear and they must do only as Frank says. They must work within Franks framework and only Franks framework. Drogba is a big personality, a smashing guy, but a big character. We cannot have him developing his own clique within the dressing room. This is Franks dressing room and he must be the boss. Drogba may have the best intentions in the world but I worry he could become a distraction from Franks leadership. I think what I'm trying to say is too many chefs could be a problem. Hopefully Frank is aware of the potential for confusion setting in with so many on the coaching staff.
  11. It does appear Morata has a psychological issue. I've never seen a player go down so frequently from such little contact. He didn't adjust to the physical nature of the premier league and felt hard done by anytime somebody got close. He just went down and complained as if he felt our culture of physical play was wrong. He spoke of a lack of respect from the fans but he didn't respect the physical nature of the game in this country. To be honest I don't think Pep Guardiola could get a tune out of him. We should cash in as soon as possible and build a war chest for next summer. Frank has already spoken about wanting to recreate a wining mentality with strong characters in the dressing room. Morata's character is feeble and I suspect Frank won't allow him anywhere near the dressing room. Better to have a hungry youngster or a world cup winner.
  12. I like a bit of sport. Can we have him back. I didn't get round to asking if there were any other Chelsea youth players he would like to see at Derby or did he think there might be a danger of Derby become a feeder club or nursery.
  13. Has Chelsea gone down in your estimation enough for you to not consider taking Mason Mount and Tomori on loan again?
  14. Chelsea is the best deal. Unless of course you know better.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48823088

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