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  1. First time posting and getting back to games in quite a while. Wouldn’t put much emphasis on this at all. Give me 3 points against Leicester all day long instead.
  2. Reports from several papers that Hazard has told the club he wants to leave.
  3. Still can't quite believe Jose is gone. We all knew it was coming, but doesn't make it any easier. The right decision? Probably, yes, being as pragmatic as possible.. But what can we salvage from this season? An FA Cup at the absolute best? Makes no difference if you finish 8th or 16th; top 4 was, and is, gone. The players are the underlying problem at this club. A temporary shift in form will not ever redeem what they did to Jose, and will not get us back to the top of the prem.
  4. It was clear things weren't going to turn around and that either the players or Jose had to go. Unfortunately, there's only ever going to be one winner in that battle. I'm absolutely gutted, but can't blame Roman. As painful as it is it say it, it's the correct decision. I hope tribute is paid to him by the fans on Saturday, and I'm certain it will, but at the same time, we must get behind the team and the Club we all love (as disgusted as many of us should be by the players right now). Things may improve, but I don't see it being by much. These players don't have the leadership and personality to dig us out.
  5. You can't criticise Abramovich on this occasion, the players are the ones to blame.
  6. 'On his arrival in Turin, Cuadrado was greated by awaiting fans...' Imagine going to the airport to see Juan Cuadrado; who the feck has got time for that nonsense?!
  7. I don't think there's any need to drop Cahill just yet. He has certainly made a few mistakes, which he deserves to be criticised for, but I think some of the reaction has been a bit over the top. Zouma has looked decent enough when he's come in, but I don't think he's ready just yet to be thrown in at the deep end. We do, however, need to sign a new centre half in the summer (I can't see us bringing one in in this month), to provide much needed extra cover and competition.

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