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  1. If Jorginho is the best player in Europe it must mean that DeBruyne is the best player in the world.
  2. Slojo. Posted every 30 minutes and changed his mind every 20 minutes. I know someone else like that.
  3. Did you ever see Robert Fleck? The Scottish Werner.
  4. Absolute God of a player. He occasionally made David Luiz look half decent so that in itself tells you much quality he has.
  5. OK CoCo. Without Kante coming on I do assume, (believe), we wouldn't have won 3-0. The original point still stands. You don't leave your best player out of the starting lineup.
  6. He struggled massively in the first half as Spurs mostly dominated the central midfield area. As did Jorginho. Debbie Alli and Hojberg were a major thorn in our side and were winning nearly every physical challenge. Then TT realised his error he had made and brought the best CM in the world on at half-time and Kova and Jorginho suddenly looked like players.
  7. Tuchel 3.7/10 from me today. Got lucky IMO. Very lucky. If Messi is 90% fit would Barca have left him out? Ronaldo 90% fit would Real have left him out? No. No. No. Tommy you do not leave N'golo Kante out of the starting line up for a huge game like today!! You just don't. You realised you had made a major blunder at half-time, but it was still a major blunder and you were lucky to get away with it. Jorginho. Decent player. Kovacic. Decent player. But for games like today, neither of them should ever, ever, be picked in front of Kante. He is on a different planet as a player. Full stop.
  8. I said earlier in this match thread there are two players we have you NEVER leave out of the huge games. Silva and Kante. Both of them walk into the all time football hall of fame.
  9. No chance. Technically a very poor footballer. Hasslebaink was technically poor but he was natural finisher. Werner isn't. We need to sell ASAP.
  10. Kante sweeping up Jorginho's missed tackle on the edge of our box.
  11. He didn't start Kante. You are right to question him.
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