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  1. Agreed slojo. I've always said you can never get the full picture of a player's contribution from stats alone, but overall they do give an indication of their strengths and weaknesses. Personally I think Kante's stats give a fair indicator that, so far, he is not having the particularly poor season a few people are saying he is.
  2. I read that twice. Nope, definitely don't agree with a word of it. I haven't seen a more exciting young striker than Abraham this season. He has everything to be world class and has not really put a foot wrong so far IMO.
  3. ....... and yet Slojo if you check out the EPL defensive stats on whoscored.com Kante is ahead of Kova in match averages for tackles, interceptions, clearances and defensive blocks. In fact in all those aspects he is also behind Jorginho too. Bloody stats!!!!!
  4. Like others, I really don't see what you are stating as fact Scott. Kante's display against Lille was the most complete performance of any Chelsea player this season by a country mile. Simply awesome in every aspect.
  5. I too don't see the supposed loss of form that Kante is meant to be going through.
  6. How I saw it too. Don't think any of our players played poorly except Bats.
  7. Good old Bats and his finishing. He's taking me back in time to the glory days of Fernando Torres.
  8. Seen a lot of him this year and he certainly isn't lazy. The Arsenal fans love him. He's their one world class player.
  9. Was better today but for me, he still needs to add some urgency and aggression to his play.
  10. just


    Thought he was our best player today............. again.
  11. I was praying Luiz wouldn't get sent off. With him in their back four it was only a matter of time. For our winner, when he ran after the ball away from the centre and was isolated 1 v 1 with Willian, it had goal written all over it....... or penalty. I thought we were in control the minute Frank subbed Emerson and changed the formation. Never in doubt for me from there on except when Jorginho could have had a red for the tug on Genjulie. He was lucky there. He would have walked with most refs. On Arsenal, I thought Abuymeng was huge for them. A fantastic striker with a fantastic attitude and work ethic. Him next to Tammy would be a dream.
  12. Some people seriously need to get a grip. Especially those criticising Lampard. What the hell were you watching? That game turned the minute he made the early substitution and changed the formation. A substitution Sarri, Ancelotti or Conte would never have had the balls to make that early in such a big game. From that point on we dominated possession and also had some parity in midfield. For anyone who has even a limited knowledge of the Arsenal back four, the goals were just a matter of time and patience.
  13. Always goals when you isolate Luiz. Was just a matter of time.

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