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  1. Moi, me and you both know and understand the fashion statement a smart Trilby can make. Especially one with a striped hat-band. But I think you forget Sarri is having to make an impression with, and alter the fashion perception of, a much younger generation of football players and fans. A generation for whom oversized hoodies and low-slung, beltless, bumcrack jeans are seen as the couture of choice and a sure fire way to impress the ladies. For this reason Sarri has to go with the baseball cap as a cross generational compromise to get the "yoofs" on-board with what he is trying to achieve.
  2. ....... and he could accessorize better. A scarf casually draped across his shoulders ala Roberto Mancini, or a baseball cap worn at a jaunty angle?
  3. No, no believe me I totally understand. I am around that age myself and thank the wife and my daughter everyday for the gift of elasticated waistband Chinos and Cotton Trader polo shirts with upturned collars that make me the trendy man about town that I am today. Left to my own fashion devices I would be a total Sarri clone, even employing the comb-forward hairstyle and white socks with Black trainers combo.
  4. Fair enough. But surely Nike can knock out a stylish Chelsea blazer and tie for our manager? Or perhaps a CFC crested cashmere jumper that he could wear loosely knotted around his neck on these warm spring matchdays?
  5. Just an observation. Do you think that when Sarri goes in the megastore for his weekly shop that a member of staff could, just for once, steer him away from the baggy tracksuit section and towards the formal / casual menswear department? Just for a change. My missus is complaining that Sarri is crushing her life long held stereotype of Italians as being a trend-setting, stylish, cultured race of people with his dishevelled, homeless look. Me personally, I greatly admire his dress sense and also his choice of central midfielders.
  6. If everyone is fit ........................ Kepa Dave.....Christensen.. Rudiger.......Emerson ...........................Kante ....RLC...............Barkley...............CHO ............. Hazard.......Giroud No Jorginho.
  7. Lots of talk in the papers today that Neil Warnock is interested in taking him to Cardiff.
  8. .. And that infers what exactly?
  9. And how old the players are! That's really, really important. You don't want too many youngsters!
  10. Agree Slojo. You can see why Jose had the raging hump with their board when they didn't get him the centre-backs he was chasing.
  11. Ajax reinventing "Sarriball" with pace and end product. And all done with kids.
  12. I hope Sarri was watching that. Ajax reinventing "Sarriball" with real end product and using kids.
  13. Ajax not getting the benefit of any decisions here.

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