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  1. I think neither Jorginho or Kovacic will be in the starting XI next season. Now, let me put on my tin helmet and get under the table. Incoming.
  2. A couple of weeks ago a comparison was being made between a Prime Drogba and a Prime Costa and what they were capable of in big games. Watched Costa last night. Had to laugh.
  3. He has never been my favourite player Val, but in terms of his attitude and professionalism I agree, you can't fault him.
  4. I agree Loz. I thought Boris and Brexit might stop all that sort of thing.
  5. Not surprised to see that after that performance and that result, against an in-form team, that this thread is a Brutos free zone tonight.
  6. In terms of overall balance that was the best midfield blend I have seen this season of attacking creativity, defensive covering and physicallity. Everton were sh*t today apparently. But they have been a side bang in form recently. So, were they sh*t or were we simply very, very good?
  7. More pace and physical presence than Jorginho?
  8. As always Davey an impassioned and well crafted post the majority of which I agree with. Where we diverge is on two counts. One, I don't think Kova, even with his improvement in form this season, would have got in ahead of Maka, Lampard, Essien, Ballack etc. And two I don't bring up Essien, now or ever, as a direct comparison with Kova. They are completely different players. No, I bring Essien up as the sort of player I believe we need to add to our midfield to make us better, to give us more energy, dynamism, size, strength, physicality because IMO we are crying out for that in our central midfield and it shows in games like last night. I think most people who have followed my posts on this understand my point, even if they don't agree with it. We are a side still in transition with Frank trying to find the right pieces and to fit them together. By the start of next season I really don't think Kovacic and Jorginho will be our starting central midfield pairing. Time will tell. But IMO I think Frank realises we have a soft centre there and need to add some physical presence. RLC would add size, height and strength but, like Barkley, he doesn't seem blessed with natural athleticism. @big blue I think suggested a central pivot of RLC and Kova which we might see at some point before the end of the season.
  9. Perhaps a swap deal for De Bruyne?
  10. This is the one choice that really has me scratching my head. Zooms and Tomori have more physical strength, more pace, more aerial ability and offer more of a goal scoring threat from set-pieces than Christensen. Zooms also has a better range of passing IMO. It seems a no-brainer for me. He must be bloody mustard in training to keep getting picked.
  11. Agreed. Is he even a midfielder? I'm with you Roman, I think our central midfield is often an issue when we play physical sides that close us down quickly, and have posted my thoughts on this many times. I also don't share the opinion some espouse that Kante has had a nightmare season and at 29 is finished at the top level.
  12. Very fair view Dean. I'd agree with all that. Don't think he is world class or even close at the moment but neither are most players. I do like him Dean, definite major improvement on what he offered last season.
  13. Listened to Pat Nevin post match on BBC 5 Live and he said he likes both Kovacic and Jorginho but that they were out-classed tonight, and that no Chelsea players would get in the Bayern side. He also said he had never seen Jorginho lose possession so much. I'd say that was an honest assessment from Pat. Decent players on their day Jorge and Kova, but have to agree with what Slojo keeps telling us....... neither are Michael Essien.
  14. What a fabulous post. Nailed it there DD.

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