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  1. You mean like Luiz did against Tottenham? The worst defending I have seen in a long time was Mr Curly Top against Norwich yesterday. He made Pukki look like Pele all game. It will remain the worst defending I have seen probably until I watch him again next week. An absolutely abysmal defender under any sort of pressure, positionally one of the worst centre-halves to have ever kicked a football.
  2. Have tickets for Elvis Costello and The Imposters in London in March. And Simple Minds in Leeds in April.
  3. Luiz is having one of his "special" defending days. It really won't matter what manager Arsenal have while he is in their back line.
  4. Sorry if I didn't reply Dan. Please don't take it personally. My job requires me to travel quite extensively and be away from home. I was in Wales most of this week and didn't get to see the Valencia game. Only got to see the goals yesterday and it was a great strike by Kovacic. Hopefully the first of many more to come. I'm not sure what you want from me really. I have already said that Kova is performing a million times better than he was at any time last season and I am glad he is in the squad. Look back through this thread Dan, many people on here, not just me, didn't want us to buy him during the summer because he was consistently very poor under Sarri that is fact. For me Barkley was a better attacking option last season, and the stats backed that up. Nothing to do with your assumed Kovacic hatred or bias which you seem to be convinced I have. Look at the end of season table here from last season on page 2 of the thread. As scored by all of us on The Shed End. My view is, we need a major physical presence in our central midfield to dominate that area against the top teams think Essien, Viera, Keane, Ballack. Kovacic isn't that player, and nor is Jorginho. If we got that player Kovacic would be the player I would leave out to accommodate him because I think Jorginho is more influential to the type of football SFL is trying to play. That's it in a nutshell really.
  5. David Luiz doing what he does so badly. 1 - 0 Norwich.
  6. Definitely, an assist is good. Here's what I'm hoping for next......
  7. Not really Coco. RLC has the physical size, but is nowhere near the athlete that Essien was. That said, very excited to see RLC in this team. Hopefully he is 100% over his injury when he returns.
  8. Sorry Dean, I think the Michael Essien type player is what we the need the most to dominate the central midfield against the top sides. The player I would leave out to accommodate him in those matches would be Kovacic.
  9. IMO the one thing we need is a major physical presence to dominate the midfield. Jorginho and Kova are having great seasons but are too lightweight. A supreme athlete, a hardman enforcer, with a brain, who can also play a bit. A second Michael Essien would make us a frightening side to play.
  10. The one thing we are missing, is a Michael Essien. An absolute beast of a physical player in the middle of the pitch. A terrifying presence. Someone who could run for ever, tackle the Kevin De Bruynes of this world in half and shat him out in little pieces. And, as an additional bonus, score the occasional worldy. Unfortunately, Kovacic isn't that player.
  11. Harry Winks Tottenham career over in the space of 24 hours. Someone wondered what reception Moansay Mourinho will get back at the Bridge? His car set on fire hopefully. That first game, how good would it be to do them on a dodgy VAR decision. Moansay would explode.
  12. Really tough to chose I feel. Virtually everyone in the squad has delivered when called upon. For consistency alone, it's between Jorginho and Willian for me.
  13. I think the two players SFL has given media kudos to the most this season Davey is Jorginho and Willian. Understandable given how they have played. He isn't gonna be leaving Jorginho out anytime soon. Unless he is injured or banned.
  14. He did not play well last season Dean. That is an inescapable fact. His highlight of the whole season was a 15 -20 minute spell in the 2nd half against Arsenal in the final. I understand you have a link to him and have followed his career and had high expectations of him. I haven't, and didn't, so could only base my opinion on what he was doing on the pitch last season. If I'm supposed to be stupid for having had that view I must share my stupidity with a lot of others on here who said Willian was a total waste of space.

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