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  1. The first half was without doubt the worst performance since we lost 4-0 to Bournemouth under Sarri. Plus side, Frank changed things up at half-time and the players responded superbly. I still believe we are gonna be fine this season. Especially when all our players are fit and available.
  2. Really hope there are legs in these rumours. I'd be happy to see him at Arsenal. I'd be ecstatic to see him at Tottenham! A one-trick pony of a player with absolutely no physical attributes that make him suitable for the EPL.
  3. Wish him well. Always liked him. POTY for me this season.
  4. Oh, you drive a hard bargain Ampie!! Alright this is my final offer. £4.70, a packet of crisps, and half an hour with your sister. Bring your van round the back of Stamford Bridge tomorrow at 4.30 and you can take him away. If you drop him off at Arsenal it 's worth an extra £20. Drop him at Tottenham and I'll try and come up with the £10 million myself.
  5. I'd agree with most of that. I get so frustrated when he turns away from a player in midfield and then has 10-15 yards of space ahead of him to drive forwards and commit other opponents, but then he often stops and passes. It loses any tempo and advantage he created. The run through the middle of our midfield from Bellerin in the cup final created Arsenals 2nd goal. That is what Kova needs to do a lot more of to be really effective in the final third.
  6. If it were a straight choice I would definitely keep Barkley over Jorginho. Offers so much more.
  7. Imagine. Given that he is so talented an vitally important you would have thought Frank wouldn't have had him sitting on the bench so often. Perhaps because Frank knows he ain't all that.
  8. It would surprise me. Any offer around the £10-15 mill mark, I would bite their hand off.
  9. I don't think I have seen such a limited footballer arrive with such a big reputation, have so many chances and deliver so little. Except Fernando Torres of course. If he was George Smith from Barnsley, and delivered the exact same performances as he he has I really don't think he would be getting the backing he does.
  10. Yeah, yeah. Same old, same old. Everyone else's fault except the bloke who can't run, tackle, dribble, head the ball or score. When Sarri goes to Southampton hopefully we might recoup something on Jorginho. It's where they both belong in the EPL.
  11. Sadly I think you are right CB. Zouma is the only one I would keep. He has his limitations but his physical presence, pace, aerial ability and his total commitment is something we need from more of our defenders.
  12. Zouma is miles better than Christensen.
  13. Thought Zouma had a good game period. The 2nd goal came from Bellerin running unchallenged through the middle of our midfield.
  14. Hopefully his last game for us today. All his limitations magnified in one game. Hope Guardiola still wants to buy him. But I very, very much doubt it.
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