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  1. Agree about the price, but he would be a massive upgrade on Jorginho in almost every respect. Playing Rice as a DM would also allow Gilmour to flourish.I At that price though Bissouma is the player I would go for.
  2. This one is easy. If you want to be a Chelsea fan you must hate Tottenham. There's a song about it.
  3. Good points Syd and can see why a comparison with a young Iniesta is drawn. To me the player he most resembles in style of play is Glen Hoddle. Hoddle's passing ability and vision was sublime. He caressed the ball around the pitch. Gilmour looks to have the same attributes. IMO he is already the best passer of the ball in our squad in terms of his range and accuracy.
  4. There are LOTS of stories that Lukaku is a real favourite of Roman and that his agent was invited to the CL final. 1. I don't think he is the best option out there. Don't care what his stats are in serie A, it is not a great standard at the moment. 2. Roman has always made a sh*t choice in strikers. Torres and a well over the hill Shevchenko being two of his personal favourites.
  5. Breaking down the brilliance of Chelsea's immovable object N’Golo Kante Kante's incredible performance in the Champions League final begs the question: is he the greatest-ever in his position? ByMike McGrath30 May 2021 • 1:54pm Kante's celebrations were typically understated, but his performance was pivotal to nullifying Man City CREDIT: Getty Images/BT Sport While his persona is at the other end of the scale to hell-raising, there is a touch of Dennis Rodman about N’Golo Kante, whose skillset is inco
  6. I don't do any other forms of social media at all apart from these forums. So if anybody has found any comments from the Gallagher twat twins I'd be grateful if they could post it up. Noel Miserable had an awful lot to say before the game.
  7. Mikel in 2012 now Jorginho in 2021. Both forever cemented in Chelsea history. The comparisons keep coming. I wonder if, every night before bed-time, Jorginho says a prayer and thanks God for Ngolo Kante? I know I do.
  8. It's one thing playing in a position that allows you to be everywhere. It's another thing completely to actually "be everywhere". That is the genius of Kante.
  9. Absolutely right. You just know if we had turned in a poor performance and lost last night, the media would have had a field day with stories about Zidane and Conte being lined up by Roman to replace him.
  10. IMO the two best left backs in the EPL were on show last night. And our left back was better. What a first season he has had!
  11. That's not right. Only a very few people on here considered selling Kante. Most of us knew it was only a case of getting him over the injuries and 100% fit again.
  12. It's what world class strikers do to be remembered in Champions League finals BB. They win corners and run beautifully.
  13. Look at the White VAR line in the photo. He's off-side again! Unbelievable!!
  14. The one and only slight disappointment tonight is that we only won by a single goal. We were the better team from start to finish. A 2-0 or 3-0 scoreline would have been a truer reflection of the game.
  15. Same here. It didn't look that bad in real time but De Bruyne went down like he was whacked by Mike Tyson. The City physios kept him down on the ground for so long I thought they were waiting for him to stop being ginger.
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