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  1. just

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    I voted for him as my MOTM in the Citeh game and he was up against other big performers on the day especially Dave and Kante. But I know, as we all do, that he won't play like that consistently and will turn in another Tottenham performance before the end of the season. It has been the same his whole career, wherever he has played. It is his nature. He cannot hold that level of concentration and discipline week in week out. That's why IMO he can never be talked about as being top class. Baresi, Maldini, JT, Bonucci, Desailly, Vidic, Silva, Lucio all great centre-halves\defenders who never had such peaks and troughs as Luiz. They made odd errors as all defenders will occasionally, but they maintained levels of defensive consistency and decision making that Luiz has never achieved at any stage of his career. I get that that makes him entertaining. We cheer him on and sh*t our pants at the same time, but at the end of the day that inconsistency won't help us get to where we want to go as a club.
  2. just

    Mateo Kovačić

    I am the opposite to Argo. Not at all convinced by Kova yet. Sure I can see he has potential but he really, really needs to add some end product IMO. The swirly twirly in the middle of the pitch is definitely going to get him on Soccer AM next Saturday but we want more than that. Physically Barkley and RLC are bigger, stronger and better in the air. Kova covers more ground but is that really enough? My usual measure of player is would I be gutted if they went to Tottenham? If Kova went tomorrow I don't think I would be with what I have seen so far.
  3. Must be tough being so sanctimonious all the time. Must be the Yorkshire thing.
  4. Totally deserved in the 2nd. Excellent from everybody but Dave, Luiz and Kante were superb. What a feckin turnaround from the Tottenham performance.
  5. We had deserved that and so has Luiz.
  6. 2nd half we have been all over them.
  7. just

    Roman ready to sell?

    Agreed. I also think it means he will not make anymore big investments into the club until all this is resolved. I would not be at all surprised if he sold up.
  8. just

    Roman ready to sell?

  9. The word from the camp today is Sarri cancelled training and instead made the players watch films all day.... Zulu, The Alamo, and The Battle of Agincourt. Just to get in the zone. Not bothered if we lose so long as they all show some f**kin passion and fight.
  10. just

    Random Rumours

    Haven't seen enough of Mina to form an opinion yet. Obviously dominant in the air and therefore a big threat at set pieces.
  11. just

    Random Rumours

    From what I have seen of both players Gomes looks a much better option. Not overly impressed with Kovacic so far. Alright, nothing special IMO.
  12. just

    Tammy Abraham

    We could try Luiz at Centre Forward. We have tried him everywhere else. And if he can lose defenders as regularly as he loses strikers, it might work out.
  13. Indeed. Backbone and bollocks are important and should be part of our transfer policy going forwards. The following should mean we will not sign a player: 1. Brightly coloured boots. 2. Curly hair. 3. Hair that has stripes shaved into it. 4. Any player that has been in a shampoo or mens grooming product commercial. 5. Tattoos - Not allowed except for a skull and cross bones or a bulldog on the forearm. 6. Defenders who can't defend but can pass. 7. Strikers who can't strike but can defend. If the pass they above criteria we then apply the backbone and bollocks tests. Firstly, an X-ray to ascertain if they have a backbone. And then a visual check from a medically qualified tea-lady to determine the size of bollocks they have and their resistance to shriviling. This is measured by the reaction of the bollocks to damp and cold and Delle Ali repeatedly calling them a w**ker while he sneaks in at the back post and kicks them in the bollocks. If they pass the above we give them the Captaincy and look for 10 more made of the same stuff.
  14. Neil & Liam Finn in January. Catfish and The Bottlemen in February. David Gray in March. Saw Christine and The Queens in Bournemouth two weeks ago. Very, very different in a good way. A performance art show rather than a normal concert.
  15. just

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Chelsea do a lot for these young players except play them!!!!!