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  1. This thread is a compliment to how Lampard is already revolutionizing football tactics in Europe! He has only been in charge for 3 competitive games and he has already invented a new formation! When our number 9 actually starts to finish the business and pulls the chain I can see a lot of lesser managers giving up the Christmas tree formation and adopting the toilet formation that Frank has invented.
  2. Spot on Spiller. We also have four quality players to return at some point; Rudiger, RLC, James and CHO. The first two will be nailed on starters. This will give Frank more options to choose from and RLC will give us more physical presence in midfield which I felt we needed in the 2nd half yesterday. Despite all the handicaps we have against us this season, I'm still optimistic Frank is the man for us. I'm already enjoying the higher tempo, more adventurous football we are playing now, much more than I did last season.
  3. It's not just the quicker style of play, it is also that Lampard has given licence to commit more players in front of the ball than Sarri ever did. As a result we have looked far more exciting and threatening than we did last season. I think this will be even more apparent when we get James, RLC and CHO back. Just need to finish more of the openings we are creating.
  4. Not just him. Also Kovacic. He already looks like a premier league player under Lampard whereas under Sarri he looked like a sh*te Dale Jasper. Dale Jasper!! Now there's a throw back Loz. I remember going up to the old Roker Park in '85 when we played Sunderland in the League Cup semi. It was a bitterly cold night and the pitch was half frozen. The game should have been called off. I think Joe McLaughlin got injured? Anyway Jasper had to come on and play centre-back. He really was Bambi on ice that night and gave away two penalties. We lost 2 - 0 and after the game it was carnage outside.
  5. Couldn't agree more EB. He was average to poor for much of the last campaign but he definitely got better at the back end of the season. Part of that was surely adapting to the faster pace of the EPL. Personally, I would still like him to be more athletic, more physical, to really dominate an EPL midfield and I feel when CHO and RLC are back and fully fit he probably won't be a nailed on starter as he was last year, regardless of how he played. What I am really, really impressed with though is his attitude and determination. He could have taken the easy option and buggered off back to Italy with Sarri. But he has chosen to stay and he looks like he has totally brought in to the "Lampard project". His passion and determination last night really shone out, especially when he took the penalties. I hope he kicks on again and has a fantastic season.
  6. Or perhaps another of your unbiased predictions will prove to be as wide of the mark as the one you made for the Liverpool game. I almost feel sorry for you. The sense of excitement, hope and togetherness that Lampard and the young boys have brought to practically everyone else on here is completely flying over your head. What a bitter little man you are showing yourself to be.
  7. Really, really exciting tonight at times robdog. But I thought Jenas made a very astute comment on Pulisic and Mount when he said they need to build their core strength and bulk to hold opponents off. Both look skilful, athletic players but need to add body strength to make the most of those attributes.
  8. Post of the year right there Saru. Totally how I feel too. Like many others I had years where I spent more time, money and emotion on following Chelsea than was probably healthy. The love was always still there but the passion had waned. I felt dis-enfrachised, detached from the club I knew. An owner who is an invisible figure, a manager last year who permanently looked as miserable as fecking sin, players who looked like they couldn't be arsed in some games, a system that many couldn't understand and often seemed more about style than substance, the transfer ban etc. But now I feel a change. Young hungry players actually getting big games, a manager who is as "Chelsea" as I am, a sense of togetherness obvious in the squad, a vision of the future. A sense that we could become something very special. And boy am I pumped. I said it in the match thread tonight...... We have our Chelsea back!!!!
  9. Yeah it looks like you are really supporting him with all your heart. But you know, (or perhaps hope?), that we are going to be "getting beaten constantly" I don't. But TBF that's not surprising. I don't think I have ever agreed with anything you have ever posted. You bang on about people having an agenda over Jorginho, but brother do you have an agenda over spinning everything to do with Sarri. I have news. He has gone. Farked off. Left the building......... And......... it was HIS CHOICE! Let it farking go please or go post on a Juve forum.
  10. You can add James to that list. When he is fit he will definitely be getting on the pitch for a good number of games.
  11. Very, very, very proud of our young team and our young manager tonight. The future is brighter than it has been for years. We have our Chelsea back!!
  12. No more than we deserve. Now go on and win it Chelsea!

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