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  1. He could have carried the ball across to change the angle Malcolm. It was very weak.
  2. Doesn't look like he could finish his dinner.
  3. just


    Yep, that's true Dave. I have had some good ones like Vaders, Beast TV, that were shut down. But every time one is shut down more seem to spring up to take their place. Like KEMO iptv. And most will offer you a trail for a few days to see how the service works. I always go for the shortest subscription each time, usually offered at 3 or 6 months, so if they do shut down I haven't lost much, and if the service is good I just extend it. Our house hold was paying for SKY, BT Sport, Netflix and Amazon. It was costing me a bloody fortune!! I'd also be interested to hear from anyone
  4. Does the length of a contract mean anything at Chelsea when it comes to managers staying or going? Only in terms of the amount of the pay off. Certainly doesn't guarantee any job security under Roman.
  5. I can't see him now without thinking of that Camel. Would make a great avatar picture.
  6. One of the benefits of an IPTV subscription Brit, I'm watching it on NBC Sports from the US and Graeme Le Saux is the in-game pundit. Much better.
  7. just


    With the ever increasing costs of TV subscription services, (SKY & BT in particular) thought I would create an IPTV thread. I have been using KEMO iptv for the last six months and have been reasonably impressed with it. 25.00 USD for six months with one connection, 39.00 USD with two. Stable platform and good customer service when I have needed it. I know other Shedites use similar services to get their TV fix, I'd be interested in any other tried and tested Iptv provider recommendations.
  8. Constantly poking people with a stick I should imagine. See above IMO he is like the very loud bloke at the end of the bar who has an opinion on absolutely everything and never stops talking. I have been on the forum a long time, even on it is predecessor the CSR (Chelsea Supporter's Registry), and have never, ever put any other poster on ignore but I came bloody close with close with slojo. He literally dominated every thread. God alone knows where he got the time to write so many posts! It was like a full-time job! If he really didn't agree with someone's opinion he would try to ba
  9. Completely agree Oli. You only have to go back a few weeks on this thread to see some of those comments. https://www.theshedend.com/topic/33211-mason-mount/page/44/#comments
  10. #comebackdaveybaby Mandy Apzi Christensen Rudiger James Kante Kovacic ChillyWilly Mount CHO. Tammy
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