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  1. If I was Tottenham fan I would be miserable. Anyway I have no idea where you going with your last post, nor do I have any interest. So I'm out.
  2. If you can get yourself down to Stevenage next Saturday I'll meet up with you and take you to a pub where you can ask numerous Tottenham supporters who went to Madrid if they got more joy and pleasure from being beaten in that final, and by another English club to boot! Or by the pleasure they got the last time they won a League Cup, which was against us in 2008. Now stop being silly.
  3. I can tell you with 100% certainty you could not be more wrong. End of.
  4. We beat Tottenham in the 80s and Sarri is in the past too. Get over it.
  5. Not that misleading because it is being solidly reported across all media outlets that we have made no formal approach. Fits with our lastminute.com modus operandi. Derby aren't gonna wait for ever and neither is Lampard. Not should they. Ball is in Roman's court. What is he gonna do? As usual, who the fuc k knows?
  6. What the hell are you playing at? My missus has seen this post and was immediately interested when she read "touches in the box" Now she is asking me for clarity on the difference between "deep completions" and "very deep completions" . I have tried to change the subject and have offered to make her a nice cup of tea.
  7. Blindingly obvious it will be so much harder next season. We only have two genuinely world class players and one of those has gone. A transfer ban. Two of our most promising youngsters with career threatening injuries. An owner who is remote to the point of being invisible. I think these are some of the real reasons why Sarri jumped ship rather than some fans singing "fuc k Sarriball" when we were 4-0 down against Bournemouth. So onwards and upwards . 6th and totally happy with that if Frank Lampard is sliding down the touchline on his knees when we beat Tottenham. God I love this club.
  8. On the other hand, if you dare post something slightly negative or critical you are tagged a "Jonny-cum-lately" spoilt, reactionary with zero patience. I guess we are all just a complete bunch of cults.
  9. Com'on Rob. This isn't like you. Do what you do. Lift our spirits and post up some Super Frankie gifs.
  10. Wow! Someone must have crapped in your cornflakes this morning. Now calm down, smooth out your dress and straighten your tiara you drama queen.
  11. I have missed you telling it like it is Davey. Spot on mate.
  12. Already one of my favourite Chelsea players of all time. Truly world class in every aspect. On and off the pitch. I am gutted Hazard has gone, but would have been even more gutted if it had been Kante.
  13. I do believe Chelsea are the only English team to have won every modern European trophy going over the years? Cup Winners Cup x 2 UEFA Cup x 2 European Cup x 1cm UEFA Super Cup x 1 The only comp we didn't win was the fore-runner of the UEFA Cup, the Inter-City Fairs Cup which we entered 3 times. We lost to Barcelona in 1965/66 in a semi-final play off game after the semi-final home and away legs ended in a 2 - 2 aggregate draw.
  14. Divock Origi is a better 2nd option.

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