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  1. JFH, axman. Didn't have great touch. Couldn't dribble. Aerial ability on par with Jody Morris. Bit poo at passing. Often lazy. Liked a good old moan and some arm waving. BUT give him a ball anywhere in and around the oppo's box and he usually hit the target. Verdict. Not a great technical footballer but a natural born striker. Werner, sadly, is neither.
  2. I enjoyed that post Jim. There are so many contradictions in there it has to be some kind of record. I especially liked; "he is still one of the most effective forwards on the planet" but then you acknowledge "touch and finish is severely lacking" On an associated point regarding the supposed slow build-up and passing from the midfield should we assume you would not have Jorginho anywhere near our starting lineup given his penchant for short balls and lack of creative, incisive forwards passing? The reason myself and others have picked up on Timo fluffing the Kante pass is because it was such a peach of a ball into him. It literally said "hello blondie, make the run, put your big size 10 through me and nestle me in the back of that onion bag there". Put that ball into Salah, Mane, Son, Ronaldo and they would have been on it in a flash. Not Werner he started, stopped and did something that looked suspiciously like a 1970's disco move. His anticipation and movement was so poor he made it easy for the defender to snuff out the danger. And we have seen it time and time again from him in similar situations. He just isn't a natural striker.
  3. Can't disagree. Being our best passer of the ball Liam I'm certain Billy Hoddle would be able to find Werner with the early ball. Unfortunately I'm just as certain Werner wouldn't have the touch, technique or nous to do anything with it.
  4. The missus was cleaning the kitchen wall units this morning and she accidentally knocked one of the wine glasses off the top shelf. Mendy came flying out of the front room where he had been reading the Sunday Sport with his keeper gloves on, dived across the kitchen floor and caught the wine glass with his out-stretched left hand. The missus was so grateful. It was one of her best lead-cristal Tulip wine glasses. I'd have never have heard the last of it if it wasn't for Mendy.
  5. Couldn't disagree more Jim. And there was on key example. 2nd half Kante wins the ball in midfield and plays a peach of a pass for Werner to run on to just inside the edge of the Brentford box. Werner completely and utterly doesn't read it. He stays behind the defender. He doesn't move early and across him. Why? Because he is not a natural striker. He doesn't read those situations. He doesn't move for them like a real striker would. It was breathtakingly bad. Technically Werner is a very, very poor footballer.
  6. Appalling footballer. No technical skills and ability at all. His complete misread of the pass from Kante in the second half and his stutterstep move proves for me he is not, and never will be, a natural born striker. We need to got shot of him before we get lumbered with him long term.
  7. Tuchel probably didn't want to make the same mistake he did against Tottenham. Just knew it had to be something major. Kante doesn't turn in performances like that in big games.
  8. 10 ball head out. Gilmore putting in the crosses. Havertz and Lukaku have a free run on to the ball. Drogba is in a kneeling position on the penalty spot with Rudiger and Christensen marking him. Drogba wins all 10.
  9. Have to say that Juve have defended magnificently.
  10. Another facet at which Drogba was infinitely better.
  11. TBF it's quite unusual for Italian players to fall down at the slightest touch like they have been shot.
  12. I hope it gets really windy in Turin for the second half. Cuadrado doesn't like it. It makes him fall over. We saw it a lot when he played for us.
  13. Drogba sometimes also worked with very little but still usually made something happen. Lukaku is not in his league though.
  14. And Jorginho has given away one, but Rabiot spurned the chance. They can't keep doing that without Kante in there to mop up.
  15. If Jorginho is the best player in Europe it must mean that DeBruyne is the best player in the world.
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