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  1. Morata about as much use as a chocolate fire guard
  2. Is kante drifting into the middle ?
  3. Fernandinho breaking the play up nicely for city oh to have a player like that oh wait !!
  4. Feel sorry for kante
  5. So we have 2 truly world class players in hazard and kante and the game plan is to play them both out of position ? Really
  6. Missed those comments
  7. This is torture been well and truly found out just like under scolari
  8. I thought Barkley was playing really well all of a sudden he can’t get a start ? at least he drives forward
  9. RLC dropped same defence meh
  10. Now he has to change kante back to the middle at least we have to get a goal scorer from somewhere even the youth team. Surely he realises you can’t win games without goals CHO needs to be given a chance as does ampadu this clearly isn’t right it’s the same players letting different managers down again and again something has to change
  11. Reminds me of scolari once his plan was sussed tbh
  12. Love how we put a hand up when we take a corner just to let the GK know to get ready to catch it