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  1. just not good enough im afraid whoever is coaching this defence need s to go straight away as they are just not up to it
  2. I fear for frank now but I have to say he had brought it all on himself
  3. How on gods green earth can AC deserve a place in this team. It totally baffles me
  4. Anything is better than biscuits wrists surely ?
  5. I’m not loving this from frank at all no changes no shape did he see that defence last season
  6. Just on talk sport “according to sky sports Germany the deal was done yesterday for 80m with 20m add ons”
  7. Tomori and kurt must be buzzing at the thought of working with this guy
  8. yes im they are and fully expect to see a flurry in the next couple of weeks this one seems to be hanging around for ever though. oh well it is what it is
  9. yeah i get that mate.its just there is a limited amount of time to get these deals done and a lot of time has been wasted
  10. this deal should of been done and dusted weeks ago taking far too log
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