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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were only looking at loan deals
  2. I would rather have frank in goal
  3. Terrible keeper. Whoever scouted him needs a word with himself
  4. STEALING. A wage a complete an utter waste of space should be sacked
  5. He just needs to improve which he will do. Unfortunately he is in the prem spotlight. I said at the time it came to early for him. Yes he has made mistakes but so have the players. Why wasn’t he screaming at Emerson to boot the ball out for Tammy to get treatment for example
  6. Can’t fault any of that. Lampard game management is awful. As is the players. He’s got a keeper who is stats prove he is one of the worst in Europe!! How the feck Emerson gets near the pitch is beyond me. If we hadn’t of head those 2 big away wins we would be in dire straights I dont know what they are doing in training but it’s not working
  7. Not good enough by the manager in any way whatsoever awful game management
  8. I think some are getting wise to Lampard. It’s to early and too big for him. Needed a cpl more years at derby imho
  9. He’s had 2 free headers in the box both straight at the keeper

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