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  1. Weirdly feel worse in the run up to this fixture than the one against Liverpool. Maybe just cos it’s Spurs or because yesterday’s game didn’t fill me with confidence. Don’t care what formation he picks, don’t care who scores. Just want the win. Beating Spurs also means I would settle for a draw against city the week after. After palace doing one on them the weekend, be laveeely to add to that.
  2. I would like the prem title and FA Cup this season. There’s a reason why teams very rarely win back to back champions leagues. Expecting it in consecutive seasons is understandable but a greedy ask. For me having won it recently, I would excuse not winning it again for a few seasons. A prem title is always the goal and I’m sure Tuchel and the players want the same. And for reasons stated above, having fallen short in FA cup we need to set the record straight
  3. 3 points incoming. I think we will be too strong for them in all areas. I for once don’t feel anxious ahead of this game, should be comfortable. Would like to see how Werner and Lukaku get on playing together. As people have said post Liverpool game, Werner would have made those passes into Lukaku. On the topic of Werner, if you want to feel optimistic or depressed… watch his last season all goals highlights for RB Leipzig. I rewatched them over the weekend and if he can get back to that level we would win it all
  4. Don’t really see how anyone can fault Lukaku for this game. Had he been played in properly he scores twice at least. Yes he stumbled when dribbling once or twice but so does everyone. Better decision making from our other players and he could have been the hero today. He was constantly making the runs and you could see he was annoyed at the ball not being played for him. Good point in the end and he will be back to terror Villa on the 11th!
  5. If we are considering Liverpool as title contenders, which I think everyone can agree on. Getting a draw against them is just as much two points dropped for them, then it is for us. Arguably it’s more a must win game for them being at home. Whilst I want three points, a draw would not be a bad result. With United and City having both dropped already anything but a loss is good in my eyes. Same applies for when we play City, three points against Tottenham however is a must. I think Liverpool and City fans would also realistically take a draw
  6. I don’t think we’re favourites just yet, certainly not for the league. I think that title is still firmly with City. Despite recent results I always go in to the big games with more fear than optimism. Maybe that’s just me as since Tuchel joined he hasn’t given me any reason to doubt. If we beat Liverpool, City and Spurs within our next few games then I think we can be called favourites. As far as champions league goes… anything can happen
  7. Sat and watched the game in the Arsenal end. Whilst it was a bit awkward not being able to show my full excitement during the game. It was equally enjoyable listening to them moan and discuss how good we are, and how bad they were. Lukaku looked unreal, hard not to get very excited as Chelsea fan right now. If we’re unbeaten and top by the end of Sep I think we will be strong favourites for the league.
  8. Couldn’t find any other posts related so asking here, I’m going behind enemy lines on Sunday. Managed to get two tickets in Arsenal end, should be interesting… I’ve never been away to Arsenal before, can anyone suggest the name of a good pub before the game?
  9. Yeah hat-trick was/is wishful thinking but still a possibility. Couldn’t care if he didn’t score at all as long as we win to be honest. I think we need to start him though. I get that he hasn’t had much time etc etc but his job is still the same, get on the end of something and score. If he starts, he scores in my mind. games still a week out and I’m already going through the motions of nerves and optimism, and waffling
  10. is a Lukaku hat-trick to much to ask for? Recent form against Arsenal has been poor, they always seem to use us as a trampoline to bounce back from humiliation only to then lose the following week. I'm praying it doesn't happen again this time. Three points is the only positive outcome from Sunday.
  11. this has annoyed me no end. Why oh why do we sell so happily to our rivals?.As for Luiz at Arsenal... I can already tell you now, he is going to slap in a 30 yard screamer against us and even though I can preempt it already, I still wont be mentally prepped for it.
  12. I personally think he will stay, but if he does go in search of a guaranteed starting spot (which he deserves) I couldn't blame him. As long as he doesn't join Spurs... *shudders*
  13. If anything, I think the problem lies in the fact that, we never have anyone in the bloody box. The amount of times hazard flashes a cross across the box and we have no body near the ball at all. Where is Super Frankly Lampard sliding in to the box to side foot home when you need him?
  14. I'm still hoping Holland changes his mind, unlikely I know, But I know what job I would rather do. I think he must just be looking to slowly wind down his career, as taking the England job presumably is a lot less stress and hours away from home. He will be sorely missed though, and I think bringing in the right person can make a huge difference.
  15. I don't suppose anyone can predict the answers to the following questions, but I'll give it a shot anyway. 1. Will the new shed end, just be where the old one used to be and still be the best place for atmosphere? 2. Do you think we will keep the same sized pitch, despite our great record at Wembley, I think we suit a smaller playing field. 3. The seats aren't going to be miles away from the pitch like the Emirates I hope? 4. Any idea how many more tickets will be sold as season tickets?
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